ParseGreek on Android

For the smart phone users out there (non-iPhone), Danny Zacharias’ useful app ParseGreek is now available on Android. ΠαrsεGrεεk is designed to help both beginning students and advanced students. Advanced students can quiz themselves by frequency and other criteria. For beginning students, ΠαrsεGrεεk has been designed to be compatible with today’s top intro grammars: – [Read More...]

Things to Click

Things to click around the blogosophere: Peter Leithart has much to say on Protestantism and Catholicism, esp. his Too catholic to be Catholic and the respond here. Over at TGC, Tim Keller endorses Simon Gathercole’s essay on the Kingdom of God. And Justin Taylor promises us a book that will hopefully solve the dispensational vs. [Read More...]

Ancient Bethlehem Seal

Mideast Israel-Ancient Seal

A 2,700 year old seal that has the name “Bethlehem” was found recently by Israeli archaeologists and announced today. The tiny clay seal’s existence and age provide vivid evidence that Bethlehem was not just the name of a fabled biblical town, but also a bustling place of trade linked to the nearby city of Jerusalem, [Read More...]

One verse Heresies

Famous quote from Oscar Cullmann: “the f0untainhead of all false biblical interpretation and of all heresy is invariably the isolation and the absolutising of one single passage.” (Oscar Cullmann, The State in the New Testament, 47). [Read more...]

James Smith on Two Kingdoms

James K. A. Smith of Calvin College (who is actually in Australia right now to deliver the New College Lectures on “Imagining the Kingdom: On Christian Discipleship and Action”) has a provocative article in Calvin Theological Journal entitled, “Reforming Public Theology: Two Kingdoms or Two Cities.” You know it’s a provocative article because it commences [Read More...]

Could Jesus have sinned?


The proverbial late night college dorm room question, “Could Jesus have sinned?” (the question of Jesus’ impeccability), is one that I recently came across in a section of theology written by the preeminent Orthodox theologian Bishop Kallistos Ware of Oxford, who by the way gave lectures at North Park last year. In an essay entitled [Read More...]

Dan Wallace on New Manuscript Discoveries

Michael Licona interviews Dan Wallace about new manuscript discoveries by CSNTM including an apparent fragment of Mark from the first century. Big claim, very tantalizing for textual-critics, mouth drooling really, an apologist’s fantasy coming true, skeptics are skeptical, and it creates more suspense than the last episode of Lost. C’mon Dan, show me the money! [Read More...]

Faith and Academia

Justin Taylor does a superb interview with Peter Williams (Tyndale House) and Simon Gathercole (Cambridge Uni) about faith, scholarship, apocryphal Gospels, and Tyndale House. Do check it out! [Read more...]

Church Charities, Govt. Cash, and the Law

Over at The Punch, journo Miles Heffernan has a piece on Our Churches Should Not Be a Law Unto Themselves, which raises concerns how (in Australia) religious groups can discriminate against employees in non-core areas of their work. His main target is the company Sanitarium owned by the SDAs who only hire “Christians”. But what [Read More...]

Ascension Day!


I must admit I’ve never celebrated Ascension Day; that is until this week. How unfortunate is that?! The ascension of Jesus is the ultimate culmination of his work on the cross on behalf of the world. He died to be resurrected, he was resurrected to be exalted at the Father’s right hand. We celebrate Easter, [Read More...]

Review of Paul and the Second Century

Brian Tucker provides a nice review of Paul and the Second Century which is edited by Joey Dodson and Michael Bird. Reading the review may save you from reading the book! [Read more...]

The Appeal of Jesus


John Howard Yoder penned these words in 1972. But they are as true now as they were then. My experience in working with college students is that young people inclined toward social justice and human rights find Jesus powerfully attractive. It may be a meaningless coincidence that some young men wear their hair and their [Read More...]

Kevin Giles and The Eternal Generation of the Son

Thanks to IVP, there is an excerpt available of Kevin Giles’ new book The Eternal Generation of the Son: Maintaining Orthodoxy in Trinitarian Theology (see here). This is a fun topic and Kevin Giles is one of the key protagonists for a particular view on christological subordination and divine ontology. Together with my former colleague Robert Shillaker, [Read More...]

The Marcan Community

Larry Hurtado has a post discussing the prospects of the Marcan Community, particularly in light of critiques by Dwight Peterson and Frederik Wisse on the idea of communities behind texts, in preparation for an SBL session in November. Hurtado concludes: Given the widely-shared (and entirely understandable) desire to link early Christian texts with particular provenances, [Read More...]

Behind Every Writer …

I am definitely one or more of these! HT: Joel Watts. [Read more...]