Book Notice: Andrew Streett, The Vine and the Son of Man

Andrew Streett The Vine and the Son of Man: Eschatological Interpretation of Psalm 80 in Early Judaism Minneapolis: Fortress, 2013. Available at This is a good book on the use of Psalm 80 in early Judaism and in the NT, esp. the Gospel of John. Streett shows how Psalm 80 was given an explicitly [Read More…]

Bruce Longenecker and Todd Still on their new Paul book

Here’s a couple of good interviews by Bruce Longenecker and Todd Still about their forthcoming volume Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014). Looks like a good overview of Paul by two great Pauline scholars! [Read more…]

Ronald Osborn on Faith, Science, and Foundationalism

In the latest IVP Academic Alert, David Congdon talks to  Ronald Osborn about his book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering, which includes this audacious claim by Osborn: In both its fundamentalist and atheistic varieties, foundationalism rules out the possibility of an authentic dialogue between faith and science. Now that [Read More…]

Review of Jesus is the Christ at the Wheaton Blog

Over at the Wheaton Blog, For Christ and His Kingdom, Susan Rieske reviews my Jesus is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels. Very nice review, quite positive, have to confess that I liked Susan’s conclusion: Bird is to be commended, as previously mentioned, for bringing contemporary research to bear on an age old discussion [Read More…]

My Interview with Eerdmans about the Gospel of the Lord

Here is a video I did with Eerdmans about my forthcoming book The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus. Interesting fact, the guy asking me the questions and politely laughing at my jokes is Jacob Thielman, nephew to the great Frank Thielman! [Read more…]

The Leon Morris Centenary

2014 is the centenary anniversary celebration of Leon Morris’ birth. For those who don’t know – and you all should- Leon Morris is arguablyAustralia’s greatest biblical scholar. Morris is best known for his masterful works on the biblical teaching about the atonement as well as studies on the Gospel of John. Morris was also principal [Read More…]

Alister McGrath Video on Adam and Eve

A short, interesting, and generous account of Adam and Eve by Alister McGrath: [Read more…]

Can We Have a “Church” with Clergy But No Actual Churches?

In the British Church Times, Linda Woodhead, a sociologist of religion, has been thinking what might happen to the Church of England if church attendance keeps declining. She ponders that even if all Sunday services closed down, leaving only clergy remaining, the church’s most significant activities could still continue through clergy doing weddings, funerals, baptisms, being [Read More…]

Book Notice: Michael Allen on Justification and the Gospel

R. Michael Allen Justification and the Gospel: Understanding the Contexts and Controversies Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2013. Available at In this book, R. Michael Allen (Knox Theological Seminary) engages a number of controversial theological issues about justification with a view to showing how the Reformed tradition has more than enough depth and diversity to [Read More…]

One of My Favourite Sermon Series: D.A. Carson, The God Who is There

I have to confess that one of the sermons series that I really enjoy listening to and reading over every now and then, is D.A. Carson’s series “The God Who is There” and the book that the sermons are based on The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God’s Story (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2010). [Read More…]

Lament Words in Lent

The Lenten season reminds us that the life of faith is a complex ball of grief and joy. With grief always being the first in sequence. Walter Bruuggemann gives me food for thought: Much of Christian piety and spirituality is romantic and unreal in its positiveness. As children of the Enlightenment, we  have censored and [Read More…]

Michael Allen on Karl Barth

Michael Allen (Knox Theological Seminary) is interviewed by Logos about Karl Barth. Its a good interview and worth checking out, esp. if you’re curious as to what the “deal” is with evangelicals and Karl Barth. Allen has a new book coming out called  Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics: An Introduction and Reader, which no doubt will be [Read More…]

Join Me in Fasting for Lent

I would like to invite all of my co-bloggers, friends, students, colleagues, and well-wishers to join me in a spiritual quest to make the time of Lent – which begins today – more solemn, more holy, and more meaningful, by giving up coffee. I sincerely believe that by giving up that morning cup of expresso [Read More…]

Caption Contest for New Book

In this photo are my friends Con Campbell (TEDS) and Timothy Gombis (GRTS) in the Baker Bookstore reading How God Became Jesus. This calls for a caption contest. Might even arrange a free copy for the best suggestion! [Read more…]

My Radio Show Interview on Was Jesus White?

Last week I was featured in an on-line Radio Show, Real Talk with MVP, based in Atlanta where I had  a ten minute chat with Marcus about, “Was Jesus White?” Good fun, a few laughs, and talking about ideas on Jesus, race, ethnicity, and artistic license. I would sum it up as follows: Some people seem to [Read More…]