An Economist Reflects on Easter

Prof. Ian Harper is a leading Australian economist and a board member of Ridley Melbourne. Find here a wonderful piece he wrote for the Australian Financial Review about Easter. We are surrounded by death every day; not just literal death but the figurative death of projects, businesses, and plans we might have for the future.  [Read More…]

How God Became Jesus at Christianity Today

Over at Christianity Today, I have a piece on How God Became Jesus – And How I Came to Faith in Him. Here’s the money quote: Some have great confidence in skeptical scholarship, and I once did, perhaps more than anyone else. If anyone thinks they are assured in their unbelief, I was more committed: [Read More…]

Leon Morris on Biblical Authority and Inerrancy

Great quote from Leon Morris: My … point is that what we need more than anything is a way of looking at the Bible which holds fully to its authority, but which does not bog down on the defence of minor points. The Bible writers, while consistently regarding what they have written as reliable, do not [Read More…]

Bird and Ehrman on FaithStreet

Over at FaithStreet are articles by Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird. Here’s the links: Bart Ehrman, Why I Am Obsessed with Jesus, he concludes: So now I understand my obsession better. One could argue that the historical Jesus himself is a footnote in history. The overwhelming majority of Christians do not, and never did, believe [Read More…]

Gay Justice, Cultural Conflicts, and Secular Dhimmitude

I’m sure many of you have heard how Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign after it was discovered that he made a donation in support of a gay marriage ban in California. See the report at The Guardian. Whether one agrees with Brendan Eich is beside the point. Is opposing SSM really grounds [Read More…]

BibleGateway Interview on How God Became Jesus

Apologies for the forthcoming flurry of self-promotion, but a spate of interviews and articles on How God Became Jesus is about to come out. Top of the list is an interview I did with Emily Varner at BibleGateway on Did the Early Church Invent Jesus’ Divinity After the Fact? [Read more…]

More on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife from Le Donne and Moss

More stuff on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife from Candida Moss and Anthony Le Donne. Moss has a good sum up: In the absence of clear evidence, the debate is still where it was over a year ago. On the one hand, tests designed to prove that the text is a forgery failed to establish its [Read More…]

Wonderful Palm Sunday Photos from Around the World

Over at the HuffPo is a series Palm Sunday photos from around the world. Absolutely wonderful!!! I particularly loved the one’s from Iraqi Christians! [Read more…]

Michael Bird and Co-Authors on Radio Program “The God Solutions Show”

Myself and the co-authors How God Became Jesus had the pleasure talking to Nate Herbst and Justin Wynne on The God Solutions Show. Part I of the discussion features myself talking about HGBJ. Part II of the discussion features Chris Tilling. Part III of the discussion features Craig Evans. Part IV of the discussion features Charles Hill. [Read more…]

N.T. Wright on Palm Sunday

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics, N.T. Wright writes On Palm Sunday, Jesus Rides into the Perfect Storm. Here’s a taste: If we try to follow Jesus in faith and hope and love on his journey to the cross, we will find that the hurricane of love which we tremblingly call God will sweep in [Read More…]

Christian Askeland on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Over at ETC, Christian Askeland has a great piece on Jesus’s Wife Resurrected. Christian points out that any ambiguity in the carbon dating of GJW does not automatically favor its authenticity and thereby vindicate Prof. Karen King’s claims. Ye there are so many other factors which call into question its authenticity. He writes: Karen King [Read More…]

Where Evangelicals and Bart Ehrman Agree

Over at Stand to Reason, Amy Hall has a good piece showing what Bart Ehrman and Evangelicals actually agree on concerning Jesus and divinity. With all the hoopla and debate – which to be frank I have deliberately cultivated in many ways – I think it is important to stress that not everything that Bart says [Read More…]

More on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

The latest issue of Harvard Theological Review includes some more data on the question of the authenticity of the Gospel of Jesus’ wife fragment. There are some excellent early responses from Larry Hurtado and Francis Watson to the HTR issue and the HDS press release. Anthony Le Donne (recently appointed to United Theological Seminary) has written a book [Read More…]

Miroslav Volf’s Lecture on Exclusion and Embrace

Miroslav Volf was recently in Australia talking at conferences, on Aussie TV, spoke to seminary students, and gave a talk to our Radio National about Exclusion and Embrace. You can listen to his audio lecture here. Professor Miroslav Volf presents the idea of loving embrace as a theological response to the problems of alienation. This [Read More…]

Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity

His name was Encyclopedia Brown. He was a protagonist of about 10 years old who in my third grade year I  thought was the most interesting character in story. And I was  a boy who cared little for reading. It has been many years since third grade and to be hones I’ve only thought about [Read More…]