The Burden of Religious Guilt

It’s no wonder that I and many of my peers struggle with self-doubt and anxiety. From the time we can form our first rational thought, we are bombarded with messages about how in the eyes of God we are not good enough. We are not worthy of his love. Any little sin we commit is responsible for the horrible death of Jesus. [Read more…]

Latino Out Of Water: From Superstitious to Atheist

I realized that there weren’t very many open Latino atheists that I was aware of. Clearly there was a need for secular Latinos to reach out to other secular Latinos. There was a need for Latino atheistic support, and for more Latinos to be open about their atheism. [Read more…]

Excuse Me, Lord: Religious Coercion in Foster Care

Lack of respect, autonomy, privacy, and decency, along with the constant threat of hell, of being ‘left behind,’ drove me to ever greater acts of defiance. Hints of an invading ‘demonic influence’ crept into Mrs. Reynold’s rants. Perhaps inevitably, the day of my exorcism arrived. [Read more…]

A Child Shall Lead Them: My Journey Out

I set about finding answers for my children, and for myself. A point of irony here is that even as a believer I was considered a liberal, a radical, because I was reluctant to accept the Baptist party line for all the above questions. I had had to repress my own critical thinking skills to accept those party line answers my whole life, and I was not about to allow my children to go without information they asked me for. [Read more…]

Reflections of a Humanist Chaplain

My goal as a chaplain is to broaden the circle of inclusion, so that every person feels not only included, but also valued and accepted for the person s/he is, beyond labels and barriers. To me, this also means including those who have been excluded in the past. [Read more…]

You are an Atheist too (VIDEO)

The word “Atheist” has a bad connotation. But many people do not realize that they are actually atheists too when it come to other gods. There are over 2,500 deities and most does not believe in them. Do believing in only one god and not 2,499 deities make you any different from atheists who doesn’t [Read More…]

If This is Your Best Argument, You Have Nothing to Offer Me

As a naturally argumentative person (and former educator who taught persuasion), I am very interested in the arguments and rhetoric that others use, especially religious people toward nonbelievers. I’m not frequently surprised by the arguments I hear because I’ve heard (and sometimes made) them so many times. Indeed, some of the common arguments, in addition to being ridiculously [Read More…]

This Sword Has Two Edges

One of the things I enjoy about where I am in life is that I have managed to keep and gain friends in a few different spheres. Even after deconverting, I’ve managed to keep a number of my Christian friends and gain others, and I have additionally gained a large number of secular and atheist [Read More…]

We Are All Recovering on Different Paths and Points

In case you’re new here, this blog is the product of volunteers and employees of Recovering from Religion (hereafter RR), an organization that seeks to help individuals who have left religion. RR does this in a variety of ways: local support groups, a peer support helpline called the Hotline Project (which you can call at 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT), and the writings on [Read More…]

In Defense of Bad Expressions: A Banned Books Week Meditation

For five years, I taught high school English in a small rural district in Illinois. During my tenure there, one of my main goals was to improve student reading by leveraging student choice, and because our school had virtually no library budget, I expended a fair amount of effort (and money) to build a classroom library [Read More…]