Steve Walton is Now Blogging

British New Testament scholar, Steve Walton, is now blogging at Acts and More. Steve is a Luke-Acts specialist, working on two volume work on Acts for the WBC series, which we look earnestly forward to. He teaches at St. Mary’s University College and Cambridge Uni and loiters around Tyndale House as well. It’ll be a [Read More…]

Trevin Wax on Gospel Centeredness

Trevin Wax gives some good reasons why teaching and preaching should be gospel-centered. A conclusion close to my heart! 1. Because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. 2. Because the gospel is the power of God for sanctification. 3. Because the gospel provides the motivation for mission. Watch the short video: [Read more…]

Jonathan Edwards and the Church

My colleague, Rhys Bezzant, has a cracking good book on Jonathan Edwards and the Church. Although Edwards is not known for his ecclesiology, he actually had a rich and vibrant view about church, and was not reticent about getting into debates about the nature of the church. Anyways, here is a blurb about the book: [Read More…]

“Out of Egypt I have Called My Son”

This past weekend I preached a sermon at my church Christ Community Church. The sermon was the final in a series on the locations of the Christmas story. I give credit to Jim Nicodem, my pastor, for a creative take on the Nativity Story. By the way, Jim has his own blog, called Bible Savvy, [Read More…]

Was Bonhoeffer a Conspirator?

It is a foregone conclusion among many scholars, and certainly the wider public, that by the late 30’s Dietrich Bonhoeffer had changed his view on violence. While earlier in the 30’s he had articulated a perspective on violence that could be characterized as pacifism rooted in his interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount captured [Read More…]

My Therapist is Christ on behalf of Me

Over the course of the last six months I’ve been seeing a therapist. Besides trusting Jesus with my life, marrying Karla and a few other biggies, going to therapy has been one of the best decisions of my life. After my first session, I texted a friend “I love therapy! It’s safe, freeing, affirming, enlightening, [Read More…]

Tony Burke on the Christian Apocrypha

Over at Eerdword is a post by Tony Burke about his new book Secret Scriptures Revealed: A New Introduction to the Christian Apocrypha, and it includes these colorful comments: I have seen in my students that their individual reactions to these texts are much like their reactions to biblical scholarship in general. Students from conservative Christian [Read More…]

Merry Christmas from Mike and Joel

[Read more…]

Archbishop Glenn Davies’ Christmas Message

Glenn Davies, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, gives his first Christmas message. [Read more…]

A Bonhoeffer Advent Reflection: “Despite it all, Christmas comes”

God had looked upon the poor of the world and had himself come to help. Now he was there, not as the Almighty One, but in the seclusion of humanity. Wherever there are sinners, the weak, the sorrowful, the poor in the world, that is where God goes. Here he lets himself be found by [Read More…]

To Us a Child is Born !!!

The story of Jesus’ birth emphasizes that God’s deliverance comes upon the world in a very specific way, it means that God’s salvation comes to and through Israel … and it is God himself who comes. Or, as I say in EvTh: The virgin conception means that Jesus was not simply a holy man whom [Read More…]

A Bonhoeffer Advent Reflection: “Mary”

The song of Mary (Luke 1:46-55) is the oldest Advent hymn. It is the most passionate, most vehement, one might say, most revolutionary Advent hymn ever sung. It is not the gentle, sweet, dreamy Mary that we so often see portrayed in pictures, but the passionate, powerful, proud, enthusiastic Mary, who speaks here. None of [Read More…]

Advent Prayer, Fourth Week

Purify our conscience, Almighty God, by your daily visitation, that your Son Jesus Christ, at his coming, may find in us a mansion prepared for himself; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Sprit, one God, now and for ever. [Read more…]

N.T. Wright on the “Meat and Potatoes” of Justification by Faith

A cool segment from my interview with N.T. Wright about the place of justification by faith in PFG. [Read more…]

A Bonhoeffer Advent Reflection: “In the face of the manger”

We shall celebrate Christmas and now for once let us make it really a festival of Christ in the world. Then we must prepare ourselves by getting rid of something which plays a great role in our lives. We must be clear about how, in the face of the manger, we shall think about what [Read More…]