Join Me in Fasting for Lent

I would like to invite all of my co-bloggers, friends, students, colleagues, and well-wishers to join me in a spiritual quest to make the time of Lent – which begins today – more solemn, more holy, and more meaningful, by giving up coffee. I sincerely believe that by giving up that morning cup of expresso [Read More…]

Caption Contest for New Book

In this photo are my friends Con Campbell (TEDS) and Timothy Gombis (GRTS) in the Baker Bookstore reading How God Became Jesus. This calls for a caption contest. Might even arrange a free copy for the best suggestion! [Read more…]

My Radio Show Interview on Was Jesus White?

Last week I was featured in an on-line Radio Show, Real Talk with MVP, based in Atlanta where I had  a ten minute chat with Marcus about, “Was Jesus White?” Good fun, a few laughs, and talking about ideas on Jesus, race, ethnicity, and artistic license. I would sum it up as follows: Some people seem to [Read More…]

Simon Gathercole to Debate Bart Ehrman on UK Radio

Bart Ehrman, on his blog, Christianity in Antiquity, mentions our response book to his book about the origins of belief in Jesus’ deity. He also mentions a forthcoming debate between him and Simon Gathercole that will be recorded on the UK’s Premier Christian Radio station on the show Unbelievable hosted by the talented Justin Brierly. Will [Read More…]

Romans 12:15, A Poem by Miriam Dale

One of my students, young Miriam Dale, is a bit of a poet, and has written a lovely collection of poems called The Common Condition: Poems & Praise, with several moving pieces therein about God, suffering, injustice, and life in general. I particularly liked her poem on Rom 12:15, “mourn with those who mourn, weep with [Read More…]

Join The Lent Experience

Lent begins this Wednesday March 5th. My good friend Eric Ferris has designed a user friendly discipleship program for Lent called The Lent Experience. If you are looking for some guidance or creative ways to structure your worship and discipleship through a Lenten journey this year, I encourage you to check out TLE. Here’s a [Read More…]

Ecclesia and Ethics Conference Begins Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the St. Andrews Ecclesia and Ethics II conference begins tomorrow. My paper, “Blogging in the Name of the Lord: What is the Virtue and Value of Christian Blogging and other Social Media?” will be on approximately Saturday, 2 March, 1700 hrs Chicago time for those interested (1000 hrs on 2 March [Read More…]

George Athas on Abraham and Camels or “Camelgate”

There’s been a lot going on the internet about whether the account of domesticated camels in the patriarchal narratives is anachronistic. You can read a good intro piece over at Christianity Today on the subject and Peter Enns also chimes in as well. <— Photo is not George Athas! In addition, my friend, George Athas [Read More…]

N.T. Wright: Can A Scientist Trust the New Testament?

N.T. Wright gives the James Gregory Public Lecture on “Can a Scientist Trust the New Testament?” Watch the video here. [Read more…]

Bart Ehrman and Mike Bird in Publishers Weekly

Over in Publishers Weekly, there is a piece on Man or God? Scholars Again Debate the Divinity of Jesus, featuring Bart Ehrman’s book How Jesus Became God and Michael Bird et al on How God Became Jesus. To clarify one thing, despite all of our criticisms of Ehrman’s book, we never say that Ehrman’s work is filled [Read More…]

Forthcoming Christology Showdown in San Diego

David Capes announces on his blog a session to be held at the “The Extent of Theological Diversity in Earliest Christianity” section of SBL which will be reviewing Bart Ehrman’s book, How Jesus Became God, with the authors of the book, How God Became Jesus, as the respondents. Plus a few others who they hope to get [Read More…]

Larry Hurtado and Gnostic “Intellectuals”

Over at his blog, Larry Hurtado has a great response to a claim made by the Bible Hunters program that the Gnostics were basically Christian “intellectuals.” The money quote has to be: There are modern equivalents to the ancient “gnostics,” people who go for the esoteric, who imagine themselves “special” in some way, such that, [Read More…]

Thoughts on Kirsten Powers, Grace, Ghettos, & Conscience

Kirsten Powers and Justin Meritt wrote a piece in The Daily Beast about How Conservative Christians Selectively Apply Biblical Teachings in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate. The presenting issue is recent laws in Arizona which allow individuals and businesses the right to deny service to same-sex couples. The laws came into effect in order to protect [Read More…]

Recent Books on Greco-Roman Background to the NT which You Should Know About

I’ve always admitted that I’ve been more on the ball in the Jewish world than in the Greco-Roman world. I’ve got a fair grip on my OT, Apocrypha, OT Pseudepigrapha, Josephus, Philo, Dead Sea Scrolls, even read up on inscriptions. But reading scholars like David Aune, Stanley E. Porter, Abraham Malherbe, and Peter Oakes has [Read More…]

Seminary is Bootcamp not Summer Camp

Good video by Mark Gignilliat from Beeson Divinity School about Seminary. It actually involves hard work! Amazing, who would have thought? [Read more…]