Book Notice: What Are They Saying about the Gospel of Thomas

Christopher W. Skinner What Are They Saying About the Gospel of Thomas? New York: Paulist, 2012. Available at There has been a salvo of Gospel of Thomas (GTh) studies recently with volumes by Simon Gathercole, Mark Goodacre, and now a helpful overview of scholarship by Chris Skinner. Skinner usefully looks at several areas and [Read More...]

Blog Rankings

Kent Schaffer gives the top 200 Church Blog rankings. Found some interesting blogs that I haven’t seen before! Euangelion is # 60. [Read more...]

John Dickson on Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Over at ABC Religion & Ethics, John Dickson has a good write-up on the whole Coptic Gospel of Jesus’ Wife thing. It would be cliched and unfair to accuse the media of a “beat up.” I prefer to think of it as an example of journalistic ignorance about Christian origins. I suspect many commentators simply [Read More...]

American Evangelicals, Scripture, and Global Churches – A Response to Greg Beale

I confess to being both warmly encouraged and coldly concerned by G.K. Beale’s addendum on globalism and postmodernism in his book The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism: Responding to New Challenges to Biblical Authority (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2008), 261-65. Beale begins by opining the ridiculous mantra that systematic theology is just a western thing, he [Read More...]

Carey Baptist College Seminar on Same Sex Marriage

It is not often that you hear me lauding the excellence of New Zealanders. But Carey Baptist College in New Zealand has put up a brilliant discussion on same sex marriage with a panel including a sociologist, biblical scholar, and a lecturer in pastoral counseling. Same Sex Marriage is being debated in many western democracies. [Read More...]

Archaeology and the Holy Land

A new book on Hellenism and Archaeology of the Holy Land by Eric Meyers and Mark Chancey. This comprehensive and richly illustrated book explores the archaeological record of the land of the Bible from its conquest by Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C.E. until the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine in the [Read More...]

Francis Watson on the Coptic Fragment about Jesus’ Relationships

Mark Goodacre links to Francis Watson’s short piece that suggest that the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is a fake. My gut feeling was that the fragment sounded like a hodge podge of Gospel of Thomas and maybe Gospel of Philip, but I’m no Coptologist. Yet Watson gives a line by line discussion of the fragment and its [Read More...]

Historical Jesus Conference

Anthony Le Donne gave me a heads up about the conference Jesus, Criteria, and the Demise of Authenticity, to be held Oct 4-5, in Dayton, Ohio. [Read more...]

Coptic Fragment of Jesus’ Wife

The blogosphere is a buzz with reports of a Coptic fragment that allegedly depicts Jesus referring to “my wife.” The most helpful stuff I’ve read on the topic is: Karen King’s original paper describing the fragment: “Jesus Said to Them: ‘My Wife …’: A New Coptic Gospel Papyrus” Simon Gathercole, Did Jesus Have a Wife? Craig [Read More...]

The Evolution of Priestly Vestments

[Read more...]

Michael Bird to Join Ridley College in 2013

I am happy to announce that I’ve just accepted an invitation to join the faculty at Ridley College in Melbourne in 2013 as Lecturer in Theology. You can read the announcement here. It is an exciting opportunity for me, my family, and my academic ministry, to work for evangelical renewal in churches in Melbourne, especially [Read More...]

Richard Burridge on the Gospels

Richard Burridge speaks with Simon Smart of CPX about the Bible and Ethics. [Read more...]

The Jesus, Paul, and the Gospel of God … Competition

I just so happen to have a few spare copies of the book The Apostle Paul: Four Views, but what to do with them? Well, after a profound brain thing happened inside of my head, I am proud to announce a competition for a copy of the book. I will give away three copies of [Read More...]

Pro-Nanos Review of The Apostle Paul: Four Views

Bill Tammeus gives a glowing review of Mark Nanos’ position in The Apostle Paul: Four Views over at his blog Bill “Faith Matters” Blog. Good to see more attention given to this cool book! [Read more...]

Healthcare in Early Christianity

I’ve just finished reading several chapters from a very interesting book by Gary B. Ferngren on Medicine and Health Care in Early Christianity (Baltimore: University of John Hopkins Press, 2009). He contends that Christians really pioneered organized community healthcare, both for the church and for those external to it: From the very beginning Christianity displayed [Read More...]