Anthony Le Donne on Memory Studies and the Jesus Tradition

“Memory, all alone on the podium. I can smile at Formgeschichte. Bultmann was funky back then. I remember the time when we had apophthegmata. Let memory studies, begin right now.” – New lyrics to “Memory” for Jesus studies, apologies to Tim Rice! Anthony Le Donne has a good survey of who is who in the [Read More...]

The New Archbishop of Canterbury is …

Word from the BBC is that Bp Justin Welby of Durham is set to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. CT is calling it before any official announcement. See commentary over at First Things as well. He comes from the evangelical wing of the Church of England with a previous career in “big oil.” God-speed [Read More...]

The Second Century – Why You Should Study It!

Larry Hurtado has a very good blog post on The Cinderella Century in Early Christianity, where notes the incredibly significance of the second century for the emergence of later Christianity. I concur with his assessment. In fact, I now deliberately prod potential Ph.D students to consider working in the second century rather than in the [Read More...]

Recent Books on Evangelicals and Politics


During this political season in the US, I’ve taken the opportunity to do some reading on American evangelicals and politics. I have four recent books that I would like to recommend to you that I thought were particularly interesting, in many cases thought provoking and at times practically useful. As a whole these resources reveal [Read More...]

Michael Pahl Dismissed from Cedarville University

I was sad to hear that my good friend and one time co-editor, Dr. Michael Pahl, has been dismissed from Cedarville University. Pahl is a  top scholar, a brilliant communicator, a decent Christian man, and is another casualty in the theological tribalism and conservative myopia that seems endemic in American Christian institutions. In an official [Read More...]

Craig Keenerfest of Books

Yesterday in the post I got these three bodacious books by Craig Keener. Keener’s commentary on Matthew, now in a second edition, is my favourite Matthew commentary for preparing sermons on Matthew. The bold headings that summarize every minor sub-section are virtual dot points for your sermon, or at least main points to remember in [Read More...]

Paul’s Missionary Methods (with essays by Bird and Schnabel on-line)

There is a new book about to come out by IVP on Paul and Mission. Robert L. Plummer and John Mark Terry (eds.), Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2012). Here’s the blurb: Veteran scholar-missionaries Robert L. Plummer and John Mark Terry edit this collection of entry points into the missionary [Read More...]

Gospel of Thomas: The Movie

Just came across this very engaging 47 min performance of the Gospel of Thomas. My friend Nicholas Perrin (Wheaton College) provided the translation that was used and the producer is one Das Abra. See more about the project at Really does underscore the esoteric nature of Gos Thom as a literary work. The more I [Read More...]

Happy Reformation Sunday!

I always have mixed feelings about Reformation Sunday. On the one hand, it is a great occasion to remember and celebrate the best of the Reformation, the recovery of the apostolic gospel, returning the church to its catholic faith, and recognizing the Holy Spirit as the source of our renewal. That said, Reformation Sunday is also celebrating [Read More...]

The Lord’s Prayer is the Gospel

I posted on the Lord’s Prayer being the Gospel a while ago. I gave a talk to our college students on the topic. I hope it challenges you to be the answer to the Lord’s Prayer. [Read more...]

The Gospel as Canon within the Canon

Over at TGC, Trevin Wax interviews Jonathan Pennington about his new book Reading the Gospels Wisely: A Narrative and Theological Introduction (which I should say is a cracking good book!!) Importantly, Pennington argues for a “canon within the canon based on the Gospels. He writes: My point with the “canon within the canon”  language is that we [Read More...]

Two Historical Theology Books from IVP

Here’s two sweet books from IVP on historical theology. Bradely G. Green (ed.) Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy: Engaging with Early and Medieval Theologians Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2010. Available at This book covers Irenaeus (W. Brian Shelton), Tertullian (Gerald Bray), Origen (Bryan Liftin), Athanasius (Carl Beckwith), Three Cappadocians (Robert Letham), Augustine (Bradely Green), Anselm [Read More...]

J.I. Packer on Divine Impassibility

According to J.I. Packer, we need to re-think the meaning of divine impassibility (note that this was before the “Open Theism” wars). He writes: “This conception of God [as impassible] represents no single biblical term, but was introduced into Christian theology in the second century. What was it supposed to mean? The historical answer is: Not impassivity, [Read More...]

Gary Burge on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Part Two)

More from CPX on the interview with Gary Burge (Wheaton College) about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [Read more...]

William Lane Craig “Eastwooding” Richard Dawkins

In this three minute video William Lane Craig does an “Eastwooding” of Richard Dawkins. No wonder Dawkins refuses to debate Craig, he’d get his bum handed to him on a platter! Craig “Eastwoods” Dawkins on other arguments too, find them here. [Read more...]