N.T. Wright’s Melbourne Lectures Available for Viewing On-Line

N.T. Wright visited Melbourne earlier this year for two conferences and those conferences are now available for viewing with purchase on vimeo. The conferences were: Jesus, Paul, and the Mission of God’s People with N.T. Wright and responses by Brian Rosner and Michael Bird. Sponsored by Ridley Melbourne. Paul and the Faithfulness of God with N.T. [Read More…]

Introducing The Story of God Bible Commentary

I am very fortunate to be part of the NT editorial team for the Story of God Bible Commentary series. In fact, in recent months I’ve been busy working away on my Romans commentary for the series, which has been an epic challenge to work through such a magnificent letter. Its a great series designed [Read More…]

Gary Habermas and Darrell Bock on Bill O’Reily’s “Killing Jesus”

Over at the John Ankerberg Show is part one of a review by Gary Habermas (Liberty University) and Darrell Bock (DTS) of Bill O’Reily’s book Killing Jesus. [Read more…]

My Favourite Quote from N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God

In all of PFG, this is my favourite quote from Wright: Put all this together, and what do we have, as the central, shaping marker of the new worldview, taking the place and bearing the weight that the Jewish symbols had borne within the worldview of Saul of Tarsus? We have precisely the gospel, the [Read More…]

Mike Bird on Academia.Edu

For those interested, I’ve joined Academia.edu where several of my previously published articles and essays are now available for viewing. This includes pieces on Jesus, the Gospels, Paul, and New Testament Theology. [Read more…]

Interview at Freedom in Orthodoxy

I was happy to be interviewed by John Richard Walker at Freedom in Orthodoxy. Glad to hear that someone has actually read the book that I co-wrote with James Crossley on How Did Christianity Begin? [Read more…]

Why Study Theology

Over at the Koinonia blog is a video I did about What is the Point of Studying Theology? In a nutshell my answer is: 1. Because of the stupid things that students say. 2. The necessity of a having a consistent and coherent theological worldview. [Read more…]

Speaking of Works of the Law …

In a follow up to my last post on Ambrosiaster and works of the law, here is what I’m thinking about such works: The phrase “works of the law” (ex ergōn nomou) has prompted a sway of debate as to its meaning (see Rom 2: 15; 3:27-38; Gal 2:16; 3:2, 5, 10).[1] At the risk [Read More…]

Ambrosiaster on “works of the law”

I’ve been reading Gerald Bray’s excellent translation of Ambrosiaster’s commentary on Romans and 1-2 Corinthians. In my reading, Ambrosiaster’s description of works of the law really jumps out at you: In Rom 3:21, Ambrosiaster defines“law” as “law of the sabbath, the circumcision, the new moon, and revenge.” Then in Rom 3:28 he defines “works of [Read More…]

The Rise and Fall of Hipster Churches

My colleague, Dr. Tim Foster, has a good little article about The Rise and Fall of Hipster Churches. Its a description and critique of the phenomenon of hipster church plants. Foster concludes: There seems to be a strong drive among hipster church planters to be the hippest pastor of the hippest church full of the [Read More…]

50% off IVP Books on the Apostle Paul

IVP is having a big sale on Paul books with several at 50% discount. Ends tomorrow! See info here. Books include: Paul and the Law by Brian Rosner Paul and Judaism Revisited by Preston Sprinkle A Week in the Life of Corinth by Ben Witherington III Introducing Paul by Michael F. Bird Spirituality According to Paul by Michael Reeves The [Read More…]

Wright Gets his Luther On

Found this interesting quote in N.T. Wright’s Romans commentary: Paul’s whole thought is characterized by the free grace of God, and any suggestion that humans, whether Jewish or Gentile, might somehow put God in their debt, might perhaps earn their good standing within God’s people, would be anathema to him. Of course, that is not [Read More…]

The Rise of African Churches

Over at CT, Philip Jenkins has an article about James Ault’s new doco on African churches (esp. Zimbabwe and Ghana) called African Churches Rising. There are plenty of books describing the rapid growth of African churches. Those who can’t travel to witness this growth firsthand, though, can find it difficult to grasp. But now we [Read More…]

The Coptic Church in Peril

It was been a bad week of persecution for Christians in the global church. The massacre of Aramaic-speaking Christians in Syria, the bombing outside a Catholic church in Pakistani, and the terrorist attack in Nairobi which specifically targeted Christians. We should not forget, however, the continuing plight of Christian, esp. Copts, in Egypt. Over at [Read More…]

Excerpt of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Fortress Press has released an excerpt of N.T. Wright’s imminently released Paul and the Faithfulness of God with  Table of Contents, the Preface, and chapter one, “Return of the Runaway?” A good teaser if there ever was. HT: Matt Montinini [Read more…]