Nick Norelli: The Ultimate Mythicist-Fighting Champion?

Since Nick Norelli has decided to take on the subject of mythicism, it seems to me that it is the least I can do to direct those interested in the subject who read this blog over to his. Here’s a taste of his brief post on the subject: In point of fact, all the evidence [Read More...]

Intertextuality in the New Testament Call for Papers

This is just a reminder about this session at SBL which I’m involved in. The call for papers is open, and while we have specific focuses we are encouraging, we will consider papers that are on a broader range of topics related to intertextuality and the New Testament! Call For Papers: For our 2011 sessions [Read More...]

President Obama Talks About His Faith President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast (via the CNN Belief Blog, which also has a transcript of his talk). [Read more...]

CCM Praise Songs We Have Trouble With Meme (at the Religion/Science Interface)

Rod of Alexandria has come up with an interesting meme, asking bloggers what Contemporary Christian Music songs they have problems with. He’s not referring to my struggles to come up with a more impressive keyboard solo for “Rock of Ages,” but lyrics we object to. As he rightly indicates, there are many to choose from. My [Read More...]

The Tutor from…Heaven, or Hell?

Via Hemant Mehta’s blog, here’s a video of a Bible tutor who doesn’t shy away from telling all the Bible’s stories to children… [Read more...]

Scholarly Reviews, Fonts and Crises of Faith around the Blogosphere

Daniel McClellan continues reviewing Dunn’s Did The First Christians Worship Jesus? Diglotting finishes reviewing Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth. Duane Smith recommends the New Athena Unicode Greek font (Mark Goodacre seconds that recommendation). Frank Schaeffer asks how you pick up the pieces after your faith fails (HT Joel Watts). DoOrDoNot ponders the resurrection from our standpoint [Read More...]

For Your Amusement

Several different bloggers have already shared this video of a Volkswagen commercial featuring a young Darth Vader trying his force powers around the home: And although it is hard at times to see humor at the interface of religion and science in a climate in which pseudoscience continues to make inroads in science classrooms, nevertheless [Read More...]

“You Are Not Stuck In Traffic. You Are Traffic”

The blog Nouslife shared this slogan and it seemed to me significant enough that I actually mentioned it in class today. “You are not stuck in traffic. You are Traffic.” There is a profound insight here. We tend to objectify our problems, even when they are other people, even when they are aspects of our [Read More...]

Could Jesus Read Or Write?

As of this time, the public lecture by Chris Keith planned for tomorrow evening at Butler University is expected to take place as scheduled. Could Jesus Read or Write? Literacy and the Historical JesusA public lecture by Dr. Chris KeithAssistant Professor of New Testament and Christian OriginsLincoln Christian University, Lincoln, Illinois February 3rd, 20116pmGallahue Hall room [Read More...]

Mythicist Constraints?

Does mythicism have any constraints? Mainstream historiography, at least ideally, tries to allow extant historical sources, sifted through and evaluated as to their reliability, to constrain its conclusions. Often the evidence will underdetermine the conclusion, so that more than one conclusion may be compatible with the evidence. But some “conclusions” (if we can call them [Read More...]

Technology Transforms Teaching

I and several colleagues who are trying to use technology in creative ways in the service of pedagogy have been featured in an article in the latest Butler University alumni magazine. [Read more...]

Happy Groundhog Day (with a hint of sci-fi)

Indianapolis is covered in ice and it is snowing. Who can save us, or at least give us hope for the near future? Perhaps one of these guys… [Read more...]

The Socio-Economic Context of Ancient Israel’s Prophets

An assignment for my first year seminar course asked students to research the social and economic background and context of ancient Israel’s prophets (they read Amos and Micah as part of the course’s assigned readings). I always like to check and see how easy or difficult it is to find useful materials. Below are some [Read More...]

Urban Dreams and Realities Conference

Jim Linville shares information about a conference which sounds interesting: Urban Dreams and Realities:An Interdisciplinary Conference on the City in Ancient Cultures 21-23 October 2011, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  [Read more...]