Where’s the Patina?

Jim West reproduces a statement by Robert Deutsch on the lead plates. [Read more...]

Exodus – Web 2.0 Version

HT Scott Bailey [Read more...]

Soft Lead Plates Meet Hard Plastic Crocodile

Via Mark Goodacre I learned of the blog Hamblin of Jerusalem, which makes the humorous and plausible suggestion that the impression of a crocodile on one of the lead tablets might have been made using a children’s toy. Steve Caruso updates a recent post and added a picture with analysis of some of the poorly-drawn [Read More...]

Review of Anthony Le Donne, Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know It?

I am grateful to Eerdmans for having sent me a free review copy of Anthony Le Donne’s book Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know It? (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2011). The book begins with a foreword by Dale Allison, and that may create an initial expectation, which may be favorable or unfavorable. But [Read More...]

The Death of Evolution is Halfway Here (LOL)

I’m glad that Amused Muse returned to blogging to remind us that William Dembski predicted in 2006 that the demise of evolution is a decade away. Evolution theory on last legs, says seminary teacher By Dylan T. LovanASSOCIATED PRESS LOUISVILLE – To William Dembski, all the debate in this country over evolution won’t matter in a [Read More...]

Religion and Science Fiction at AAR

Good news – a wildcard panel session on religion and science fiction has been approved for this year’s AAR annual meeting. I’ll post more information once the other panelists have confirmed their participation. [Read more...]

The kings of early Irān according to the Sidrā rabbā

A post at Classics Librarian (the post was about online ancient Greek and other language resources) reminded me about the Hathi Trust site, which in turn led me to a free book on Google Books that is of interest to those interested in the history and literature of Iran, or the Mandaeans, or both. For [Read More...]

A Generic Prayer

If you are looking to sidestep lawsuits and avoid offending others as much as possible, but still want to engage in public prayer, Jim Linville has just what you need: a generic prayer, designed to cover pretty much every possible religious viewpoint. Take a look and have a good laugh! [Read more...]

The Latest on the Fake Lead Codices

Steve Caruso takes a close look at the script on the lead codices. Poorly copied by someone who doesn’t know the language/script in question seems to be the appropriate verdict, which is unsurprisingly much the same as the verdict on Elkington’s bronze plates. Dan McClellan offers a careful analysis of the writing on both sets [Read More...]

The Lead Codices and the Philosopher’s Stone

Tom Verenna has a roundup of photos for comparison as well as links. Dan McClellan has some new photos and thoughts too. Joel Watts shares more information on one of the names connected with the codices, Robert Feather. Even as we struggle to get the word out, others are reporting these finds with all the [Read More...]

Earl Doherty Believes Paul Existed…For Much the Same Reasons Historians Believe Jesus Existed

Neil Godfrey has kindly posted an interview with Earl Doherty and then Doherty’s response to a question from Evan, who also frequently comments here at Exploring Our Matrix. The question relates to whether and why Doherty accepts the existence of a historical Paul, but not a historical Jesus. It is a fantastic question. If mythicism [Read More...]

A Stark Choice Between Universalism and Hellism?

I think this picture, which Arni Zachariassen shared, is supposed to illustrate the difficulty of choosing between universalism and the sort of particularism that believes that anyone who is not a Christian (however that is defined) goes to hell. I wonder whether the unattractiveness of both options ought not to provide encouragement to explore other [Read More...]

Choose Your Own Adventure Carnival Next Month, Courtesy of Dr. Jim!

Jim Linville will be hosting next month’s Biblical Studies Carnival, and he is already soliciting not only submissions, but votes on what the theme should be. Place your vote! [Read more...]

Getting the Lead Out and Taking it to the Streets Wikipedia

Bibliobloggers managed to do better research than major media outlets and determined relatively quickly the the lead codices that have been making headlines recently are almost certainly fakes. The images on them are identical to ones on bronze plates that the same person “found” once before, and the inscription on those was copied from a [Read More...]