Why We Need to Teach Historical Criticism

In the latest issue of Theology 116.3 (2013) is a series of articles by Aussie authors about the New Atheists and Biblical Study. Articles include: Mark G. Brett “Dawkins and Badiou: Two Atheist Approaches to the Bible.” Dorothy A. Lee “The New Testament and the New Atheism: Alternative Narrations.” Neil Pembroke “Young Australian Christians reading Dawkins [Read More…]

Audio Lecture: What is “evangelical” about Evangelical Theology

Now available on-line is the audio for my inaugural Ridley College public lecture on “What is ‘evangelical’ about Evangelical Theology?“ [Read more…]

Book Notice: Exploring the Religion of Ancient Israel

Chalmers, Aaron. Exploring the Religion of Ancient Israel: Priest, Prophet, Sage, and People. Exploring Topics in Christianity Series. Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 2012. By Graham Scott (Crossway College) Exploring the Religion of Ancient Israel is a concise and well-written introduction to Israelite religion. Chalmer’s analysis devotes key chapters to each of the three key roles in [Read More…]

Book Notice: Heaven on Earth

R. Alan Streett Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now Eugene, OR: Harvest, 2013. Amazon.com My friend Alan Streett, Research Professor at Criswell College, has written a useful introduction to the meaning and relevance of the kingdom of God to Christian life. This book is well informed about empire [Read More…]

Romans 1:18-32 – A Paraphrase

Roman 1:18-32 could be called “Mapping the Crack Shack of the Human Heart. ” Here is my paraphrase, comments welcomed! The Pagan World in the Grip of Sin (Rom 1:18-32) In speaking of God’s saving justice, we cannot forget his punitive justice against evil either. For the righteous rage of God is even now being [Read More…]

Introducing the Bible while Introducing English

I’ve taught in a number of colleges where for many students English is not their first language. It is always a struggle then to find them good quality literature to read that is also written at a fairly easy comprehension level for people who don’t yet  have the best English-reading skills. A book like that [Read More…]

Reviews of Jesus is the Christ (Updated)

Justin Boulmay has a nice review of my Jesus is the Christ. Michael Bird’s newest book, Jesus is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels, is a short but strong work that seeks to defend what is perfectly obvious to anyone except for those who don’t want to see it: Jesus of Nazareth claimed to be [Read More…]

Paul Barnett – Why I am Still a Christian

Recent Bishop Paul Barnett gave the Matthew Hale Public Library Lecture in Brisbane on the title “Why I Am Still a Christian.” You can read the whole talk on Paul Barnett’s blog. Why am I still a Christian?  Ultimately it is the Lord’s doing.  He made the invitation, ‘Whoever comes…’ and he gives the assurance, [Read More…]

Book Notice: A Book of Prayers

Arthur A. R. Nelson A Book of Prayers Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2012. Available at Amazon.com. This is a little book of written prayers on difficult topics covering inner life, times of grief, difficulty, illness, marital problems, parenting, celebrations, and home and church. Prayers cover topics such  “For One Who Has Been Raped” to ” [Read More…]

Jonathan Edwards Congress in 2015

For all of you JE junkies who think that Edwards is your home boy, you will not want miss the Jonathan Edwards Congress In Melbourne in 2015 (lots of time to get ready): In response to the suggestions of the worldwide network of Jonathan Edwards Centers, Ridley College has the honour of hosting this significant [Read More…]

Jon Stewart, John Howard, and Gun Control

I don’t want to alienate my conservative American friends, but this video about the NRA, Gun Control, and Australia is hilarious! [Read more…]

Ernst Kasemann on Paul’s struggle for Legitimacy

The Apostle Paul struggled for legitimacy. That is evident from Galatians, Philippians, and 2 Corinthians. Some Jewish Christians contested Paul’s apostolic credentials and the validity of his proselytism-free gospel. So when Paul writes to the Romans, with a view to visiting them, it is a risky venture. He knows that his reputation was subject to misrepresentation [Read More…]

Brian LePort Plugs my Rom 13:1-7 Interpretation

Brian LePort is reading Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not: Evaluating Empire Studies in New Testament Studies and he has some quotes from my essay “‘One Who Will Arise to Rule Over the Nations’: Paul’s Letter to the Romans and the Roman Empire” and a description of the essay itself. Read about it here. [Read more…]

John Dickson – The Church in Secular Culture

Over at Leadership Journal is an interview with my good friend John Dickson on The Church in Secular Culture. John is co-founder of the Center for Public Christianity and senior minister at St. Andrews Anglican Church in Sydney. He argues that we have to stop assuming Christianity’s privileged position in society. We cannot admonish the masses [Read More…]

Pre-Order Evangelical Theology

You can now pre-order my forthcoming Evangelical Theology from Amazon.com … if you’re into that! Due out 29 Oct 13. Here’s a blurb: Evangelical Theology is a systematic theology written from the perspective of a biblical scholar. Michael F. Bird contends that the center, unity, and boundary of the evangelical faith is the evangel (= [Read More…]