Book Notice: Jim Hamilton’s Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to the Churches

James M. Hamilton Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to the Churches Ed. R. Kent Hughes Crossway: Wheaton, IL, 2012 Available (and for Kindle). This book is an exposition of Revelation based on a series of sermon’s preached at Kenwood Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. It reads very easily with a definite verbal feel and gives [Read More...]

More reviews of the “Progressive Reformed View” on justification

Over at Unsettled Christianity, Leslie Keeney offers a short review (quite positive) of the “progressive reformed view” which I argued on justification. [Read more...]

Tertullian on Law and Gospel

More theological wisdom from the great Africa theologian Tertullian: We do not now treat of the law, further than (to remark) that the apostle here teaches clearly how it has been abolished, even by passing from shadow to substance—that is, from figurative types to the reality, which is Christ. The shadow, therefore, is His to [Read More...]

Richard France has Passed Away

Peter Head makes the sad announcement about the passing of British NT scholar Richard France. I learnt this morning that Dick France had died on 1oth Feb 2012. I studied Mark’s Gospel with Dick in 1985-86 at LBC. They were great times with a small group of us gathered round the text under Dick’s guidance. His [Read More...]

Studying Theology as Seen by Others

[Read more...]

What is Humility?


Here’s a fresh take on the concept of humility I came across recently: What exactly is humility? Does it mean speaking of ourselves as unaccomplished, even when this is not the case?  In truth, humility is not difficult to define (though it is hard to embody). It means not regarding ourselves as more important than [Read More...]

Prayer of the Sixth Week after Epiphany

O God, the strength of all who put their trust in you: mercifully accept our prayers; and because in our weakness we can do nothing good without you, give us the help of your grace, that in keeping your commandments we may please you both in will and deed; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who [Read More...]

Tertullian’s Challenge to Marcion

This week I’ve been reading some Tertullian when I’ve had the chance. Gotta quote his opening to book five from Against Marcion: If you challenge us to your belief, (pray) tell us what things constitute its basis. Either prove the truth of what you believe, or failing in your proof, (tell us) how you believe. [Read More...]

Lent – The School of Repentance

Alexander Schmemann in his book Great Lent refers to Lent as the “School of Repentance”. Writing for an Orthodox readership, Schmemann has something nevertheless to say to us all Christians. We are approaching again the Great Lent-the time of repentance, the time or our reconciliation with God. Repentance is the beginning and also the condition [Read More...]

An Invitation to Lent


As I’ve posted previously with reference to Advent, I have decided to orient my spiritual life this year around the Christian liturgical calendar. As I said before, I am 40 years old, I’ve grown up in the church, I have a Ph.D. in New Testament, I’m a pastor, and as crazy at it sounds I [Read More...]

New Covenant Commentary Series Now on Logos

I just heard that the New Covenant Commentary Series is now available on Logos Bible Software. You can get the volumes on Romans (Craig Keener), Ephesians (Lynn Cohick), Colossians/Philemon (Michael Bird), and Revelation (Gordon D. Fee) for $79.95. More volumes to come including Scot McKnight on Matthew and David deSilva on 2 Corinthians. [Read more...]

Joel Watts reviews the “Progressive Reformed View”

Over at Unsettled Christianity, Joel Watts offers a fairly positive review of my essay in Justification: Five Views. He is “almost persuaded” by me. Doh, I was so close on this one! Oh, and Leslie reviews Mike Horton’s essay too. [Read more...]

What difference does Predestination or Freewill have on ministry effectiveness?


While there is certainly many ways to answer this question, Stephen Tomkins in his recent biography of John Wesley reflects eloquently on the fundamental difference between George Whitefield (a strong Calvinist) and Wesley. The fundamental difference between Wesley and Whitefield was not the theological one that so exercised them both and sadly caused conflict in [Read More...]

The Barthian (Mis-)Appropriation of Paul in Galatians

Karl Barth was a true Paulinist. Paul’s theology is the essence that runs through Barth’s veins. For years I have been fascinated with J.L. Martyn’s Galatians commentary precisely because it is so stridently Barthian and it attempts to resolutely prosecute the significance of Paul as an apocalyptic thinker. Graham Stanton heralded J.L. Martyn’s Galatians commentary as [Read More...]

Feminization of the Conquered


In general support of the earlier post by Mike Bird, I offer this piece of evidence. Although not directly related to the act of crucifixion, it is widely known that the Romans portrayed their conquered in feminine ways. Consider the picture here. It depicts a conquered people under the hand of a victorious Roman emperor. [Read More...]