You are an Atheist too (VIDEO)

The word “Atheist” has a bad connotation. But many people do not realize that they are actually atheists too when it come to other gods. There are over 2,500 deities and most does not believe in them. Do believing in only one god and not 2,499 deities make you any different from atheists who doesn’t [Read More…]

If This is Your Best Argument, You Have Nothing to Offer Me

As a naturally argumentative person (and former educator who taught persuasion), I am very interested in the arguments and rhetoric that others use, especially religious people toward nonbelievers. I’m not frequently surprised by the arguments I hear because I’ve heard (and sometimes made) them so many times. Indeed, some of the common arguments, in addition to being ridiculously [Read More…]

This Sword Has Two Edges

One of the things I enjoy about where I am in life is that I have managed to keep and gain friends in a few different spheres. Even after deconverting, I’ve managed to keep a number of my Christian friends and gain others, and I have additionally gained a large number of secular and atheist [Read More…]

We Are All Recovering on Different Paths and Points

In case you’re new here, this blog is the product of volunteers and employees of Recovering from Religion (hereafter RR), an organization that seeks to help individuals who have left religion. RR does this in a variety of ways: local support groups, a peer support helpline called the Hotline Project (which you can call at 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT), and the writings on [Read More…]

In Defense of Bad Expressions: A Banned Books Week Meditation

For five years, I taught high school English in a small rural district in Illinois. During my tenure there, one of my main goals was to improve student reading by leveraging student choice, and because our school had virtually no library budget, I expended a fair amount of effort (and money) to build a classroom library [Read More…]

We Didn’t Expect Some Kind of Spiritual Bliss

Cassidy’s last post is a great demonstration of one of the quite common experiences of the ex-religious: the attempts of the still-religious to explain (or, at their most polite, inquire) why we left religion in the first place. Passing the blame to poor representatives is just one way that this is executed, but I think that there is [Read More…]

The Bait and Switch of the “Bad Christians” Accusation.

It’s hard to generalize much about Christianity, which is only to be expected for a religion with tens of thousands of denominations and countless individual interpretations of its source material. That said, there is one thing that seems to happen damned near constantly when Christians come face-to-face with non-Christians and especially ex-Christians: At some point in the conversation, they will state with total certainty that “Bad Christians” made us deconvert–or that these “Bad Christians” prevent people from converting in the first place. If there were a bingo card for deconversion, then this accusation would surely be its middle square! [Read more…]

Trust the Terrain: Why Reality Trumps Revelation

When the map and the terrain differ, trust the terrain. – Swiss army proverb If you are reading this, congratulations, you survived the apocalypse. (Well, probably. Time will tell whether we’ll find out if it was another one of those spiritual raptures.) Granted, a fair number of religious people, even the evangelical Christians who are [Read More…]

On the Dishonest Resolution of Doubt.

When Christians begin to seriously doubt, the reactions of the people around them are predictable. Christians take doubt very seriously–because they must. If they do not stamp it out quickly, then one person’s doubt can infect a whole group. So when you see one Christian honestly and openly express feelings of doubt, before long another Christian will wander into the discussion to try to “help” that first Christian resolve those feelings. [Read more…]

The Algebra of Post-Deconversion Relationships

One of the inexplicable side effects – or maybe not, I don’t know – of doing the writing that I do here (and to a lesser extent, the other secular work I’m involved in) is that I sometimes have people who send me private messages and E-mails wanting to talk out issues or sometimes even ask for advice. A lot [Read More…]