New Zondervan Academic Catalogue for Fall

Zondervan’s new academic catalogue is out and it has some choice books on it. Read it on-line here. [Read more…]

Interview with N.T. Wright on Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Below is a 25 minute interview I did with N.T. Wright about his forthcoming book Paul and the Faithfulness of God.   NB: Apologies to my New Zealand friends (I’m still bitter about the Bledisloe Cup). More info about the book can be found on the SPCK and Fortress websites. [Read more…]

The Victory of Orthodoxy

A typical tale on some accounts of Christian origins goes like this: In the beginning the church was gloriously diverse, there was no normative Christianity, various trajectories road the ever evolving waves of the Jesus tradition wherever it took them, and it led to a beautifully pluralistic array of Christianities … until the blessed diversity [Read More…]

Why an Evangelical Theology?

Zondervan’s koinonia blog posts a video where I explain the rationale for my new book Evangelical Theology. Here’s the video: [Read more…]

Romans 3.21-31 – A Paraphrase

Okay, Rom 3:21-26 is the epicenter of Paul’s gospel. Here’s my attempt at a paraphrase: But that is not the end of the matter, death and condemnation are not the last words, God has now revealed his saving justice, revealed it apart from the precepts and parameters of the law, and yet the law and [Read More…]

Does Union with Christ Make Imputation Redundant?

Over at the Zondervan blog Koinonia, Con Campbell examines the question: Does Union with Christ Make the Imputation of His Righteousness Redundant? Listen to Con’s explanation: [Read more…]

Book Notice: 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus (Two Horizons)

Robert W. Wall with Richard B. Steele 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. Two Horizons New Testament Commentary. Eds. Joel B. Green and Max Turner. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at In this commentary, Robert Wall offers a canonical approach to the pastoral epistles (PE), interpreting them in light of the regula fidei, while [Read More…]

My Response to Anti-Christian TV Ads by the Australian Sex Party

Over at Online Opinion: Australia’s E-Journal of Social and Political Debate, I have a piece on Why the Australian Sex Party Gets Religion Wrong (ironically the article is interspersed with ads from The Secular Party!). The Australian Sex Party (ASP) is a minor political party campaigning for seats in the senate and is largely financed by [Read More…]

John Dickson on Mixing Religion and Politics

My good friend John Dickson has a great piece over at CPX on Mixing Religion and Politics. It is quite pertinent as Australia is one week away from a federal election and the incumbent Australian Labour Party faces political defeat and being replaced with a coalition of the Liberal/National Parties. Dickson states his purpose: I [Read More…]

Richard Burridge to Speak in Melbourne on Jesus and Gospels

Glad to say that Richard Burridge (Dean of King’s College London) will be speaking at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne on “Biographies of Jesus: From Gospels to Joseph Ratzinger’s/Pope Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth.”  Will take place on  10 Sept 13 at 1800 hrs. See more info here. [Read more…]

Book of Revelation on You.Tube

I have no idea about the copyright issues here (someone let me know if they are illegal), but the Ridley librarian has kindly pointed me towards two films about the Book of Revelation that are available on Apocalypse (2002) staring Richard Harris. The film is set in 90 AD and concerns Jesus Christ’s last surviving [Read More…]

A Primer on Eco-Theology: How to Hug a Tree

Let me say that I believe in eco-responsibility and ec0-ethics, but this video is so full of whacky earth-worshipping tree hugging weirdness that it is positively hilarious. HT: My student Karen Reid. [Read more…]

Stanley Hauerwas on Anglicanism

I’ve been reading Stanley Hauerwas, “Which Church? What Unity? Or, an Attempt to Say What I May Think about the Future of Christian Unity,” Pro Ecclesia 22.3 (2013): 263-80. In the article, Hauerwas basically explains why for a guy who harps on about the church a lot that he hasn’t spoken much about ecumenism. But along the [Read More…]

New or Forthcoming Books to Note

Lutheran pastor, blogger, and seminary student Jordan Cooper has written a book called The Righteous One: An Evaluation of Patristic Soteriology in Light of the New Perspective on Paul. I think patristic perspectives can show just how much of the NPP is not new and how many of our concerns can be quite foreign. For my [Read More…]

Strangest Amazon Book Review Ever

I know you can get some really weird book reviews on, but the following “review”  of Thomas E. Phillips’ Reading Issues of Wealth and Poverty in Luke-Acts is a really doozey review that looks like someone just trying to be a funny twit (aka Dr. H. Scaballa). This books certainly defines a revolution in Luke-Acts studies. [Read More…]