Gallup Poll on Young-Earth Creationism in the United States

Several blogs (The Lead, Irtiqa and Friendly Atheist) have mentioned the recent Gallup Poll results, which suggests that 4 in 10 Americans believe that God made humans in their present form within the past 10,000 years. They provide this chart illustrating how this compares with previous years’ poll results: [Read more...]

And The Moon Shall Be As Blood…Early Tuesday Morning

Thanks to Phil Plait for the reminder that the universe has scheduled the next lunar eclipse for early Tuesday morning. [Read more...]

Markus Bockmuehl on Creation out of Nothing

Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies offers a summary of Markus Bockmuehl’s presentation on creatio ex nihilo in ancient Judaism and Christianity. [Read more...]

The “War on Westmas” heats up

Jim Linville offers a roundup of how things are heating up in the biblioblogosphere. And Jim West is offering a new approach to biblioblog rankings, in the form of a chortle and a challenge. [Read more...]

Genetics and the Disappearance of the Missing Links

Some time ago I quoted Francisco Ayala, the well known Christian biologist, as pointing out that thanks to genetics there are now no more gaps or “missing links” in the family tree of life. We can study relationships via genes and no longer depend on the fossils that we are fortunate enough to have preserved [Read More...]

Voting for the Best Biblioblog?

As a result of my suggestion that Jim West be given serious competition for the status of top biblioblogger. Debate is raging on Facebook, and a new blog dedicated to the “Bibliobloggers Top 10″ has been created, the idea presumably being that voting may be better than simply measuring traffic. I think the fairest way [Read More...]

The Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R. Team

Today at church instead of Sunday school we had a cooked breakfast, and instead of the usual service we had a musical, The Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R. Team. The kids (and the self-proclaimed “geezers”) did an amazing job, and we had guest musicians including a soprano saxophone offering jazzy compliments to the singing and keyboard on “Sing We [Read More...]

Jerry Coyne on the Gaskell Affair

Jerry Coyne has a blog entry on the case of Martin Gaskell, an astronomer who did not get a job he applied for at the University of Kentucky, and is accusing the university of discrimination against his religious views. I want to share this because issues like this tend to get polarized, and so I [Read More...]

TRON Legacy and Isomorphic Algorithms: Not Mere Technobabble

Sci-fi fans know that scriptwriters for Star Trek: The Next Generation would often simply insert “tech” into the script in certain contexts and leave it to specialists to fill the space with technobabble. So, for instance, the scriptwriter would write Picard: Engineering, what seems to be the problem?Engineering: There’s a problem with the [TECH] and [Read More...]

Jim West Declares War!

Jim West, irked by my call to biblioblogdom to rise up and challenge his streak as #1 biblioblogger, has posted a declaration of war. He’s so much fun to get riled up. I have a confession to make: I enjoy snow more because he posts complaints about it… [Read more...]

Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas For Free

Thanks to PositivelyKate for pointing out that the famous Charlie Brown Christmas special is available for free on Hulu: [Read more...]

Corul Madrigal – Colind

Here’s the Madrigal Choir of Bucharest singing another Romanian Christmas carol: The choir and Romanian Christmas music are not known as widely as they deserve to be outside of Romanian circles, and so hopefully no one will mind my sharing some of the recordings that are freely available online. [Read more...]

Barbara Buzzard Reviews The Only True God

In an e-mail I received recently, my attention was drawn to a review of my book The Only True God by Barbara Buzzard. The review is in essence an assessment of whether my book argues that a unitarian or trinitarian view of God should be a tenet for Christians today. Anyone who has read it will know that the book focuses on [Read More...]

Nijay Gupta reviews James D. G. Dunn’s book, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

Nijay Gupta has posted a review of Jimmy Dunn’s recent book on Christology and monotheism in the earliest church: Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?: The New Testament Evidence. [Read more...]