Review of Denny Burk: What is the Meaning of Sex?

Denny Burk What is the Meaning of Sex?  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2013. Available at By Kara Martin Denny Burk is correct when he says that we live in a world confused about sex. The link between the biblical understanding of sex and relationships that defined the mores of society has almost completely disintegrated in [Read More…]

Sorry Tully, God Wants us to Be Good Samaritans

Over at TGC, Tullian Tchividjian offers an interesting spin on the Parable of the Good Samaritan. He writes: If Jesus had been asked, “How should we treat our neighbors?” and had responded with this story, perhaps “Be like the Good Samaritan” would be an acceptable interpretation. Instead, Jesus was asked, “What must I do to [Read More…]

A More Compassionate Christology – Grief-Generated Grace

One of the themes of which I’ve been personally preoccupied in recent months is the idea of the suffering of God. I was just journalling this morning about my desire to be even more focused on this theme. I have been finding of late that my imagination has a significant amount of power in creating [Read More…]

Book Announcement: How God Became Jesus: The Real Origins of Belief in Jesus’ Divine Nature – A Response to Bart Ehrman

Bart Ehrman has a new book due out in March titled, How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee (New York: HarperOne, 2014). I blogged about it earlier here. The blurb for the book on reads: New York Times bestselling author and Bible expert Bart Ehrman reveals how Jesus’s divinity became dogma [Read More…]

Biblical Illiteracy is a Sign of Ignorance of Religion, History, Literature, and Art

The renowned American New Testament scholar Richard Hays was  in Australia last year attending a conference in Perth. While on a train, he got talking to someone who asked him what he was doing in Australia. He replied that he was attending the Society of New Testament Studies conference. Sensing the person’s confusion he clarified [Read More…]

“The Jews” in John’s Gospel

I’ll be teaching a course on John’s Gospel next month for Logos for their Mobile Ed program. I’m looking forward to it although it will be a new experience. It will be an additional treat to go out to the Seattle area for a week.  I’ve been teaching John at NPU for as long as I’ve [Read More…]

A New Criterion in Historical Jesus Research

Thanks to Chris Keith, Dale Allison, and Anthony Le Donne, no one seems to believe that the various criteria of authenticity can really prove or disprove any element of the Jesus tradition. So, I’ve come up with a new, very Australian, criterion of authenticity. I call it the “criterion of the vibe.” See the video [Read More…]

Why I’m Looking Forward to a Sabbatical

Over at TGC is a great piece by Michael Morgan on What I Learned About Sabbaticals by Finally Taking One. Despite teaching biblical studies and theology for nearly ten years I’ve never had a sabbatical. Since I’ve changed institutions twice (began at Highland Theological College went to Brisbane School of Theology then to Ridley Melbourne) [Read More…]

N.T. Wright: Who were the Pharisees?

After a very long discussion in PFG (80-196), Wright summarizes succinctly the worldview of the first-century Pharisees: Living somewhere on the spectrum between the extreme and possibly violent zeal of the ardent Shammaite and the extreme and possible flexible caution of the ardent Hillelite, the Pharisee was passionately concerned about the ancestral traditions, particularly the [Read More…]

Pelagius on Romans

I’m currently reading Theodore De Bruyn’s translation of Pelagius’ commentary on Romans and it is fascinating stuff. I strongly urge everyone to read the prologue (which you can view on preview !!!!). It sounds so much like James Dunn or N.T. Wright – yes, Reformed critics will say, “Aha,” I knew there were pelagian [Read More…]

Michael Jensen Reviews Evangelical Theology

Over at the Aussie Bible Society’s Newspaper, Eternity, Michael Jensen offers a nice review of Evangelical Theology. [Read more…]

Who Summarized Romans this Way?

Okay folks, on a summary of Paul’s letter to the Romans, tell me who this quote comes from (no Google searches, has to be off the cuff): Thrusting himself between those who were disputing in this way, the apostle interrupts the questions of the two parties so as to establish that neither of them deserved [Read More…]

Richard Hays on Canon and Creed

Below is an on-line talk by Richard Hays on Canon and Creed given at Trinity School for Ministry’s Ancient Evangelical Futures Conference. It has some good stuff about Hays’ disagreements with Wright, his take on Luke’s christology, and moving from the New Testament to Nicea. HT: Nijay Gupta. [Read more…]

Top Bible Searches on the Web for 2013

According to CT,’s list of top Bible searches for 2013, from over 242 countries, was: 1. John 3:16 2. Jeremiah 29:11 3. Philippians 4:13 4. Romans 8:28 5. Psalm 23 6. Proverbs 3:5-6 7. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 8. Romans 12:2 9. Philippians 4:6 10. Joshua 1:9 [Read more…]

Double Trouble on the Biblioblogosphere

In what could be the greatest partnership since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Chris Skinner of Peje Iesou will be joining Nijay Gupta over at CruxSola to blog on biblical studies. I think I will name the biblioblogosphere’s new power couple either “Ninner” or “Skinjay”! See announcement here. [Read more…]