Early Comments on Evangelical Theology

I’m quite pleased that a few early reviews, mentions, and interactions of Evangelical Theology (EvTh) – or known to me as my baby girl “Evangeline” – have appeared. Here are a few. Over at TGC, Trevin Wax highlights a few of my more humorous moments in the book. Nate Clairborne, Brian LePort, and Marc Cortez [Read More…]

Doug Moo reviews N.T. Wright’s “Paul and the Faithfulness of God”

Over at TGC, Douglas Moo (Wheaton College) provides a lengthy and interesting review of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God: Critically: I won’t list other instances, but Paul and the Faithfulness of Godcontains too many of these kinds of rhetorically effective but exaggerated or overly generalized claims. A related problem is Wright’s tendency to set [Read More…]

Timothy George on “Strange Fire”

John Macarthur’s Strange Fire conference with its militant critique of the charismatic movement has raised no little bit of controversy. Some audio and video is available here, see Mark Driscoll’s open letter to Macarthur, and note Trevin Wax’s cautious words over at TGC. Now me, personally, I’m not charismatic. I don’t dance on pews, I don’t [Read More…]

N.T. Wright and Michael Kruger on Healthcare

Michael Kruger, New Testament scholar and President of RTS-Charlotte (see his forthcoming book on The Question of Canon), takes exception to N.T. Wright’s critique of evangelical opposition to the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare.” This is what Wright said in an interview: In your country, for example, there seem to be Christian political voices saying [Read More…]

Book Launches at Ridley Melbourne College

For those in Melbourne, on 12 November there will be a book launch for two books by Ridley faculty: Michael Bird’s Evangelical Theology with response by Dr. John MacClean of the Presbyterian Theological Centre Sydney. Rhys Bezzant’s Jonathan Edwards and the Church with response by Dr. Stuart Piggin of Macquarie University. “It’s sad but true: among [Read More…]

The Persecuted Church – The Age of Intolerance: The War on Religion

As many of you know, November is generally the time when we set aside time to remember, pray for, and publicize the plight of the persecuted church. Do watch this video introduced by Baroness Berridge! On the subject of religious persecution, religion journalist Barney Zwartz has a great piece on The Age about Age of [Read More…]

Let’s Not Forget the Older Books . . .

Tom Wright’s Paul book was just released yesterday, and I’m told that Amazon already has an “Temporarily Out of Stock” notice. Well, I have a suggestion: Let’s not forget the older books! When I say “let’s not forget the older books” I’m not talking about those of a different generation. I’m also not specifically talking [Read More…]

Martin Luther according to the Bangles

Here is a cool song about Martin Luther based on the Bangles hit song “Manic Monday.” HT: Josh Dinale [Read more…]

Do We Really Need to Plant More Churches In the Inner Cities? What about Church Rejuvenation?

In my last post I celebrated recent church planting efforts in the big cities, but raised a few concerns about over-crowding and some ecclesiological questions about these ventures. I also raised the prospect of investing less in church planting and more in church rejuvenation. For case in point let me tell you about my good [Read More…]

Reconfigure, Revise, Reimagine

It is said often that Paul has reconfigured Judaism around Christ . Perhaps this could be said to be Tom Wright’s major thesis in his new book on Paul according at least to Scot McKnight and Mike Bird (here at Euangelion) – Although I wouldn’t know. I’ve not been one of the privileged to have [Read More…]

Do We Really Need To Plant More Churches in the Inner Cities? Yes, but …

In the course of evangelical trends, it seems that church planters are the new front line ninja, guru, jedi master, seal team six, hip, cool, people to be. There is a lot of resources being put into planting new churches in large cities in the USA, UK, and Australia. And let me say, that this [Read More…]

Its Here! Evangelical Theology Is Now Available

Today is the day that Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction is officially released. I’ve written several books and been proud of each one as each has its own story and its own place in the world. However, EvTh is my attempt to help shape the theology of emerging evangelical leaders by helping them [Read More…]

Craig Evans Lets Rip on the “New New Testament”

A while ago I blogged on Hal Taussig’s New New Testament, noting its addition of several Gnostic documents (mainly Nag Hammadi stuff) to a New Testament collection. Any ways, Craig Evans lets rip in a review in the latest issue of BBR (23.3 [2013]: 429-31) and here are the highlights: A New New Testament raises a myriad [Read More…]

Reformation Sunday Reflection

Yesterday I had the pleasure of celebrating Reformation Day at a wonderful inner-city Anglican church in Melbourne, St. Matt’s Prahan, speaking on Rom 3:21-26. Its a great day to get your Luther on, unleash your inner Calvin, channel some Bucer, reconnect with your “sola” power panels, thank God for Tyndale, and play with your Ridley [Read More…]

Advice to My Students

Here is a video I made with Zondervan with advice to my theological students about their study: [Read more…]