Was Jesus White? No, Way, He was Black of Course!

Fox News host Megyn Kelly prompted an out roar by claiming that Jesus, just like Santa Clause, was white. You can watch the video of her here and Jon Stewart’s hilarious send up here. Kelly now admits that Jesus might not be white. Which is a true statement, as long as you change “might not” to “definitely wasn’t.” [Read More…]

A Bonhoeffer Advent Reflection: “So was fulfilled”

My dear congregation! I am sure that you have noticed at the end of these familiar stories [Matthew 2:13-23]–the flight of Egypt, the massacre of the innocents in Bethlehem, and the return of the Holy Family to Nazareth–each time there is a phrase from the Old Testament, and these words are introduced by, “So was [Read More…]

Advent Prayer, Third Week

Stir up your power, O Lord, and with great might come among us; and, because we are sorely hindered by our sins, let your bountiful grace and mercy speedily help and deliver us; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory, now and for ever. Amen.  [Read More…]

Words for “Inerrancy” and “Infallibility” in Languages Other than English

In the book Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views, I tried to give a global perspective on the subject by pointing out that outside the USA that the main words used in various statements of faith about the Bible are “authoritative” and “infallible.” I obviously recognize that this is admittedly biased towards English. And although English is the [Read More…]

Video of Kevin Vanhoozer on “Augustinian Inerrancy”

In the book Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views, one of the contributors is Kevin Vanhoozer, who presents the kind of hermeneutically sophisticated and theologically nuanced position on inerrancy that American evangelicals desperately need to listen to. I found points of agreement and disagreement with all contributors in the book, however, I felt the closest kinship with Kevin [Read More…]

Contra Jim West: Why Martin Hengel is Greater than Rudolf Bultmann

As a rejoinder to my friend Jim Westfor my affection for Martin Hengel over Rudolf Bultmann, I’ll simply leave you all with a quote from Hengel himself. “After I became Stiftsrepetent [i.e., a student instructor] in 1954, my colleagues at the instructors’ table (with the exception of my friend Otto Betz, who had already then [Read More…]

Congrats to Con Campbell for Winning a CT Book of the Year Award

Congratulations are in order to my good buddy Constantine Campbell of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for winning a Christianity Today Book of the Year Award in Biblical Studies for his superb volume Paul and Union with Christ. Well done Con! Goes to prove that Aussies make the best biblical scholars!! If you haven’t already read this [Read More…]

PFG, Just Got My Hands On It . . . Oh, My!

In the blogsphere, I feel behind the times already as I have only just now gotten hands on Tom Wright’s Paul book Paul and the Faithfulness of God. My initial impression of the book, having now held it in my hands and brought it up to my face, is it smells so good! More to [Read More…]

On the Virgin Conception

This time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a birth which, according to the biblical witness, is based on a virgin conception. Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight posts on Why a virgin birth? and gives a summary of my chapter on the topic in Evangelical Theology. An interesting thread of comments follows [Read More…]

Candida Moss on Pope Francis as Time’s “Man of the Year”

Over at Politico Magazine, Candida Moss has a good piece on Time’s decision to make Pope Francis, “Man of the Year.” Wednesday’s announcement of Pope Francis as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” came as small surprise to anyone watching events in the Catholic Church over the past year. This pontiff is a media darling. His charismatic and photo-op [Read More…]

Reviews of Evangelical Theology

Over at Koinonia, there is a round up of the Evangelical Theology blog tour with a host of reviews listed. Some good interactions and comments given, very interesting for me to learn about the stuff people like and don’t like about the book.   [Read more…]

Keep the Nomina Sacra in Xmas

It is that time of year where New Testament scholars have to fight an uphill battle to keep the nomina sacra in Xmas! Happy papyrological abbreviations to you all this advent season. HT: John Byron [Read more…]

Sin and Death in Eastern Orthodox Theology

I introduced a nice book about Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology by Andrew Louth. In the first post I was describing the Eastern tradition’s view of sin, death and destruction. The two most important elements of this perspective I want to highlight now. Death First, Orthodox theology considers the question of Adam’s sin and its consequences from [Read More…]

Evangelical Post-Supersessionism

I explain in this video the approach we take in the Introduction to Messianic Judaism: Its Ecclesial Context and Biblical Foundations that can be called evangelical post-supersessionism. Supersessionism names a theological view whether explicitly or implicitly which believes the church has replaced ethnic Israel covenantally. Whereas evangelical post-supersessionism asserts that an evangelical view of Scripture [Read More…]

Historical Jesus as a Fifth Gospel

Many scholars (e.g., Scot McKnight) are  now pushing back on the whole historical Jesus project because it entails a rejection of the Gospel story of Jesus in favor of the Scholar’s Jesus as a kind of fifth and definitive Gospel. In terms of what they are objecting to, consider the following quote: The church, by [Read More…]