New Gospels Website

There is a new website called 4Gospels: The Less Sensational Site featuring folks like Simon Gathercole, Peter Williams, and James Leonard. Looks like a good place for resources, videos, and reviews on Gospel stuff.  [Read more…]

Dale C. Allison Joins Princeton Theological Seminary

Just heard the news that Dale C. Allison will be joining Princeton Theological Seminary. Read the news from Princeton here. HT: Mark Goodacre. [Read more…]

Ask N.T. Wright

Rachel Held Evans hosts an interview where N.T. Wright answers several questions from people on diverse topics. [Read more…]

Book Notice: Imitating God in Christ *without David*

Our friend and former student of Mike’s Jason Hood has published a new book by IVP called Imitating God in Christ. In this book of 15 chapters, Jason offers a biblical theology of imitation that begins in the OT, moves to the NT, and extends the conversation through the church into our own time. Imitating [Read More…]

More thoughts on Typology in Biblical Theology

As a follow up to my earlier post on Biblical Theology, I wonder if anyone else has come across a very interesting article in the Scottish Journal of Theology by Matthew Myer Boulton. The article is titled: “Supersession or Subsession? Exodus Typology, the Christian Eucharist and the Jewish Passover Meal” (66[1]: 18-29 [2013]). I don’t [Read More…]

On Scripture and Creeds

There is some good stuff around the blogosphere about scripture and creeds. Over at First Things, Peter Leithart gives a summary of Richard Hays’ paper on Gospel and Creeds delivered at Trinity School of Ministry. Hays opened the lecture by noting his differences with NT Wright concerning the relationship of creed and Scripture. But in [Read More…]

Book Notice: Is Scripture Still Holy?

A.E. Harvey Is Scripture Still Holy? Coming of Age with the New Testament Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at In this book, A.E. Harvey, Emeritus Canon of Westminster Abbey, looks at how one might re-conceive biblical authority given that modern society has, in Bonhoefferian terms, “come of age” and lives mostly independently of [Read More…]

Jesus, the Bible, and my Buddy Denny

Denny Burke has a good response to Stanley, McKnight, and Bird on the Jesus vs. Bible thingy-bobby blogfest (see my earlier post). Obviously Denny and I whole heartedly affirm biblical authority and the unmatchable centrality of Jesus Christ, but it is the integration of the two that we might differ on. 1. On the Bible [Read More…]

D.Min. in New Testament Context

Over at Jesus Creed Scot McKnight has announced the new D.Min. in New Testament Context through Northern Seminary which will be directed by him. I will be joining alongside Scot teaching this program. It is an exciting opportunity for pastors who have always wanted a chance to become conversant with the Jewish context of Jesus [Read More…]

Biblical Theology without Typology?

I love biblical theology. Biblical theology with its focus on the use of the OT in the NT was what was so captivating to me as I sat in a Scott Hafemann class in 1997 – perceiving the unity of the OT and the NT continues to be pursuit of my academic work. My first [Read More…]

Jesus Vs. the Bible ? (Updated)

Recently American Mega-Pastor Andy Stanley  (North Point Community Church) delivered a sermon where he said that he believed in Adam and Eve,  not because the Bible says so, but because Jesus believed in a real Adam and Eve. According to Stanley, “The foundation of our faith is not the Scripture. the foundation of the faith [Read More…]

Two Articles by Timothy George You Should Read

Timothy George is my favourite Southern Baptist and with good reason. First, check out his piece at First Things entitled, A Tale of Two Demons which is about Katherine Jefferts-Schori’s now infamous sermon. I blogged on her sermon earlier cause I thought it could be a Good Candidate for the Worst Sermon Ever. George makes a stark juxtaposition of Pope [Read More…]

Gene Robinson and John Dickson on “The Spirit of Things”

On the ABC radio show The Spirit of Things, Rachel Kohn hosts Bishop Gene Robinson (former Anglican bishop of New Hampshire) and Rev. Dr. John Dickson (St. Andrews Anglican Church and CPX) on the topic of gay marriage. A great discussion from both sides of the debate. [Read more…]

Romans 2 – A Paraphrase

Now someone might like to think that this divine justice does not pertain to them. To such a person, whether a Roman moralist like Seneca who writes ethical treatises or even a rock star Rabbi like Shammai with an encyclopedia knowledge of all things kosher, let me say this. You, oh pious one, who likes [Read More…]

Scot McKnight’s new ebook on Christian Perseverance

Scot McKnight’s new ebook coming out is A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance. Here’s the blurb: Can we choose and un-choose God? Or does he choose and un-choose us? In The Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance, theologian Scot McKnight examines what the Bible says about human salvation. Inspired in part by a [Read More…]