Doing NT Theology critically and canonically … the challenges!

I’m hoping to soon start working on a short NT Theology for IVP. I’ve toyed with many ideas on how to go about it. The normal way to go is book by book or corpus by corpus (Thielman; Marshall), or a historical origins approach (Morris), whereas others  go for common themes (Guthrie; Schreiner) How does one [Read More…]

N.T. Wright’s HBU Lectures on Israel in Pauline Theology

Glad that Wright’s lectures at the HBU conference on Paul and Israel is available on! Paul in his Jewish World Israel in Pauline Theology HT: Brian LePort [Read more…]

Book Notice: Reading the Epistles of James, Peter, John & Jude as Scripture

David R. Nienhuis & Robert W. Wall Reading the Epistles of James, Peter, John & Jude as Scripture: The Shaping & Shape of A Canonical Collection Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at People write about the theology of the  four gospels (tetraevangelium) and the Pauline corpus (Paulinium) so why not also the Catholic [Read More…]

Craig Evans Interviewed on 100 Huntley St about Jesus’ Divinity and Bart Ehrman

Craig Evans does a superb job on the Canadian Talkshow 100 Huntley Street speaking to Jerry Johnston. I’m a bit envious, I’d love to be the NY version of 100 Huntley Street with Eric Metaxas, maybe one day! [Read more…]

My Book on the Gender & Ministry Debate Now in Paperback

Glad to see that my ebook on women in ministry is now available in paperback! Available for pre-order form Zondervan. Only $7.99   [Read more…]

Did the Early Church Invent Jesus’ Divinity After the Fact?

Over at BibleGateway is a interview I did with Emily Varner about Bart Ehrman, Jesus’ divinity, and the New Testament. Here’s a teaser: EV: How would you respond if someone said, “Doesn’t this discussion just boil down to faith (‘just trust the church teaching’) or respect for the Bible (‘the Bible says it, that settles it’)”? [Read More…]

The Role of Churches in the Ukrainian Revolution

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics is a great piece on The Role of Churches in the Ukrainian Revolution, with insights about both the Ukrainian and Russian churches. Apparently the Russians really don’t like the Greek Catholic Russians: This mixed identity of Ukraine has horrified the Russian Empire for a long time, which prohibited the [Read More…]

Summary of How God Became Jesus

Over at Koinonia, Jeremy Bouma has a good post on why we should engage Bart Ehrman on christology as well as a good summary of our book in response to Ehrman. [Read more…]

Atheist Church Part of Gentrification

Over at The Guardian, is an article by Adam Brereton on My Local ‘Atheist Church’ is Part of the Long, Inglorious March of Gentrification, which is a great read. I loved this line: What religion remains in inner-city areas tends to be docile, and is often relegated to caring for the surplus human waste – [Read More…]

Christology Wars in the News!

The “christology wars” are already hitting the media circuit with articles on Ehrman’s book and ours featured at RNS on “Was Jesus Divine?” and the Huffington Post on how Ehrman’s book has been “instantly rebutted”. The RNS says: The two books are an unusual publishing experiment, in which HarperCollins arranged to have a team of evangelical scholars [Read More…]

Craig Evans Talks About Bart Ehrman and Jesus’ Divinity

Here is a great video where Dr. Craig Evans talks about our response to Bart Ehrman on Jesus’ divinity and Jesus’ resurrection. [Read more…]

Richard Bauckham and Larry Hurtado Endorse “How God Became Jesus”

I was very pleased to hear that How God Became Jesus received endorsements from Richard Bauckham and Larry Hurtado, which is kinda cool to the max. Too late to go on the dust cover, but definitely going into the publicity materials. “This is a helpful collection of essays by first-rate scholars abreast of the latest research. Anyone [Read More…]

Craig Blomberg – Can We Still Believe the Bible?

Craig Blomberg’s new book Can We Still Believe the Bible? An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2014) is about to be released. As part of the Brazos blog tour, I’m been assigned to comment on chapter four, “Don’t These Issues Rule Out Biblical Inerrancy?” In the first three chapters, Blomberg addresses controversial issues related to [Read More…]

Logos Bible Software – I’m a Big Fan

I had the privilege of spending a week in Bellingham, WA with Logos Bible Software a few weeks ago filming a course on the Gospel of John for their new Mobile Ed. program. Before the invitation to participate in their program I had little experience or exposure to Logos. The whole thing has been something [Read More…]

Pistis Christou – A Working Hypothesis

This week I posted on Facebook that I have taken a view, finally (!), on the meaning of Pistis Christou. That’s what happens when you write a commentary on Galatians. Arm chair opinions aren’t adequate. Most of you will know its the much talked about Pauline phrase especially found in Galatians (2:16 [2x], 2:20, and [Read More…]