Frederica Matthews-Green on the Orthodox Church

Over at Rachel Evan’s blog, she has an interview and questions to Frederica Matthews-Green, one of many converts to the Orthodox Church. It is an interesting exchange on topics like praying to the saints and women’s ordination. Matthews-Green is the author of Facing East: A Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy. I know a few [Read More...]

What is NOT the mission of the church? 1

Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert published a new book on the mission of the church What Is the Mission of the Church?: Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission. I want to be generous in this discussion and I certainly think these guys have the best of intentions. However, this book is [Read More...]

D.A. Carson on Confessionalism

Over at the TGC Blog, D.A. Carson has a good post on confessionalism in light of some controversy in America about the Trinity and an Elephant (????). However, Carson makes a good contrast between two types of evangelical unity: boundary-bounded and center-bounded.  He writes: From the beginning TGC has distinguished between a boundary-bounded set and [Read More...]

Day in Honour of Larry Hurtado

Over at the CSCO blog, there is is audio from a day in honour of Prof. Larry Hurtado that was held at Edinburgh University. Speakers include Richard Bauckham, Helen Bond, Tommy Wasserman, Thomas Kraus, and Larry Hurtado. [Read more...]

Book Notice: Revelation for Everyone (Tom Wright)

Tom Wright Revelation for Everyone London: SPCK, 2011 Available at The next, and I think final, installment in Tom Wright’s NT4E series is “Revelation”. Here Wright offers an idealist/preterist take on Revelation. Here are some quotes to give you a taste: [Read more...]

Why I’m Not Anglican – Response

Over at Learning in the Grip of Grace, Hans Kristensen has a post on Why I’m Not an Anglican. He is an ex-Anglican who clearly favors a baptist independent church set up. He raises three arguments against the Anglican way. I have somecomments to make in reply. 1. Evangelical Anglicans are compromised because of their [Read More...]

Tim Gombis’ The Drama of Ephesians

I’m teaching through the book of Ephesians in College Ministry at our church. In preparing for the talks I decided to read my friend Tim Gombis’ book The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God. Tim, you’ve written a really good book! After getting home in the mid-to-late evening tonight I found myself [Read More...]

The Spectrum of Evangelicalism 1

If and when you read the new Counterpoints book Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology), and I really recommend you do, Which view will you read first? And why? The book presents four views on Evangelicalism: Fundamentalism (presented by Kevin Bauder of Central Baptist Theological Seminary) Confessional evangelicalism (presented by [Read More...]

Final judgment “on the basis” of works – who said it?

Can you guess who made this statement: The biblical truth that I want us to understand, believe, and live by today is this: a time is coming when every responsible person, on the basis of his or her actions and attitudes, will meet the final judgment of God either as eternal life or as wrath [Read More...]

Michael Jensen on “What is Theology?”

Michael Jensen of Moore Theological College has a good discussion on What is Theology? He defines theology as: ‘Theology’ is the name we give to that activity of the mind which seeks to give a coherent and intelligible articulation of the truth about God and his relation to the world, drawn from the scriptures and [Read More...]

Christians of the Nile

The Australian Newspaper has a good article on “Christians of the Nile” that refers to Egyptian Coptic churches as great tourist sites (where flies know not to enter sacred spaces). Worth a read. I hope to visit Egypt one day and would love to see some ancient churches around there. [Read more...]

Robert Morgan’s Obituary on C.K. Barrett

Over at the Guardian, Robert Morgan has a great obituary on the life of C.K. Barrett which is worth reading. HT: Sean the Baptist. [Read more...]

John Dunne on aNTi Wright Polemics

John Dunne, a Ph.D student at St. Andrews, has a piece on Is the aNTiWright Polemic Justified? Which is a make shift apologia of Wright to evangelicals. A positive mention in dispatches for yours truly. Though sadly, when I read Dunne’s defense of his doktorvater, I’m reminded of the words of Luke 16:31. [Read more...]

Michael Jensen on Theological Education in Crisis

Over at Sydney Anglicans, Michael Jensen has a provocative post on the crisis in theological education. He also gives a list of what to look for and what to stay away from in a theological college. I resonate with most of his contentions, however, I am far more positively disposed to on-line learning than he is [Read More...]

Cheap Grace, Liberalism, and Folk Evangelicalism

Over at the Aussie Pregrino, my friend Rev. Cameron West, blogs on Cheap Grace, Liberalism, and Folk Evangelicalism, where he opines the lack of commitment to discipleship in popular evangelicalism. He writes: To follow the one crucified on our behalf is to take up our own cross, to sacrifice for others and (perhaps most forgotten [Read More...]