Themelios Review of Four Views of the Apostle Paul

Over at Themelios, Matthew Harmon has a review of Four Views of the Apostle Paul. He concludes: For the reader looking for some of the key interpretive approaches to the Apostle Paul, this book will be a valuable, albeit slightly incomplete, resource. Those most likely to benefit from it are seminary students being introduced to the [Read More…]

Book Notice: Alister McGrath on Faith and the Creeds

Alister McGrath Faith and the Creeds Christian Belief for Everyone London: SPCK, 2013 Available at Alister McGrath’s series on “Christian Belief for Everyone” has a good starter in Faith and the Creeds which is a prolegomena to a study of the creeds. This volume predominantly talks about the meaning of faith and how the creeds [Read More…]

Ridley’s On-line Psalms Course for Lay People

The Ridley Certificate is an inexpensive multi-media course in theological studies for lay people. Great for getting a taste of theological education in on-line mode without having to leave home. There are modules on Bible Overview with Michael Raiter, Understanding Your Bible with Andrew Reid, 1 Corinthians with Brian Rosner, and now The Psalms with Jill Firth. [Read More…]

N.T. Wright on Justification in PFG

Here’s a quote from PFG about what N.T. Wright says about justification in relation to eschatology and transformation: [E]ven though Romans 3.21–31 is part of the same flow of argument as Romans 5—8, and Galatians 2.15–21 is part of the same flow of argument as Galatians 4—6, and even though these two larger arguments do [Read More…]

Story of God Bible Commentary Video Intro

Here is a cool intro the Story of God Bible Commentary Series: Scot McKnight’s commentary on the Sermon on the Mount includes this fine statement: The Sermon presents Jesus’ moral vision and summons us to follow him, and the Sermons is designed to prompt one to make a decision about Jesus. Thus, we are led to [Read More…]

Review of Anthony Le Donne on Jesus’ Wife

Anthony Le Donne The Wife of Jesus: Ancient Texts and Modern Scandals New York: Oneworld, 2013. Available at By Benjamin Sutton, Ph.D candidate at Ridley Melbourne Anthony Le Donne has provided interested readers with a double blessing. In The Wife of Jesus, the initial intrigue of Jesus’ marital status gives way to a crash [Read More…]

Why Would a Biblical Scholar Write a Systematic Theology?

Thanks to Zondervan, here is another video about why I, a humble biblical scholar, wrote Evangelical Theology. [Read more…]

James Crossley vs. the Mythicists

In the British Daily Mail, my good friend Dr. James Crossley gives the mythicist theories of Joseph Atwill a hiding to nothing when interviewed about Atwill’s claim that the Jesus-story was invented by Roman aristocrats. James is not exactly a hero of religious conservativism, but he is in good form with his responses about the [Read More…]

Preston Sprinkle’s book “Fight” featured on Christianity Today

My Californian bro Preston Sprinkle has his book Fight: A Christian Case for Non-violence featured over at CT in an article called The Manly Christian Pacifist. David Gushee comments: Sprinkle takes the Sermon on the Mount seriously. The reader comes away unable to escape the urgency of living, even right now, in the radical kingdom [Read More…]

Book Notice: C.L. Seow on Job 1-21

C.L. Seow Job 1-21 Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at In the inaugural volume of Eerdmans’ Illuminations series, C. L. Seow offers an impressive introduction to Job and a commentary on its first half (chapters 1–21). Reading through sections of Job 1–21: Interpretation and Commentary reminded me of why Seow’s commentary on Ecclesiastes [Read More…]

Romans 4 – A Paraphrase

Abraham: The Father of Everyone Who Has Faith! So what should we conclude from all this? Did we find that Abraham is our forefather on the basis of genealogical descent or on the basis of faith? Because if Abraham was declared righteous on the basis of his works he would have had a genuine right [Read More…]

John Dickson’s Hearing Her Voice in Paperback

John Dickson’s e-book, Hearing her Voice, is now available in a revised and expanded edition in paperback. It has caused quite a stir in Sydney Anglican circles and has received a lot of push back. It is available for order from Australian Christian book chain Koorong, see here. There are some good endorsements from guys like [Read More…]

Candida Moss goes Mano E Mano with Bill O’Reily

Cool video where Candida Moss takes it up to Political Conservative Commentator Bill O’Reily on his book Killing Jesus. I’ve only seen excerpts of the book, so I can’t comment too much just yet, but it looks to me like this book is not “really” about Jesus. It is the adaptation of the Jesus story to [Read More…]

T. Michael Law’s Septuagint Bonanza

T. Michael Law When God Spoke Greek: The Septuagint and the Making of the Christian Bible Oxford: OUP, 2013. Available at Okay, I’m probably a bit behind the game on this one, but I’ve only recently finished reading T. Michael Law’s excellent introduction to the Septuagint. I have to confess that I read the [Read More…]

Moss and the Myth of Persecution

Over at RBL, N. Clayton Croy has a candid review of Candida Moss’ book The Myth of Persecution which is quite critical with some justification (see also Ephraim Radner’s review at First Things). Moss is right in many regards. Yes, there was a Christian hagiography about martyrs. The Martyrdom of Polycarp and the Acts of Paul and [Read More…]