Best Picture of Infant Baptism

I’m sure Dr. Oliver Crisp could have used this photo for his baptism class (the seminar class, not the church class with a-view-to-baptism). [Read more...]

Renewal in the Church of Scotland

David Robertson makes some interesting comments about the exodus of evangelicals from the Church of Scotland. I like his attitude and his basic approach. However, I was disappointed by his failure to mention the Highland Theological College!  In light of the divisions in the COS and the issue of leave or don’t leave, the potential existence [Read More...]

Scot McKnight on the “Traditional SB Understanding of Salvation”

Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight posts his response to the recent SB statement on what Baptist’s traditionally believe about salvation. Scot knows this “gospel” well cause it’s the one he grew up with, big emphasis on free will, make a decision, etc. He offers five points of reflection. The most penetrating point was # [Read More...]

CT on Baptist Wars

Christianity Today has an article on the Calvinism and Southern Baptist Convention debate. [Roger] Olson, a classical Arminian and author of the book Against Calvinism, is unaffiliated with the SBC, but has long asserted that most evangelicals—not just Southern Baptists—adhere to a sort of semi-Pelagian “folk religion,” whose origins can be traced to the Second Great [Read More...]

Who Were the “Evangelists”? (III)

For all you evangelists out there: [Read more...]

The Johannine Question: Preliminary Thoughts

At Passover Rabbi’s ask, “Why is this night different?” At Easter, Gospel scholars read the fourth Evangelist and ask, “Why is this Gospel different?” It’s a complex question and I am admittedly not a Johannine specialist. But here are my preliminary thoughts: D.A. Carson observes: “The thesis that John is literarily dependent on one or [Read More...]

News Flash! Paul thought being Jewish was “Terrific”

I came across a great line from NT scholar Paula Fredriksen in her essay “Mandatory Retirement: Ideas in the Study of Christian Origins Whose Time Has Come to Go”. Of Paul she writes: Paul thinks that being Jewish is terrific (Rom 3:1-2), and he also thinks that he is a terrific Jew (Phil 3:4-6) (p. [Read More...]

Bible Works 20th B’Day Contest Winners

BW has announced the winners of its birthday contest and listed some hilarious entries. Here are my favourties: I am a fraud. All my Greek expertise comes from Bibleworks, though no one knows this. Please consider. — D. Wallace – Andy H. Because there is something deliciously ironic about being able to read about the [Read More...]

Restless Heart: New Movie about St. Augustine

I can’t wait to see this (though I’m still waiting to see Blue Like Jazz). [Read more...]

Who Were the “Evangelists”? (II)

I’m reading over the new festschift for I. Howard Marshall and I came across this quote by James Dunn: “Even with careful discussion, there remains a danger of perpetuating a myth which idealizes the first Christian generation as the perfect church or golden age of the church by assuming that all Christians of that period [Read More...]

Who Were the “Evangelists”? (I)

Who were the “evangelists” in the early church and what did they do? My good friend John Dickson caused a bit of a stir when he argued that Paul did not expect all congregations to replicate his evangelistic activity as this role was limited to specially gifted individuals like himself (with responses from folks like [Read More...]

More Bonhoeffer


I continue to have a fascination with Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It was rekindled again this spring when I attended the Wheaton Theology Conference which focused on Bonhoeffer. This summer, as last, I’m reading both his works and a biography. I’ve read both Metaxas and Schingensiepen biographies and this summer I’m wading through the classic biography by [Read More...]

Europe for a Month!


Today I leave for a month long trip to Europe. I have three significant opportunities that have conveniently come together in back-to-back-to-back weeks. Cambridge, England First, I will be in Cambridge, our old stomping grounds, to participate in a meeting sponsored by the IRLBR (International Research Library for Biblical Research) in consultation with IBR. This [Read More...]

Trinity, Gender, and Subordination

David Congdon has a series on “Trinity, Gender, and Subordination” over at The Fire and the Rose. I loved his first post, especially these remarks: In responding to the evangelical position on trinity and gender, I will first articulate what I think is the most persuasive version of the eternal subordination of the Son, viz. [Read More...]

Smells like … Calvinism

This made me laugh: [Read more...]