Beginning it is, of the Baptist Wars!

Is it me, or are the underlying tensions in the Southern Baptist Convention about Calvinism beginning to get a little more … tense? The election of Frank Page to the SBC presidency a few years ago gave some currency to the anti-Calvinist camp. I’ve noticed that in the last few years that Broadman & Holman [Read More...]

More Women for ETS in Milwaukee

Sadly I won’t be at ETS/IBR/SBL this year due to medical advice to take a year off international travel. But over at Cheese-Wearing Theology, Amanda MacInnis is encouraging women to attend ETS much as I did last year. She relates her own experiences of ETS attendance. She writes: It was awesome! So many scholars! So [Read More...]

Paul Barnett is Blogging

Dr. Paul Barnett, NT scholar and former Anglican bishop of North Sydney, is blogging at this site. Paul is an expert on 2 Corinthians and has written several book on the beginnings of Christianity. He’s been blogging on topics as diverse as Luke, Paul, and Revelation. [Read more...]

Red Head Wisdom

According to Beverly Gaventa of Princeton Theological Seminary: “Those who claim that they are ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’ will find no comfort in Acts 2, which ends in church.” HT: Jim West. [Read more...]

Sexegesis: Book Launch

Keep your diaries open on for Thursday 14th of June, because in Australia, in all the major capital cities, there will be a book launch for Sexegesis: An Evangelical Response to Five Uneasy Pieces on Homosexuality. It is edited by Gordon Preece (ETHOS) and Michael Bird (Crossway College). Contributors include Peter Adam, Paul Barnett, Denise [Read More...]

Denny Burk on the “Righteousness of God”

In the latest issue of JSNT, Denny Burk has a stimulating discussion of the “righteousness of God” in Romans. The abstract reads: This article proposes to narrow the range of possible meanings for the phrase dikaiosyne theou. Because dikaiosyne is the nominalization of an attribute, we have to rule out of bounds any notion of dikaiosyne theou [Read More...]

You are trying to read too much if . . .


Summertime is when you can catch up on all the reading you weren’t able to get to during the academic and ministry year – at least in theory. But lately I’ve been wondering whether or not I’m trying to read too much. Is it possible to read too much? I think so. So here’s a [Read More...]

Bible Works Contest

For Jim Barr at Bible Works. BibleWorks turned 20 this year! To celebrate, they’re giving away two full copies of BibleWorks 9 (one copy for each decade). To win, send them exactly 20 words telling them why you need a copy of BibleWorks. The winners will be selected based on humor, wit, and verve. Enter using their Facebook page. [Read more...]

Scot McKnight Responds to my “Bigotry” Post

Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight (who I believe just finished up his second visit to Australia!) responds to my earlier post on Is it bigotry to advocate Gay Marriage but oppose Polygamy? Scot writes: [Read more...]

“Sure-footed” in the Material of Ancient Judaism


Geza Vermes, one of the senior statesman in Jewish Studies, pointedly expressed the importance of a thorough knowledge of the Jewish context of the New Testament for its proper interpretation in his book Jesus in His Jewish Context (Fortress Press 2003). While it is commonplace these days to assume the importance of the Jewish context [Read More...]

Egyptian Evangelicals Sign Agreement with Muslim Brotherhood

Over at CT, is a very interesting piece on an agreement reached by Egypt’s Protestant Church with the Muslim Brotherhood. [Read more...]

Review of Mike Bird’s Colossians & Philemon Commentary

Over at RBL is a fairly generous review of my Colossians/Philemon commentary in the NCCS. [Read more...]

The Holtzmann-Gundry Solution to the Synoptic Problem (Three Source Hypothesis)

I’ve been immersing myself in the Synoptic Problem of late. Based on the limited studies I’ve done before, I’ve always gravitated towards the four source theory (Mark, Q, L, M). Although I have had my curiosity aroused by the Farrer-Goulder-Goodacre theory of Mark–>Matthew–>Luke (eliminating the need for Q). And I have to say that Mark [Read More...]

James Crossley on Mike Bird’s Jewish Jesus

Over at Sheffield Biblical Studies, James Crossley has a post on What percentage of ‘Jewishness’ did Jesus possess and was it like the alcoholic content of wine, which engages my (sadly neglected) article The Peril of Modernizing Jesus and the Crisis of Not Contemporizing the Christ’, EQ 78 (2006), pp. 291–312. Oh well, at least Crossley has [Read More...]

Book Notice: Romans: the Church’s Bible

J. Patout Burns (ed.) Romans: Interpreted by Early Christian Commentators The Church’s Bible, ed. Robert Louis Wilken Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Reception history is the new pink. It is cool, funky, and every body is doing it! There is the ACC with IVP and the Blackwell Bible Commentaries from the Centre for the Reception [Read More...]