About Teresa Macbain

Teresa MacBain is a former Methodist pastor and the first female member of the Clergy Project to publicly ‘come out’ as a nonbeliever. During the 2012 American Atheist Convention, she bravely shared her true identity—a pastor who no longer believes—with the large crowd. News of the event spread, bringing worldwide attention to the Clergy Project. The following year, she was named “Atheist of the Year" for her tireless efforts to help pastors and others dealing with their changing beliefs. She is the Director of the Hotline Project, Communications Chair for the Reason Rally, and writing her first book.

Teresa has spoken at conferences all across the U.S. and Canada. She’s appeared on CNN's Faces of Faith, NPR's All Things Considered and The Voice Of the Nation, and The O’Reilly Factor as well as being featured in the New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, and many other news outlets. She has appeared in the documentary, A Path Less Taken and the independent film, Hug an Atheist.

Most importantly, Teresa is working diligently to create a future where people are not judged by what they believe. Through speeches, articles, interviews, and workshops, Teresa is dedicated to helping make it safe for people to be their true self without fear of persecution, hatred, or rejection.

Teresa lives down an Alabama dirt road with her better half, two great kids, several ‘grand-kittens’ a black lab, and her baby— Nicky (her Yorkie).

A Closeted Atheist Pastor’s Letter to His Wife

Today’s post is written by a fellow Clergy Project member. Since he’s still in the pulpit, he uses the name ‘John Jameson‘.  A few weeks ago I started thinking, “what happens if my wife finds my blog?” So I decided to do a series of posts that would help her understand me as an atheist. [Read More…]

Why I Can’t Remain Silent about Josh Duggar’s Sexual Abuse Victims

Josh Duggar made the headlines last week when he confessed on Facebook that he had ‘acted inexcusably for which I’m sorry and deeply regret’. Since this post, we have learned that his inexcusable actions were the sexual molestation of several prepubescent girls. The story has since swept the globe placing Duggar in the headlines of news [Read More…]

7 Steps to Finding Your Purpose Without Religion

Think about how empowering it is to discover that ‘thing’ that draws our attention into laser-focused pursuit, fueled by a passion that ignores everything, and a determination to keep going. But it’s not easy to learn how to find our purpose after being directed by our deity of choice for so many years. [Read more…]

Lessons Unlearned

Written by guest writer, Galen Broaddus Contrary to what might be the typical experience, I’ve found myself growing increasingly disappointed with my parents. Now, don’t get me wrong here – I love my parents, and I don’t think they’re horrible people. I get along with both of them to various degrees, and they’re both still [Read More…]

“I’m Still the Same Person You Married!” Or Am I?

“I’m still me,” I insisted to her as she sobbed next to me in our bed. “I’m still the same person you married.” (Guest Post by Galen Broaddus) Leaving religion can be a very difficult thing for some people (depending on the pull of religion for that person), but for me, the hardest part was [Read More…]

Achieving Escape Velocity from Planet God

Religion, like a celestial body, exerted a powerful pull on my life. I was heavily invested in it as a social network and as a place which held truth and salvation. I didn’t know any other kind of life. [Read more…]

Three Years Ago I Left the Pulpit and Came Out Publicly as an Atheist

Three years ago, I stepped onto the stage at the American Atheists Convention as “Lynn”, took off my name tag, and came out publicly as an atheist. It was one of the most terrifying and liberating experiences of my life! Much to my surprise, everyone in the audience applauded, wept, and cheered as I spoke. “Lynn” may [Read More…]

The Pastor’s Dilemma: Speaking to Power While Tending to Pain

(Guest post by Clergy Project member “Stan Bennett”– Stan is still an active minister who is actively looking for a way out of the pulpit.) On Sunday morning, I preach to several audiences at the same time in the same sanctuary, two of which I’ll describe here. First, there are those who see religion as [Read More…]

When an Atheist Misses God

Many of you are aware of the difficulty involved in my journey out of religion and the pulpit. My new life has brought freedom but great distress as well. In the last two years and 11 months, the entire fabric of my universe has changed! Trying to find my place and how I fit in [Read More…]

What is Real?

Many products are designed to imitate the real thing. There is plastic decking that looks like real wood. Vinyl flooring that appears to be ceramic tile. You can purchase fake fur or jewelry, phony noses, hairpieces, and other body parts. The purpose behind all of these items is fairly obvious, but what about a can [Read More…]