Justification: Five Views – A Lutheran Response

Jordan Cooper, a Ph.D student at London School of Theology and minister in the AALC, who blogs at Just and Sinner, has written a Lutheran Response to Justification: Five Views. Interesting piece, worth having a glance at. He concludes: The differences between Luther’s approach to justification and these five views have been made apparent. The [Read More...]

The Amazing Summer of Bird Books

Last year was a quiet year on the publishing front, but this year I’ve had a flurry of books come out. Some of which were five years in the making, others that were put together in a few short months. So this (American) summer has seen the following books arrive:   The Apostle Paul: Four [Read More...]

Incarnational Ministry?

Over at CT, there is a great article by J. Todd Billings on “The Problem with ‘Incarnational Ministry’.” I like this quote: It’s important to offer a ministry of presence to those in need. But when the gospel is reduced to identifying with others, the uniqueness of Christ’s incarnation becomes an afterthought. [Read more...]

How To Write a Theology Essay

Michael Jensen, lecturer in Theology at Moore Theological College, has a short book How To Write a Theology Essay, available through both the Latimer Trust in the UK and at Moore Books in Australia. I would like to beg, plead, beseech, exhort, urge, recommend, and flat out demand that my students read this before writing their [Read More...]

What is the Gospel?


My good friend Jonathan Pennington has a new book coming out this year on the Gospels: Reading the Gospels Wisely: A Narrative and Theological Introduction. This looks like it will be a great resource as an introduction to the Gospels. I look forward to its arrival later in the year. I was all the more [Read More...]

Latest issue of JSPL

The latest issue of Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 2.1 (2012) includes: N.T. Wright “Rom 2:17-3:7: A Hidden Clue to the Meaning of Romans?” William O. Walker Jr. “Romans 8:29-30 as a Non-Pauline Interpolation.” Michael Kibbe “‘The Obedience of Christ’: A Reassessment of ten hypakoen tou Christou in 2 Corinthians 10:5.” Nijay K. [Read More...]

If Jonathan Edwards was Here Today!

The other day, in Church History class, we looked at the Great Awakenings in New England with a special focus on Jonathan Edwards. After this class a few things about Jonathan Edwards stood out to me: 1. Yes, Jonathan Edwards was America’s first and greatest theologian. But he was not in fact American as he [Read More...]

A Polite Bribe – The Movie Documentary

The documentary by Robert Olando, A Polite Bribe, about Paul’s collection for the Jerusalem church, featuring John Dominic Crossan, Richard Horsley, Douglas Campbell, N.T. Wright, Ben Witherington, and others. Here’s some previews: I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t comment on its historical value, or the arguments put forward. [Read more...]

Flash Greek on iTunes

Young New Testament padawan, Daniel Zacharias (tutor and IT guy at Arcadia Divinity College), has has released a new Greek learning App called FlashGreek. From his blog he writes: The evolution of the flashcard has just landed on the iTunes app store! This app has been in the making for many years and I’m really [Read More...]

Brian Rosner on the Missionary Character of 1 Corinthians

I’m slowly (oh so slowly) getting through the Howard Marshall festschrift New Testament Theology in Light of the Church’s Mission, and next chapter up is Brian Rosner on “The Missionary Character of 1 Corinthians.” Rosner comments on many illuminating things like Mission-Commitment in Corinth and the link between Church and the Mission of God. This quote [Read More...]

Round Table Discussion with Michael Licona

Dr. Michael Licona, Christian apologist extraordinaire and persona non grata in some Baptist circles, is the feature of a round table discussion in STR with Danny Akin, Craig Blomberg, Paul Copan, Michael Kruger, Michael Licona, and Charles Quarles about his book The Resurrection of Jesus, including its controversial claim about Matt 27.51-53 being symbolic (I blogged on this earlier here). [Read More...]

Interview with Colin Kruse on Romans

Here is my interview with Dr. Colin Kruse of Melbourne School of Theology on Romans and his Romans commentary: 1. What did you learn most about Paul, God, and the Christian life in writing a Romans commentary? Paul stands out as a dedicated pastor committed to promote the Christian understanding and faithfulness to God of [Read More...]

ETS Scholarships for Grad Students

This from Jim West’s blog: The ETS Executive Committee is pleased to announce the Annual Meeting Student Scholarship Program. This program is designed to help academically promising students who find participation in the Society economically prohibitive, or who come from a traditionally underrepresented group to get to know the Society, its functions, its leaders, and [Read More...]

The King Jesus Gospel for Children

Scot McKnight blogs on a beautiful summary of the King Jesus Gospel for children written by Ben Irwin for his daughter. It ends with this: The one true King had come and given his life for the world. But they didn’t even know. No one did. But then God — the one who made the [Read More...]

Chris Tilling Gives a Video Review of The Apostle Paul: Four Views

Dr. Chris Tilling of St. Paul’s Theological Center/St. Mellitus College in London, gives a charming video review of the book The Apostle Paul: Four View. No surprises, he gravitates towards Douglas Campbell’s view. [Read more...]