My Romans Class Probably Wish They Had this Book Last Week

Some of my Pauline Theology/Romans class wrote an essay on the “wretched man” in Romans 7. They probably could have done with this book about a week or two ago! Perspectives on Our Struggle with Sin: Three Views of Romans 7 By: Chad Owen Brand, Terry Wilder More in Perspectives Series B&H Academic / 2011 / Paperback   [Read more...]

Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert Begin to Answer Reviewers

deyoung & gilbert

I was pleased to notice today that Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert are beginning to answer questions about their book over at Kevin’s blog. Here’s the opening paragraph from their post: On Tuesday, Trevin Wax put forth “five nagging questions” about our book What Is the Mission of the Church? Greg and I both know [Read More...]

Things to Do and Remember for ETS and SBL in November 2011

Okay, time for my annual list of things to do and remember at ETS and SBL. If you see me eating buffalo wings and drinking a glass of shiraz, it means that I just arrived, say “Hi”. Go to the local San Fran marriage registry office and ask, “Is your policy really, ‘If you can [Read More...]

Women and ETS (Again)

Something to ponder ahead of next week:   HT: Elke Speliopoulos [Read more...]

James McGrath on Scholarship in a Digital Age

James McGrath (Lady Gaga Professor of Biblical Studies at Butler University) has a good article at B&I on Unity, Diversity, and Information Literacy in Biblical Studies. He notes that it is important that what we properly inform our students about the true nature of the diversity in scholarship. I also liked this quote: For in [Read More...]

Kevin Vanhoozer to return to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Everybody’s favourite evangelical theologian (well at least mine) is leaving Wheaton College to return to Trinity International University. See the news from TIU here. At ETS there will be a session on KJV’s book Remythologizing God which I would go to if there wasn’t already a session on at the same time concerning Galatians and [Read More...]

Michael Licona and Resurrection Controversy at CT

Earlier I posted on Al Mohler and Norman Geisler’s accusations that Michael Licona purportedly violates “inerrancy” in his superb book in defense of the historicity of the resurrection where Licona argued that the story of the raising of the holy men from ancient times in Matthew 27 was perhaps “poetic”. Well, over at Christianity Today, [Read More...]

Book Notice: Remember the Poor by Bruce Longenecker

Bruce  W. Longenecker Remember the Poor: Paul, Poverty , and the Greco-Roman World Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2010 Available at It is a common adage that Jesus preached good news to the poor, while Paul preached the good news of Jesus. Paul was, well, not really into all that socialist, marxist, commy crud about [Read More...]

“Imagining the Kingdom” – N.T. Wright’s Inaugural Professorial Lecture

Late October saw N.T. Wright’s inaugural professorial lecture at St. Andrews University on “Imagining the Kingdom: Mission and Theology in Early Christianity” (see PDF here). Here is how it starts: The four gospels stand magisterially at the head of the canon and the centre of early Christianity. They are remarkable documents. If they had been lost [Read More...]

Woman, Thou art Loosed! Now Get ye Self to ETS!

I have just noticed that there are about 700 hundred papers being delivered at ETS this year and only eight of them will be delivered by women. What is more, I think I actually know half of the women presenters. Now maybe there are more, I looked up the index in the ETS book and [Read More...]

A Greek Evangelical View of the Greek Economic Crisis

I’m glad to provide a guest post by Dr. Myrto Theocharous (M.A. Wheaton College. Ph.D Cambridge Uni ), Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at the Greek Bible College in Athens. She provides some reflections from Habakkuk on the Greek economic crisis from the vantage point of a Greek evangelical. A Greek Evangelical View of [Read More...]

Tom Wright at Willow Creek and Moody Bible Institute

This weekend Tom Wright was the guest teacher at Willow Creek Community Church. Tom is on a book tour for his new book Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters. Tomorrow he’ll be speaking at an event at Moody Bible Institute. I heard it was an [Read More...]

Nick Perrin on the Gospel of Mark

Over at The Christian Leadership Center, Nick Perrin (Wheaton College) has a good little article on preaching the Gospel of Mark. Perrin concludes: Mark tells us about this new movement, this new messiah, and this new mission. This has all kinds of implications for how we live, the one we live for, and the cause [Read More...]

So what does “kingdom of God” mean?

This brief series of posts is not so much a direct critique of DeYoung and Gilbert’s argument in their chapter on the kingdom of God in What’s the Mission of the Church?. While it is the starting point, this post is my attempt to sketch how I define the kingdom. My definition of the kingdom, [Read More...]

Mike Horton Interviews Scot McKnight on KJG

Over at the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton interviews Scot McKnight about The King Jesus Gospel in an audio program (here’s the link). [Read more...]