Toy Story 3

Today I saw Toy Story 3, and it was fantastic. It is moving, humorous, and thoroughly entertaining. If you enjoyed either of the first two, you should see this movie. I saw it in 3D with my son, and even the trailers and commercials were in 3D. The technology of 3D has come a long [Read More...]

Paul and Thecla

Ben Witherington is continuing to share photos from his visits to places mentioned in the Bible. His most recent post in this series is on a visit to the cave church of Paul and Thecla. He shared a photo which I show to my “Heresy” class when we get to the Acts of Paul and [Read More...]

LOST: The Midi-chlorian Ending

The producers of LOST said some time ago that they were not going to give the sort of “answer” to the questions LOST raises that George Lucas did when he “explained” the Force in terms of midi-chlorians. But some people have been dissatisfied, and so I thought I’d offer my own attempt at giving a [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Benjamin A. Plotinsky)

“There is a young man, different from other young men. Ancient prophecies foretell his coming, and he performs miraculous feats. Eventually, confronted by his enemies, he must sacrifice his own life—an act that saves mankind from calamity—but in a mystery as great as that of his origin, he is reborn, to preside in glory over [Read More...]

Mandaean Book of John Project Blog

I’ve set up a blog dedicated to the Mandaean Book of John translation project. I will obviously blog about the project often here at Exploring Our Matrix. But the separate blog will have contributions from the others involved in the project as well. It has been set up especially to allow project collaborators to interact [Read More...]

Mandaean Book of John Project Press Release

Butler University issued a press release about the project today, which has already been picked up by Inside Indiana Business (and which Jim Davila somehow managed to spot before I did). Here’s the text of the press release: Butler Religion Professor Awarded Federal Funding Butler University Associate Professor of Religion James McGrath has been awarded a [Read More...]

Exploring Beyond Internet Explorer

I’m in the process of weaning myself off of Internet Explorer. I will be trying a number of other browsers and comparing them. I’ve started with Chrome, which on the whole has seemed much better, although since I installed the Flash plug-in I’ve begun to see some of the same sluggishness I had with IE, [Read More...]

Evolution, the Alpha Christian and Spiritual Bullying

Otagosh has a post on spiritual bullying that is worth reading. What particularly struck me is that what he describes is simply widespread human behavior, and something that is also found among other primates: a hierarchy or pecking order, competition for acquisition and retention of status and power, and so on. And yet the irony [Read More...]

Latest Doctor Who Media Club: Drilling and Fighting on Dr. Who and in Real Life

The latest installment of the Doctor Who Media Club has appeared at Religion Dispatches, with contributions by Gabriel McKee and myself. [Read more...]

LOST Conference in Hawaii: Call For Papers

Via the DocArtz blog: An international conference on LOST, co-convened by David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University) and Lynnette Porter (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), will be held in Hawaii, January 12-15th, 2011. LOST: The Conference will take place conjointly with The Hawaiian International Conference on the Arts & Humanities. The Call for Papers: Do you want [Read More...]

James D. G. Dunn, Did The First Christians Worship Jesus?

James D. G. Dunn, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?: The New Testament Evidence (SPCK/Westminster John Knox, 2010) I probably should preface this post with a disclaimer that this should not be thought of as your typical review. I studied for my PhD under Jimmy Dunn. He is my Doktorvater, mentor and friend. I also didn’t [Read More...]

Can LOST Pass The Star Wars Prequel Test?

Star Wars told a story which began part way through, with the action already underway, and then went back and told the earlier part of the story. In a much more complex way, LOST did something similar. It wasn’t quite Memento, but it certainly filled in successively earlier parts of the story in something not [Read More...]

Lady Gaga and Religion

Experimental Theology and CNN have both had articles about Lady Gaga’s use of religious imagery in a recent music video. Many are finding it offensive, and many more acknowledge it is provocative and controversial. In my own opinion, this is hardly surprising, given her earlier song – you know, the one that rudely called the [Read More...]

Blog Hiatus vs. Business as Usual

With a major new project comes the possibility of less blogging. As I contemplated this recently, I wondered whether nowadays, when most of us read blogs in a feed reader of some sort, there is any point in announcing a blog hiatus. What are readers’ opinions about that? As I thought about possibly announcing a [Read More...]