Cutting Student Numbers at Greek Bible College

Check out this hilarious video from the Greek Bible College who found a creative way to deal with student over crowding. The Greek Bible College is told that they need to reduce the number of students, causing the teachers to take drastic measures (goes for 14 minutes). [Read more...]

Communion Book for Children

As I’m okay with paedo-communion, I was naturally intrigued to see that SPCK had published a picture book for children on Holy Communion. Its called Pray, Sing, Worship: A Picture Book for Holy Communion (London: SPCK, 2011). The illustrations are by Chantal Stewart and its a lovely book. I’ve read it to my kids (aged 11, [Read More...]

Craig Keener on CT about “It’s Okay to Expect a Miracle”

Crossway College was blessed to have Prof. Craig Keener (Asbury Theological Seminary) visit both of our campuses earlier this year. Craig spoke about his forthcoming book on miracles which is now out. The title is Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts. I noticed that at Christianity Today, that there is an interview with [Read More...]

The Letter of James in a Nutshell

I’ve just wrapped up our church’s sermon series on the Epistle of James. As I was preparing, it left me wondering  how best to sum up the letter. I thought the slogan “Believing is not enough” (see Jas 2.19) was a good summary. But to put it more positively, I think one needs to emphasize [Read More...]

Scripture & Theology Conference on Galatians at St. Andrews

GalatnsPoster copy

If you’ve not already heard, there’s an exciting conference at the University of St. Andrews this summer, July 10-13 2012. Here’s the link to the School of Divinity’s website. Not only is St. Andrews one of the most beautiful places in the UK, but the line of scholars participating is impressive. I have plans to [Read More...]

An Approach to Muslim-Christian Relations by Arab Christians

Over at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, there are a couple of interesting articles on attitudes and approaches towards Muslims for Christians. The first, Christ’s View of the “Other” by Dr. Issa Diab looks at how Jesus’ treatment of outsiders like the Roman centurion and the Samaritans provides a paradigm for Christians to relate to Muslims. [Read More...]

Why I am Not a Member of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

On why I am not a member of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church, watch this clip about a recent dispute between a priest and his congregation. See, you reject the Chalcedonic formula and this is the kind of thing that happens! [Read more...]

How do we decide what our Student Ministry should teach?


On Friday of this past week, I spent the day with our Student Ministry team on a one-day retreat. In Student Ministry style we met for the day at Game Works, a Video Game Restaurant. We used a conference room there for the day. The SM team at our church are great guys: Eric Ferris, [Read More...]

Celebrating Advent with a Young Family

Our family just finished week two of Advent and begin week three today. It is surprising how fast the Season goes by when you are marking the weeks by candles. These first two weeks are something of a blur. After celebrating a second week of Advent with my young family I offer these reflections. First, [Read More...]

End of Year JSPL Special Offer

Eisenbrauns has a special end of year subscription offer for the Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters. If you take out a subscription for JSPL in 2012 for $30, which includes two forthcoming issues, for only $15 you can get the two 2011 issues as well! That is the 2011 and 2012 issues of JSPL [Read More...]

Scot McKnight’s new eBook on Junia

Scot McKnight has launched his first ebook through Patheos called Junia is Not Alone. It is only $2.99! The volume is obviously about Junia in Rom 16:7 and whether Junia was a woman and was an apostle. (I tend to think she was an apostle in the same sense that Epaphroditus was an apostle of [Read More...]

The Practices of the Church 2 “Breaking Bread Together”

Christ Church Stellarton

John Howard Yoder in his little book Body Politics: Five Practices of the Christian Community Before a Watching World addresses the Eucharist as another practice of the church. His contention is that the central element and meaning of the Eucharist has been buried under a mound of ritualistic and superstitious religious notions “borrowed from other [Read More...]

New Blog on Papyri from Ancient Egypt

There is a new blog out called Faces & Voices: Identity, Culture and Artefacts from Roman to Contemporary Egypt operated by Dr. Roberta Mazza (Rylands Library, University of Manchester) which focuses on the papyri kept in the John Rylands library and the stories behind their collection. HT: Larry Hurtado. [Read more...]

Tom Schreiner’s words of advice to Christian Scholars

I should have gone to the B&H breakfast at ETS, because Tom Schreiner gave some godly words of advice to young Christian scholars about the exclusivity of faith in Christ, the dangers of seeking the praise of others, the need for humility, and why we have to live like Jesus. Pretty dense for a 15 [Read More...]

N.T. Wright’s Lectures at Moody Bible Institute

Some videos of N.T. Wright at Moody Bible Institute have been put up (HT: John Goodrich). These are basically lectures on his books Simply Jesus and How God Became King.   [Read more...]