I love to study and teach the Bible

I was spending some time yesterday afternoon preparing for my Intro to the Bible course for this fall. It is getting close to the start of the fall semester, which is hard to believe. One of the textbooks I’m going to use for the course is my former colleague (that still hurts to say!) Scot [Read More...]

Mark 1.1-15 – A Scholarly Paraphrase

I think there is nothing wrong with a paraphrase, as long as you tell people it’s a paraphrase, and you recognize that it has an additional and deliberate interpretive layer imposed upon the text in order to help people understand the gist of the text. All translations include interpretation, paraphrases do the interpretive part a [Read More...]

New Blog: Mosissimus Mose

Aaron White, a Covenant Theological Seminary grad and a Ph.D student at the University of Bristol, has a new blog called Mosissimus Mose. [Read more...]

Book Notice: Colin Kruse, Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Colin G. Kruse Paul’s Letter to the Romans PNTC; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at Amazon.com Colin Kruse teaches at the Melbourne School of Theology. I first came across Colin Kruse’s work when I read his helpful volume Paul, the Law, and Justification, which was one of the most helpful and nuanced things on Paul [Read More...]

Jared Wilson takes down TGC Post

I say well done to Jared Wilson for having the humility to take down the controversial post about marital sexuality and male dominance. He gives some explanation and apologies here. I don’t think this retraction is a matter of caving into feminist zeal, but it is a mark of recognizing that talking about male-female relationships [Read More...]

The 2012 Eric Liddell Lecture on Mission and Theology by Graham Cole

This year Crossway College’s annual Eric Liddell Lecture on Missions and Theology was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Graham Cole, who is Anglican Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School. The topic of Dr. Cole’s presentation was “A churchless engagement with a Christless world: 1 Peter and Mission”. Very good, well worth listening to! Listen [Read More...]


Today is my wife Karla’s 40th birthday. We first met at university when she was 18; we’ve been together now half her life! Its is really hard to believe that we are in our 40′s and about to enter our 2nd decade of marriage (19 yrs on July 31). Karla is an awesome individual. And [Read More...]

Sex is What I do WITH my Wife, Not TO my Wife: A Response to the Wilsons at TGC

What is gaining notoriety around the blogosphere is a TGC post by Jared Wilson which gives an extensive quote from Doug Wilson about rape and sexual pathology. The huge grievance many folks have, and I’m one of them, is that the sexual act between men and women is described in terms of domination and power. [Read More...]

Secularism and Aged Care

My buddy John Dickson writes a provocative piece in the SMH that an increasingly secular culture and an increasingly aged population are disastrous. It will lead to a decline in aged care for those with intensive needs like dementia because secularism has no capacity to assign value to the mentally ill. He writes: Yale’s great philosopher-theologian [Read More...]

Not a Good Week to Be Episcopalian

Here is a couple of depressing news article about The Episcopal Church in the USA. See Why is the Episcopal Church Near Collapse on Beliefnet and What Ailes the Episcopalians in WSJ. Their general convention just finished and it made such wonderfully Christian decisions as approving liturgical blessings of same-sex relationships (I understand this, but [Read More...]

Playing the Bagpipes

While I was in St. Andrews attending the Scripture and Theology conference, I made time to learn to play the bagpipes. Check this out. [Read more...]

Darrell Bock on the Non-Pauline gospel of the Speeches in Acts

Darrell Bock, who is touring Australia at the moment, wrote a very good essay on “The Gospel Before the Gospels: The Preached Core Narrative” in the recent Howard Marshall festschrift. In particular I like these two quotes: In the church today we often present the gospel as if it were about forgiveness of sins alone. Jesus [Read More...]

Zondervan Give Away: Four Views of the Apostle Paul

The Zondervan blog Koinonia announces a give away for the book Four Views of the Apostle (ed. by Mike Bird with Douglas Campbell, Thomas R. Schreiner, Mark Nanos, and Luke Timothy Johnson) which is due out at the end of the month. They write: To enter the giveaway, comment below with your answer to this [Read More...]

RBL Review of Paul and the Second Century

Over at RBL is a review by Joseph B. Tyson of Paul and the Second Century edited by M. Bird and J. Dodson. [Read more...]

St. Andrews Here We Come!


I’m now in the third stage of my European trip. Justin Hardin and I are heading up by train to St. Andrews. Justin and I are both giving papers at the conference; the difference is he’s really a Galatians scholar! He’s wrote his thesis at Cambridge Galatians and the Imperial Cult (see now WUNT 2008). [Read More...]