Christmas Message 2012: St. Mary’s Class Warfare against the Rich

In terms of the on going discussion this Christmas about the American “fiscal cliff” and Australia’s own debate of surplus vs. cutting services, well, St. Mary has something to say and it ain’t what many of us want to hear: 46 And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord 47     and my spirit rejoices in God my [Read More...]

Women in the Matthean Genealogy

The Matthean genealogy gives us an account of the colorful people who make up Jesus’ lineage when he is adopted into the house of David. The late Michael Goulder wrote a wonderful poem about Jesus’ genealogy: Exceedingly odd, Is the means by which God Has provided our path to the heavenly shore: Of the girls [Read More...]

5 Things to Read before Christmas Morning

Blessed Xmas to everyone out there from Joel and I. But before you open presents, go to church, and eat too much turkey and ham, please have a read of these five articles: 1. Peter Leithart on First Things on How N.T. Wright Stole Christmas. I suggest a moratorium on new Christmas hymns, until we all [Read More...]

Beautiful Bethlehem Christmas Video

A lovely video about Christmas from Bethlehem [Read more...]

Christmas Day Book Release: Three Zondervan E-Books on Women in Ministry

On Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Zondervan will release three ebooks about women and ministry from their series Fresh Perspectives on Women in Ministry. All for just $2.99. If all your family brought you for Christmas was a pair of dish washing gloves, a left behind novel, and some cigarette flavored ice-cream, then make up [Read More...]

D.Min in Theological Exegesis at Knox Seminary

Knox Seminary in Florida has a new D.Min in Theological Exegesis. The rationale for the program is: In recent years the world of biblical and theological scholarship has focused on one issue with fervor equal to and seemingly greater than any other: “theological interpretation of Scripture” or “theological exegesis.” Fed up with the sterile scholarship [Read More...]

The Metroevangelicals?

Over at WSJ, Andy Crouch has a piece on Make Way for the Metro-Evangelical, which describes the pivot by church leaders like Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll towards inner city church planting. Christianity Today even has a series of videos on them called This is our City. However, Keith Miller at Mere Orthodoxy asks, Are the [Read More...]

The Coming Evangelical Recession?

Whereas America is focused on its fiscal cliff and the possibility of an economic recession, over in a NT Times piece, John Dickerson predicts the coming Evangelical Recession in America. IT hasn’t been a good year for evangelicals. I should know. I’m one of them. In 2012 we witnessed a collapse in American evangelicalism. The [Read More...]

Brian Rosner on the Best Way to Love a Child at Christmas

Brian Rosner, principal of Ridley Melbourne, has a piece in The Australian (available also here), where he asks what is the best thing we can do for kids at Christmas based on their greatest need. He writes: What is the best love of the child? That is the question posed by a multidisciplinary book edited [Read More...]

Mark Goodacre and Richard Carrier Debate Did Jesus Exist?

Over at the Premier Christian Radio show Unbelievable, Justin Brierly (the most handsome radio host I know), has a great show featuring Richard Carrier and Mark Goodacre on Did Jesus Exist? Worth a listen! [Read more...]

D.A. Carson on Productivity

One of the most prolific authors in North American evangelicalism, and one I greatly admire, is Prof. D.A. Carson (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).  Andy Naselli points to Carson’s Three Secrets to Productivity and Godly Efficiency. Worth reading for those who want to get the most out of their day. [Read more...]

The Bible Series Preview set to “Mary Did You Know.”

A new Bible series is coming out and from the clip it looks rather awesome. HT: Mark Goodacre [Read more...]

Bible Works Christmas Sale

The good folks at Bible works have a 12 days of Christmas special with an ESV Study Bible given away with every purchase of BW9. [Read more...]

Paul Foster on the Authenticity of 2 Thessalonians

Paul Foster’s BNTC address on the authenticity of 2 Thessalonians is published in JSNT and I think it will prove to be a turning point (or major discussion point) in Thessalonian studies. Importantly, it has the results of a survey on which Pauline letters the members of the BNTC regard as authentic. The abstract reads: [Read More...]

Philemon and Justification by Faith

This Sunday gone I preached a sermon on Paul’s letter to Philemon (though much better second time around in the night service). During the sermon I focused on reconciliation from theology to practice, a tidbit on Paul and slavery, and even threw in some virtue ethics for good measure.  But it was during the sermon that I [Read More...]