Job: Director of Postgraduate Studies at Melbourne School of Theology

Melbourne School of Theology is looking  to appoint a Coordinator of Post-Graduate Studies, commencing in Semester 1, 2013. Melbourne School of Theology is an evangelical Christian Theological College, located in Wantirna, Victoria, offering a range of courses, degrees and post-graduate awards under the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The Australian College of Theology is a self-accrediting Higher [Read More...]

Even more on Gospel, Cross, and Kingdom

Over at TGC, Justin Taylor has a useful summary of D.A. Carson’s essay in the John Piper festschrift, on “What is the Gospel? – Revisited” (I reminder for me to read it) and a chapter by Gilbert and De Young on What is the Mission of the Church? I esp. like Gilbert and De Young’s attempt [Read More...]

Trial by Ph.D

For my Ph.D students, past and present! [Read more...]

Not All Gospels Were Created Equal

Over at The Anxious Bench, Philip Jenkins has an excellent post on All Gospels were not Created Equal. In response to the UK Telegraph’s obituary for Marvin Meyer, Jenkins writes: [T]he fact that a text circulated among the “early Christians” (anywhere from the first through fourth centuries) is irrelevant to what it can tell us [Read More...]

Things to Click

David deSilva has a new book out called: The Jewish Teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude: What Earliest Christianity Learned from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (OUP). Are Evangelicals being schismatic when they leave mainline denominations, see the Aquila Report for a case study of the PCUSA. Brazil moves from same sex marriage to civil unions for [Read More...]

Follow: Christianity the Way Jesus Meant It (Part 1)

You may have noticed that the other half of Euangelion blogging team has not been very present on the blog in the last few weeks. This the result of the start of the fall with academic and ministry responsibilities. In addition to what is normally the case, I’m also the department chair this year. On [Read More...]

TGC, Jesus, Gospel, and Paul Round Up

Several other folks have stepped into the discussion raised on TGC,  reflecting on the issue (that I still cannot believe we are discussing), whether or not Jesus preached the gospel! See Michael Pahl, Patrick Schreiner, James McGahey and Geoff Smith. I have seven propositions on Jesus, Gospels, and Paul # 1: The Gospels are gospel, not [Read More...]

After the Sermon …

What do you do in church straight after the sermon? A. Sing the final hymn. B. Listen to announcements. C. Receive the benediction. D. Run out the door for the nearest Chik-Fil-A I’m starting to think that the moment after the sermon is a great time to confess our faith by reciting either the creed [Read More...]

Reading Scripture in Light of the Mission Dei

A nice quote from Ross Wagner: [T]he overarching narrative of the missio Dei provides the proper context for offering an account of the nature and function of Scripture in the church … While redemption is from first to last the work of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is a [Read More...]

William Tyndale on the Gospel

In his “Prologue to the New Testament,” William Tyndale movingly wrote: Euagelio (that we cal gospel) is a greke worde, and signyfyth good, mery, glad and joyfull tydings, that maketh a mannes hert glad, and maketh him synge, duance and leepe for ioye.[1] [1] Cited from Richard I. Deibert, Mark (Interp; Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox, [Read More...]

Did Jesus preach the Gospel? TGC Conference in 2013

Over at TGC is the announcement that the 2013 TGC conference will be His Mission: Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. That is a great topic and one that I think anyone would be encouraged by hearing. The topics lined up to be spoken on look great. Colin Hansen introduces the rationale for the conference [Read More...]

John 1.1-14 – A Paraphrase

A long time ago, even before the universe was made, there was the Word. The Word was right next to God, and everything that was true of God was also true of the Word. He was with God at the very genesis of the universe, from its very inception. And it was through him that [Read More...]

Robert Yarbrough’s Lectures on Adolf Schlatter Now On-Line

Dr. Robert Yarbrough (Covenant Theological Seminary) gave a series of lectures on Adolf Schlatter in 1995. Those lectures are now available on-line (HT Jim West). For those who don’t know, Schlatter was one of the leading evangelical NT scholars in Germany in the early twentieth century. Out of all the biographies of NT scholars that I’ve [Read More...]

350th Anniversary of the Book of Common Prayer

My students and I are halfway through a week of mission at an Anglican Church in Brisbane (St. Stephen’s Cooparoo) and we learnt that this year marks the 350th annivesary of the Book of Common Prayer. There is a whole webpage dedicated to celebrating the event (here) and you can learn more about the BCP [Read More...]

Wrightian Essay Question: Cross and Kingdom

In reading Tom Wright’s How God Became King, I think I’ve found a great essay question for students in a Gospels class in one quote from the book: “The cross serves the goal of the kingdom, just as the kingdom is accomplished by Jesus’ victory on the cross.” Discuss! Any one want to give me an [Read More...]