The Necessity of Background Information for Understanding the Bible

Over at TGC, Andy Naselli gives a cautious “yes,” to the question as to whether or not knowledge of historical background is ever necessary to understanding the Bible. It’s a good article and weighs the options wisely. His article is all the more interesting in light of the recent presidential address by Chris Tuckett at [Read More…]

James Dunn on Germans and the NPP

In the latest issue of Early Christianity, James Dunn has an article on “A New Perspective on the New Perspective on Paul,” largely interacting with German scholarship as he expounds what the benefits of the NPP have been. A few interesting quotes: [T]he ‘new perspective’ should not be defined or regarded as an alternative to the [Read More…]

My Thoughts on Academic Blogging with Josh Mann

Josh Mann (Ph.D cand. at Edinburgh Uni) interviews me about academic blogging here. [Read more…]

Jonathan Pennington on the Gospels as Archway into the Canon

Jonathan Penning (SBTS) has a great little piece over at SBTS Resources on Gospels as Archway into the Canon. There was a time in the not so distant past when many conservative Christians were suspicious of any preacher or professor who emphasized the Gospels too much. On the surface this seems like an odd thing [Read More…]

A Light to the Nations – The Life of Irene Gleeson

It is heartwarming to hear about how the lifetime work of Christian missionaries is celebrated by those among whom they ministered. This week saw the passing of an Australian missionary to Uganda Irene Gleeson. Her memorial in Uganda was attended by 10, 000 people including members of the Ugandan government. The ABC News (hardly given [Read More…]

Position: Principal of Brisbane School of Theology

The Brisbane School of Theology (formerly Crossway College) is seeking a new principal to begin January 2014. Here’s the advert: Brisbane School of Theology is a gospel-centred, evangelical and interdenominational Bible college which has trained men and women for ministry and mission for the past 70 years. We invite expressions of interest and applications for [Read More…]

Latest CBR

In the latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research 11.3 (2013) including the following: Jason Hood and Matthew Y. Emerson “Summaries of Israel’s Story: Reviewing a Compositional Category” Coleman A. Baker “Peter and Paul in Acts and the Construction of Early Christian Identity: A Review of Historical and Literary Approaches” Bruce Worthington “Alternative Perspectives beyond the [Read More…]

Young Evangelicals Getting “High” in Church?

Excuse the silly title, but I am intrigued by an recent article doing the rounds about the influx of young evangelicals into liturgical churches. The article is Young Evangelicals Are Getting High at The Christian Pundit. Young Christians are going over to Catholicism and high Anglicanism/Lutheranism in droves, despite growing up in low Protestant churches [Read More…]

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd owns N.T. Wright Books in COQG Series

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a professing Christian, apparently owns all three volumes of N.T. Wright’s COQG series. Rudd was interviewed for a book about the faith of Australian PMs by author Roy Williams: Rudd told Williams that he had all three volumes of Anglican bishop N.T. Wright’s magnum opus: The New Testament and the [Read More…]

Summary of N.T. Wright’s Melbourne Visit

Sophie Timothy from The Bible Society (Australia) gives a good summary of N.T. Wright’s various lectures that were given in Melbourne this week. She opens with: Theologian  N.T. Wright, who manages to be both respected and controversial at the same time, has unveiled the contents of his new book, the massive tome Paul and the Faithfulness [Read More…]

Friday is for Ad Fontes – The Aeneid (Part 1)

Finally getting back into some serious primary source reading! Now working through Virgil’s The Aeneid. This was the propaganda narrative for Roman power. Consider this quote: Here then for thrice a hundred years unbroken shall the kingdom endure under Hector’s race, until Ilia, a royal priestess, shall bear to Mars her twin offspring. Then Romulus, proud [Read More…]

The Book of Common Prayer in Modern Reformation

In the latest issue of Modern Reformation, Lee Gatiss has a nice article on “The Book of Common Prayer” (see here for an on-line view if you have a subscription). Gatiss writes: The BCP is a prayer book, a service book, a book to aid us in our worship of the one true and living [Read More…]

Galatians 1.1-5: A Paraphrase

Paul, an envoy, sent not by any party faction, but by Jesus the Messiah and by God the Father, who brought Jesus back to life from the dead – and from all the brothers and sisters here with me. To the churches in the Galactic regions, may grace and peace flow to you from the [Read More…]

Libanius on Memorization in Graeco-Roman Education

I’ve been reading Libanius’ autobiography recently and stumbled across an interesting remark he makes about his education. Note: Libanius was a pagan teacher of rhetoric living in the newly Christianized Roman Empire. In his autobiography, he says this: I restrained my mind from composing, my tongue from speaking, and my hand from writing, and I [Read More…]

Sermons should be arguments

I agree with Stanley Hauerwas, “I believe sermons should be arguments” (Hannah’s Child). I’ve never thought of it this way, but I can’t agree more. Upon reflection sermons with the most impact, those that caused me to think and to live differently are those that contained a robust argument; one’s that argued a theological idea [Read More…]