ETS Scholarships for Grad Students

This from Jim West’s blog: The ETS Executive Committee is pleased to announce the Annual Meeting Student Scholarship Program. This program is designed to help academically promising students who find participation in the Society economically prohibitive, or who come from a traditionally underrepresented group to get to know the Society, its functions, its leaders, and [Read More…]

The King Jesus Gospel for Children

Scot McKnight blogs on a beautiful summary of the King Jesus Gospel for children written by Ben Irwin for his daughter. It ends with this: The one true King had come and given his life for the world. But they didn’t even know. No one did. But then God — the one who made the [Read More…]

Chris Tilling Gives a Video Review of The Apostle Paul: Four Views

Dr. Chris Tilling of St. Paul’s Theological Center/St. Mellitus College in London, gives a charming video review of the book The Apostle Paul: Four View. No surprises, he gravitates towards Douglas Campbell’s view. [Read more…]

Episcopacy and the Reformed Faith

You can have a “school” of fish, a “court”of kangaroos, a “murder” of crows, and a “gaggle” of geese. However, recently I learned that the technical name for a group of episcopal leaders is called a “sherry of bishops,” sherry being their preferred beverage after 9.00 p.m. I’m led to believe that Calvin, though preferring [Read More…]

New NA28 to be out by SBL in November

Over at ETC, Tommy Wasserman has some more details about the forthcoming NA28 that will feature a new introduction by David Trobisch. [Read more…]

Scot McKnight’s First Part Review of The Apostle Paul: Four Views

Once again, I’ve seen a review of a book I’ve written or edited before I even got my own gratis copy! Scot McKnight has started his review of The Apostle Paul: Four Views, edited by Mike Bird, and first cab off the rank in Scot’s review is Tom Schreiner’s “Reformed View” of Paul. Scot gives a [Read More…]

Parallel Lives of Jesus

Eddie Adams has published an accessible book on the four Gospels in the last year: Parallel Lives of Jesus: A Guide to the Four Gospels (WJK 2011). The book is a nice introduction to the four Gospels. It has similarities to Richard Burridge’s Four Gospels, One Jesus, which is a superb introduction. Adams’ book builds [Read More…]

The Gospel of Mark, Simple Yet Profound!

Mark is my favourite Gospel, he’s the Bourne Identity of the Gospels, constantly asking us: So, who do you think this guy is? Here’s a great summary of Mark’s literary significance: Mark … is written in an extremely plain, abrupt, often unidiomatic and dogged Koine which has generally made to seem falsely natural, even eloquent [Read More…]

Book Notice: Paul Barnett, Galatians: Defending the Truth

Paul Barnett Galatians: Defending the Truth Reading the Bible Today Series Sydney: Aquila Press, 2012. Available at CEP (with chapter preview). Here’s the blurb for the book: The Apostle Paul’s earliest surviving letter, Galatians gives its readers an insight into Paul’s life as a Pharisee and persecutor, and the change brought about through his amazing conversion. [Read More…]

Review of Justification: Five Views at Themelios

Over at Themelios, there is a review of Justification: Five Views by Jeremy Kimble. [Read more…]

Who Were the Elders and What did they Do?

In a recent issue of Expository Times, Chloe Lynch has an article on “In 1 Peter 5.1-5, who are the Presbyteroi and what is said about their role?” ExpT 123.11 (2012): 529-40. On the Elders: Who, then, are the elders in 1 Peter 5:1-5? It is proposed that they are those operating as leaders within the Christian communities [Read More…]

I love to study and teach the Bible

I was spending some time yesterday afternoon preparing for my Intro to the Bible course for this fall. It is getting close to the start of the fall semester, which is hard to believe. One of the textbooks I’m going to use for the course is my former colleague (that still hurts to say!) Scot [Read More…]

Mark 1.1-15 – A Scholarly Paraphrase

I think there is nothing wrong with a paraphrase, as long as you tell people it’s a paraphrase, and you recognize that it has an additional and deliberate interpretive layer imposed upon the text in order to help people understand the gist of the text. All translations include interpretation, paraphrases do the interpretive part a [Read More…]

New Blog: Mosissimus Mose

Aaron White, a Covenant Theological Seminary grad and a Ph.D student at the University of Bristol, has a new blog called Mosissimus Mose. [Read more…]

Book Notice: Colin Kruse, Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Colin G. Kruse Paul’s Letter to the Romans PNTC; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at Colin Kruse teaches at the Melbourne School of Theology. I first came across Colin Kruse’s work when I read his helpful volume Paul, the Law, and Justification, which was one of the most helpful and nuanced things on Paul [Read More…]