More on Homosexuality, the Bible, the Church and … Reconciliation

My good buddy Preston Sprinkle of Eternity Bible College is teaching a course about “Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church” January through to May in California. He’s got a good video promoting what he’s gonna be covering: At the same time, I heard a great interview today on a Melbourne radio show about a guy [Read More…]

“Interpretation of a Gospel is Far More than Source and Redaction Criticism”

After mentioning Watson’s book new book Gospel Writing: A Canonical PerspectiveI couldn’t wait to break it open jump in. Simon Gathercole says of Watson’s book in the blurb: A wonderfully wide-ranging book, full of learning and insight. One of the most significant books on the gospels in the last hundred years, this work will undoubtedly [Read More…]

How I Got an ESV Study Bible

In my response to Al Mohler in Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views, I claimed that: To give an analogy, if Mohler was to state something like “Churches cannot maintain a credible evangelical witness without an ESV study Bible,” and if you just happened to visit some wonderful Christ-believing churches in Lebanon or Liberia who don’t have ESV [Read More…]

The New Calvinists in the NYT

In the New York Times is an interesting piece by Mark Oppenheimer about Evangelicals Find Themselves in a Calvinist Revival and he gives a basic overview of the Young Restless & Reformed movement. Evangelicalism is in the midst of a Calvinist revival. Increasing numbers of preachers and professors teach the views of the 16th-century French reformer. [Read More…]

DJG Edition Comparison: Gospel of Matthew

Awhile ago I introduced the brand new second edition of the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (IVP Bible Dictionary)in a couple of posts. In the first I introduced the volume generally, and in the second I compared the article on the “Quest for the Historical Jesus” in the first and second editions, an important [Read More…]

The Perfect Introduction to the Perfect Tense Debate

Those of us who learned Greek were told that the perfect tense form denotes a past event with an on-going effect. However, these days, leading grammarians and linguists have successfully shown that in the Greek language verbs were not so much concerned with the time of action but with the type of action, called “aspect.” [Read More…]

Nijay Gupta’s Top Books for 2013

My good friend Nijay Gupta has his list of top books for 2013. Includes books by some good friends of mine like Brian Rosner, Paul and the Law and Alan Stanley (ed.), Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment, and Scot McKnight’s commentary on The Sermon On the Mount. Lucky for me that I [Read More…]

Martin Bucer and a Double Justification?

When it came to the nature of justification, the Reformers were far from agreed on everything nor monolithic. Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin, Zwingli, Bullinger, and Bucer each had their own particular take of understanding justification in relation to God’s righteousness, its forensic nature, moral transformation, regeneration, good works, the Spirit, and election. Peter Leithart gives a [Read More…]

The Scandal of Disunity according to N.T. Wright

Here is a short video by N.T. Wright about the biggest problem of the western church as “the scandal of disunity.” [Read more…]

The Passing of Birger Gerhardsson

Over at Evangelical Textual Criticism, Tommy Wasserman has a tribute to Swedish scholar Birger Gerhardsson. In my view, Gerhardsson is the grandfather of a lot of what goes on in studies in oral traditional and orality of the Gospels. The impact of his 1961 thesis Memory and Manuscript is still felt and being fleshed out. He challenged the [Read More…]

Larry Hurtado Clarifies Things about “Early High Christology”

Over at his blog, Larry Hurtado provides some clarification about key positions on how christology developed in the early church. A great read which summarizes some big debates about the origins of christology. He concludes: To be sure, there was further development across the first several decades, and then across ensuring centuries, particularly as Christians [Read More…]

Steve Walton is Now Blogging

British New Testament scholar, Steve Walton, is now blogging at Acts and More. Steve is a Luke-Acts specialist, working on two volume work on Acts for the WBC series, which we look earnestly forward to. He teaches at St. Mary’s University College and Cambridge Uni and loiters around Tyndale House as well. It’ll be a [Read More…]

Trevin Wax on Gospel Centeredness

Trevin Wax gives some good reasons why teaching and preaching should be gospel-centered. A conclusion close to my heart! 1. Because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. 2. Because the gospel is the power of God for sanctification. 3. Because the gospel provides the motivation for mission. Watch the short video: [Read more…]

Jonathan Edwards and the Church

My colleague, Rhys Bezzant, has a cracking good book on Jonathan Edwards and the Church. Although Edwards is not known for his ecclesiology, he actually had a rich and vibrant view about church, and was not reticent about getting into debates about the nature of the church. Anyways, here is a blurb about the book: [Read More…]

“Out of Egypt I have Called My Son”

This past weekend I preached a sermon at my church Christ Community Church. The sermon was the final in a series on the locations of the Christmas story. I give credit to Jim Nicodem, my pastor, for a creative take on the Nativity Story. By the way, Jim has his own blog, called Bible Savvy, [Read More…]