RBL Review of Craig Keener’s Romans Commentary in the NCCS

Craig Keener’s fine Romans commentary in the New Covenant Commentary Series gets a positive review over at RBL. [Read more...]

Michael Bird American Speaking Engagements in February 2013

Week after next I’m off to the good old USA to get my fix of Chik-Fil-A and Bible geek fellowship. I’m especially honoured to have been invited to deliver the 2013 David Jones Lectures at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. It’ll be great to get my Presbyterian back on after my recent Anglicanization. I’ll be delivering [Read More...]

N.T. Wright Interview: Why Left, Right & Lewis Get it Wrong

Over at Read the Spirit, is a great interview with N.T. Wright about his book How God Became King, where he makes a number of points about the polarization of American politics and chimes in on the healthcare debate. I really, really liked this remark: In your country, for example, there seem to be Christian political [Read More...]

Paul Achtemeier (1927-2013)

Chris Skinner has the news on the sad death of Paul Achtemeier. The Achtemeier’s, Paul and Elizabeth, were quite a biblical studies duo, covering both OT and NT! [Read more...]

Reviews of “Fresh Perspectives on Women in Ministry” at TGC

Over TGC, John Starke reviews the books on gender and ministry by Keller, Bird, and Dickson. It’s a critical but non-polemical review, though I do have a few points of contention against Starke’s criticism: The fact that I use language like “infer” or “speculate” at times, while it might diminish my rhetorical appeal, was done [Read More...]

Book Notice: Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology by Michael Jensen

Michael P. Jensen Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Available from Amazon.com (USA) – $9.99 on Kindle Available from Mosaic Books (Australia) Here’s the blurb: Sydney’s evangelical Anglicans have been the focus of a great deal of controversy and criticism in the Anglican world. Their blend of conservatism towards doctrine and radicalism towards [Read More...]

Introduction to Messianic Judaism


I’m pleased to announce that the book, Introduction to Messianic Judaism, I co-edited with David Rudolph is coming out next month. HT: Katya Covrett [Read more...]

Things you don’t remember saying, but glad you did

I recently received an email from a student who wrote to thank me for my Paul course which he apparently found very foundational. He wrote a couple of the things he remembered me saying that made a great impact on him. Here’s my favorite. My goal is not, necessarily, for you to agree with me. [Read More...]

Latest Issue of JSPL: Galaterfest

Thanks to the reminder from Nijay Gupta, co-editor of JSPL, the latest issue is out and it has some cracking good papers on Galatians: “Salvation History in Galatians and the Making of a Pauline Discourse” (Bruce Longenecker) “The Nature of Salvation History in Galatians” (Jason Maston) “Salvation History in Galatians?” (response to both above by [Read More...]

Release of Michael Bird’s First Novel: Iskandar

I am proud as punch to announce the release of my first novel Iskandar and the Immortal King of Iona. In a nutshell, “Iskandar” is a religious themed fantasy novel (more like LOTR than the Narnia Chronicles). It has messianic themes, good vs. evil, redemption, immortality, deification, an evil god named “Marduk,” determinism vs. freedom, even [Read More...]

John Dickson’s Rejoinder to Criticisms of “Hearing Her Voice”

A Response to Peter Bolt’s Critique of Hearing Her Voice: A Case for Women Giving Sermons by John Dickson (I am grateful to Mike Bird for hosting this piece. My preference was to post a guest blog on Mark Thompson’s site – keeping it in the family, so to speak. I wrote to him via [Read More...]

Emerging Consensus on Women Preachers?

Over at Sydneyanglicans.net, Michael Jensen of Moore Colloege has a nice piece on A Surprising Consensus? where he notes the agreements between Bird, Dickson, and Keller that women can share in the didactic ministry of the church. [W]hat is interesting to me is that there seems to be emerging an agreement from all sides in [Read More...]

Michael Gorman on Paul and the Cruciformed Way of God in Christ

In the on-line Journal of Moral Theology, in its latest issue, Michael Gorman has a nice piece on Paul and the Cruciformed Way of God in Christ. Gorman concludes: Paul offers a vision of divine enemy/love reconciliation, generosity, and hospitality that, he says, must be embodied in Christian communities. Moral theologians and biblical scholars need to [Read More...]

Book Notice: History of Princeton Seminary

James H. Moorhead Princeton Seminary in American Religion and Culture Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at Amazon.com In what is my best new read for 2013, James H. Moorhead’s history of Princeton Seminary is a fascinating read of American religious culture, Presbyterian history, and mapping of theological shifts in mainline America. I learned much [Read More...]

Former Aussie PM John Howard ‘s NYT Piece on Gun Control in the USA

John Howard, former Australian prime minister (1996-2007), has a very tantalizing piece on gun control in the New York Times.In the article, he talks about the gun control reforms that he and his government introduced following the massacre of 35 people in Port Arthur in Tasmania in 1996. What stood out was this quote: The [Read More...]