Sending the (NT) Wrong Signal

In a comment on a recent post, Stephen Douglas asked how one contacts NT Wrong, since his e-mail address seems to no longer work. Superheroes and spies have long faced this challenge, of being reachable and yet keeping their identity a secret. And so I thought it might be fun to see what clever ideas [Read More...]

Biblical Studies Carnival December 2010

It is hard doing the December carnival, since many potential readers may wonder whether there is any point in reading blog posts from the previous year. But Joseph Kelly has put together a wonderful round-up of last month’s biblioblogging that is definitely worth a visit – even in 2011! [Read more...]

The Real Top 50 Biblioblog Rankings for December 2010

To ring in 2011, Jeremy has posted the “real” biblioblog rankings for December 2010. It is so hard to decide which I like better – Jeremy’s, in which I ranked #3, or NT Wrong’s, in which I ranked #13 but higher than Jim West who ranked #14. [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

It looks like they didn’t follow my advice in the previous post. [Read more...]

May The Force Be With You In 2011

I hope all readers have a happy new year! [Read more...]

The Biblioblog Top 50 Returns, Courtesy of NT Wrong

NT Wrong has not only brought back the Biblioblog Top 50, but also introduced the first and only objective ranking method. Enjoy! [Read more...]

Agnostic Christianity: Faith for a New Year

The responses both here on the blog and on Facebook to the e-mail I shared yesterday is indicative of the significant number of people who have the experience of finding their faith and religious beliefs changing in response to new information. In many cases, that new information is not so much “new” as new to [Read More...]

The War on New Year

I thought I’d repost something I wrote a couple of years ago, since the issue appears to still be a live one. Apparently the forces of darkness are mounting an attack, this time on the Christian holiday of New Year’s Day, which commemorates and worshipfully celebrates the anniversary of the day on which a Romanian monk [Read More...]

E-Mail From A Reader

I’ve had an e-mail exchange with a blog reader, and like many who commented on recent posts about Christmas, this individual is wrestling with changes to their perspective on faith as a result of learning more through academic study of the Bible. I asked for and received permission to share their last e-mail here, in the [Read More...]

Tom Verenna on Labels, Secularism, Faith, Scholarship, and More

Tom Verenna has an interesting post that shares his own personal perspective on Biblical studies, carrying on conversation with many scholars and bloggers in the process. [Read more...]

Jesus in Space (and Mormonism in Music)

Religion Nerd has a post entitled “Jesus in Space” that tells of a look into Mormon art and music, and the fascinating discoveries the blog’s author made in the process about the interplanetary cosmology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and its theology. In the process, you get the lyrics and [Read More...]

Genre in the Bible (and around the blogosphere)

Many discussions about the Bible end up being unprofitable because they focus exclusively on whether the Bible is “true” or “false” but ignore matters of genre that are relevant to such questions. A few recent posts around the blogosphere illustrate this point. Steve Wiggins discusses the dating of Daniel and its genre. We have enough examples [Read More...]

Princess Leia Illustrates Rhetorical Monotheism

Even when it comes to something as clearly in the realm of the study of religion as the rhetoric of monotheism, science fiction and humor prove to be relevant. Marc Cortez shared this Savage Chickens cartoon:  The first thing that came to mind was what a nice illustration this provides of how one often finds [Read More...]

Combating Crackpots Around the Blogosphere

Expanding on a recent theme here, IO9 has hilarious instructions on how to be a more awesome crackpot. Christopher O’Brien and Scott Bailey discussed and shared links to a recent post of mine trying once again to explain differences between scholarship and pseudoscholarship. Scott also shared some humorous comments/expansions on the Facebook fail he shared earlier, many [Read More...]