The Future of Evangelical Seminaries

Very interesting article at CT on What is the Biggest Change that Evangelical Seminaries Need to Make Right Now? with contributions from Dan Kimball, Cheryl Sanders, and Winfield Bevins. I liked these thoughts: Dan Kimball on the need for more pathos: If seminary professors could teach preaching and other skills more passionately, seminary students would [Read More…]

Job Opportunity: Lecturer in Biblical Studies (Crossway College)

Crossway College (Brisbane, Australia) is looking for a Lecturer in Biblical Studies who will also act as Director of Postgraduate Studies. The applicant should possess a PhD in Old Testament or New Testament, have a publication record and appropriate ministry experience for lecturing students in our degree and postgraduate programs. Duties will include lecturing, student [Read More…]

SPCK offer of Tom Wright Box Set of NT for Everyone Commentaries

SPCK has a special promotion where you can buy a box set of Tom Wright’s New Testament for Everyone Commentaries at a discounted price. This limited edition box set features all 18 volumes from the bestselling New Testament for Everyone series, in canonical order. Here’s what you can expect. . . a refreshed, contemporary design. new [Read More…]

New Studies in Dogmatics

Over at the Zondervan Blog, Koinonia, is an exciting announcement about a forthcoming series of theological volumes called New Studies in Dogmatics. Looks like some exciting things in the systematic theology pipeline! [Read more…]

Goodbye Christian America – HuffPost

Intriguing article over at the Huffington Post by Richard Stearns (President of World Vision) on Goodbye Christian America. Stearns notes the end of America’s nominal Christianity and believes that it might not be a bad thing. Writing about one particular church, he says: There was a time when Pastor Curry might have worried about things [Read More…]

RBL Review of Eusebius’ Gospel Problems and Solutions

Over at RBL is my review of Roger Pearce (ed.),  Eusbeius of Caesarea: Gospel Problems and Solutions (Ipswich, UK: Chieftain, 2010). [Read more…]

Book Notice: Understanding Biblical Theology

Edward W. Klink & Darian R. Lockett Understanding Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2012. Available at Many of us know that “biblical theology” (BibTh) is not monolithic. The term can be used quite polemically (I do “biblical theology” you do “dogmatic theology”) and there are some very [Read More…]

Two Different Assessments of New Archbishop

Read here two very different assessments of Archbishop of Canterbury elect Justin Welby by Charles Moore (Justin Welby is the Alpha Male to Save the Church of England) and Peter Mullens (A New Archbishop, but no change at Canterbury) both in The Telegraph . [Read more…]

Anthony Le Donne on Memory Studies and the Jesus Tradition

“Memory, all alone on the podium. I can smile at Formgeschichte. Bultmann was funky back then. I remember the time when we had apophthegmata. Let memory studies, begin right now.” – New lyrics to “Memory” for Jesus studies, apologies to Tim Rice! Anthony Le Donne has a good survey of who is who in the [Read More…]

The New Archbishop of Canterbury is …

Word from the BBC is that Bp Justin Welby of Durham is set to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. CT is calling it before any official announcement. See commentary over at First Things as well. He comes from the evangelical wing of the Church of England with a previous career in “big oil.” God-speed [Read More…]

The Second Century – Why You Should Study It!

Larry Hurtado has a very good blog post on The Cinderella Century in Early Christianity, where notes the incredibly significance of the second century for the emergence of later Christianity. I concur with his assessment. In fact, I now deliberately prod potential Ph.D students to consider working in the second century rather than in the [Read More…]

Recent Books on Evangelicals and Politics

During this political season in the US, I’ve taken the opportunity to do some reading on American evangelicals and politics. I have four recent books that I would like to recommend to you that I thought were particularly interesting, in many cases thought provoking and at times practically useful. As a whole these resources reveal [Read More…]

Michael Pahl Dismissed from Cedarville University

I was sad to hear that my good friend and one time co-editor, Dr. Michael Pahl, has been dismissed from Cedarville University. Pahl is a  top scholar, a brilliant communicator, a decent Christian man, and is another casualty in the theological tribalism and conservative myopia that seems endemic in American Christian institutions. In an official [Read More…]

Craig Keenerfest of Books

Yesterday in the post I got these three bodacious books by Craig Keener. Keener’s commentary on Matthew, now in a second edition, is my favourite Matthew commentary for preparing sermons on Matthew. The bold headings that summarize every minor sub-section are virtual dot points for your sermon, or at least main points to remember in [Read More…]

Paul’s Missionary Methods (with essays by Bird and Schnabel on-line)

There is a new book about to come out by IVP on Paul and Mission. Robert L. Plummer and John Mark Terry (eds.), Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2012). Here’s the blurb: Veteran scholar-missionaries Robert L. Plummer and John Mark Terry edit this collection of entry points into the missionary [Read More…]