Iskandar now available on Kindle

For those interested, my novel Iskandar, is now available as an ebook for Kindle. Anyone into fantasy novels heavily embedded with religious themes, might actually like it. [Read more…]

M.A. Intensive on Critical Issues in Paul

In a couple of weeks, I’m visiting my alma mater, Malyon College, to do an M.A. intensive on Critical Issues in Paul (link here). It is scheduled for 8-12 July, I think places are still available, and audit students are welcomed. Should be a great week looking at topics like Paul and Empire, Paul and [Read More…]

Endorsements for N.T. Wright’s big Paul Book

Thanks to Nijay Gupta for collecting these endorsements on Wrights PFG: “N. T. Wright’s long-awaited full-length study of St. Paul will not in any way disappoint. From the very first sentence, it holds the attention, arguing a strong, persuasive, coherent, and fresh case supported by immense scholarship and comprehensive theological intelligence. It is a worthy [Read More…]

Romans 2 … Again

I’m spending a lot of time in Romans 2 recently as part of some commentary writing. It’s really a case of deja vu, as I’ve been here before (see Saving Righteousness of God, chap. 7), but there is always so much to mull over. Along the way, I was struck by an interesting comment made by [Read More…]

Brian Rosner’s Leon Morris Lecture Available On-line

Brian Rosner delivered the first annual Leon Morris Lecture on NT studies this week. It was on “Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God.” I’m glad to say that it is now available in audio. Brian has good some great ideas on the law as wisdom and prophecy. [Read more…]

Harper Collin’s Faith Gateway

The Harper Collins Christian Publishing wing (i.e., Zondervan and Thomas Nelson) has just launched a new initiative called Faith Gateway. FaithGateway is an online community for readers to discover great content and engage with their favorite Christian authors. FaithGateway brings together content in many different forms: daily blog posts, book excerpts, devotionals, free downloads, videos, giveaways, [Read More…]

The Perfect Storm

At this years coming SBL in Baltimore, the Biblical Greek Language and Linguistic Section is having a session on “The Perfect Storm,” looking at the debates about the perfect-tense form in Greek. I believe that Con Campbell, Stan Porter, and others are presenting (personally, I’m with Porter in seeing the perfect as essentially stative). Interestingly [Read More…]

Book Notice: New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity – volume 10

S.R. Llewelyn and J.R. Harrison (eds.) with E.J. Bridge. New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity: Volume 10 Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. Available at The NDIEC series should be on the shelves of everyone who is seriously interested in the history behind the New Testament and first centuries of the church. Put together by a team from Macquarie [Read More…]

Richard Burridge Wins the 2013 Ratzinger Prize

Congratulations to Richard Burridge (Kings College London) for winning the 2013 Ratzinger Prize! Richard is a great scholar and a committed churchman so it is good to see his work getting international recognition. According to the official press release: The recipients of this year’s Ratzinger Prize are the English Biblical scholar Richard A. Burridge, dean [Read More…]

Church, Marriage, Culture, and the Law

This past week I’ve been speaking to different groups about gay marriage. I confess that I don’t actually enjoy talking about this topic, but as a resident theologian, I’m inevitably asked to help groups of pastors and churches come to some conclusion on this matter. It’s a big issue in Australia as it has been [Read More…]

Inaugural Leon Morris Lecture on Monday

On Monday, Dr. Brian Rosner will deliver the inaugural Leon Morris Lecture in New Testament Studies on Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God. It will be based on Brian’s just-released-book, named, you guessed it, Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God. There is a good teaser in Brian’s earlier JSNT article, [Read More…]

Episcopal Baptists in Georgia

Interesting article in CT about an Episcopal Baptist denomination in Georgia. No, not Georgia the American State, but Georgia the European nation. According to William Yoder: “There is a solemn procession to the altar. The choir is chanting. A bishop in a long, black robe and a full, gray beard swings an incense burner back [Read More…]

Maybe the Australian Defense Force Needs to Recover a Sense of Chivalry

Over at Online Opinion, an Aussie e-journal of social and political debate, I have a piece entitled Maybe the ADF Needs to Recover a Sense of Chivalry, written in light recent reports of widespread sexism and abuse in the Australian Defence Force. I write at one point: In a modern sense, we could think of [Read More…]

Intellectual Curiosity Ever Get the Best of You?

I have an insatiably curiosity and its a problem. OK, that is an overstatement, but hear me out. I am now, finally, getting into my summer rhythm, which is so awesome. I love the summer. It is so revitalizing to me. It is a chance to get off the treadmill of semesters, papers, committee meetings, [Read More…]

Jason Hood on Imitation of God

Got my copy of Imitating God in Christ by Jason Hood and really liked this quote: If we are engaged in God’s work, ruling as his image-bearers, we should imitate the character he displays as he works. Divine compassion, beauty, holiness and justice should be mirrored in the labors of God’s people. We imitate his knowledge, [Read More…]