Celebration of St. Mark


Today the Church celebrates the life of St. Mark. He’s known as John Mark and tradition tells us that he was the author of the Gospel after his name. He was the companion of both Paul and Peter. We also learn from tradition that he founded the Church in Alexandria Egypt. His mother was named [Read More...]

Book Notice: How to Read the Bible Through a Jesus Lens

Michael Williams How to Read the Bible Through  Jesus Lens: A Guide to Christ-Focuses Reading of Scripture Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2012. Available at Amazon.com. This is a charming little book that gives an overview of every book of the Bible and how it relates to Jesus. Williams says: “Reading the Bible through the Jesus [Read More...]

Biblical Languages and Preaching


Our friend Jim Hamilton has a useful post on the importance of biblical languages for the ministry of preaching and teaching in his post “What helps me most when I prepare to preach“. I was in at least one of those Hebrew classes at DTS with Jim that he speaks about. I find languages very [Read More...]

Prayer for Third Week of Easter

O God, who by the glorious resurrection of your Son Jesus Messiah destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light: Grant that I, who have been raised with him, may abide in his presence and rejoice in the hope of eternal glory; through Jesus Messiah my Lord, to whom, with you and the Holy [Read More...]

The Voice Translation

Maybe you’ve heard about The Voice, no, not the silly TV singing show with blind auditions, but the new Bible translation from Thomas Nelson (see the website Hear the Voice).  Obviously the English-speaking world needs another English translation of the Bible about as much as I need a colonoscopy from a man called “hook.”  We’ve [Read More...]

The Divinity of Jesus in Early Judaism

Did the early followers of Jesus in their claim of divine status for Jesus go beyond early Jewish assumptions about the end-time redeemer? Did their beliefs move from Jewish to Christian? That’s the question Daniel Boyarin tackles in the first chapter of his new book The Jewish Gospels. In this chapter, Boyarin discusses the question [Read More...]

Pastoral Reflections on Homophobia

In my next response to James Crossley’s allegations of “homophobia,” I thought I would narrate two stories, two experiences with gay men and women, which have shaped my perceptions and pastoral approach to homosexuality. [Read more...]

Spread Thin Doing Useful Things


I came across this quote from C.H. Spurgeon’s autobiography this week: To despise no opportunity for usefulness is a leading rule for those who are wise to win souls. Spurgeon wrote this statement in the context of describing the practices of the prominent pastor Mr Knill who took time to pray with and speak into [Read More...]

Self-Righteous Secularism at Sheffield … with a Smile

I consider Dr. James Crossley a friend and colleague. Together we co-authored I think a rather exciting book How Did Christianity Begin? which addresses critical questions about the emergence of Christianity from two very different perspectives. I have often enjoyed a drink with James, he is always brutally honest, quick with a joke, and occasionally writes [Read More...]

Worship Language in Multilingual Contexts

My dynamic duo of Ph.D students, Graham and Eleanora Scott, have an article in the on-line journal Crucible on “Heart-Language Worship in Multilingual Contexts“. The blurb reads: This paper explores the theological importance of language, and in particular of encouraging heart-language worship. A growing number of churches worldwide exist in multilingual contexts, and these churches [Read More...]

Top Ten Most Difficult Theological Issues

Brian LePort gives a very good and thought provoking list of the top ten most difficult theological issues today. (1) The “ontology” of Scripture (2) The historical Jesus in relation to creedal Christology (3) Christian/Muslim relations (4) The “historical” Adam and Eve (5) Political allegiance and ecclesiastical unity (6) Race/ethnicity and ecclesiastical unity (7) Gender [Read More...]

Bart Ehrman is Blogging

Bart Ehrman is now blogging at Christianity in Antiquity: The Bart Ehrman Blog. The blog has some free and subscribed content. Apparently money from the subscribed content goes to charitable causes. Minimally, you gotta love the abbreviation for his blog … CIA. [Read more...]

Calvinism Humour

Had to post this from Parchment and Pen (Credo House Ministries). [Read more...]

Review of The Sacred Text

Over at RBL, Sean Adams reviews Michael Bird and Michael Pahl, The Sacred Text, and gives it a pretty positive assessment. [Read more...]

Ben Witherington on Homosexuality and Scripture

Ben Witherington gives a good seven minute video on Homosexuality and Scripture. [Read more...]