Jesus – Now With Fewer Miracles! Dialogue with David Fitzgerald, Part 2

I’m not sure if I’m numbering the parts of our conversation correctly, but David Fitzgerald responded to my response to his response to my post about his talk (and presumably anyone reading this will agree that it was a good choice not to call my post that). I’m grateful that David is interested in continuing the [Read More...]

V: Seeking The Threatening Soul

Last night’s episode of “V” continued the theme of human identity and human emotion, with a more directly religious angle. The first hint of this aspect is when we see Ryan, a visitor in human skin, looking thoughtfully at the crucifix on the wall in Father Jack’s church. Soon after we get to watch parallel discussions between Jack and [Read More...]

The Bible is not Spiritually Infallible

Joe Kelly shares a quote from Marti Steussy explaining why she does not consider the Bible to be spiritually infallible. Here’s part of the quote: I also do not consider the Bible spiritually infallible, and my reasons are empirical. There has been too much mischief and flat-out evil committed in its name for me to be able to say [Read More...]

Rapture ‘Round the Blogosphere

Since the dispensationalist rapture-focused futurism of American Evangelicalism is essentially a form of science fiction (with corresponding minority fan base that treats it as though it were reality) it is not surprising to find the rapture mentioned at sci-fi site IO9, with an example of the low-budget post-rapture movie genre. And John Rowe points out [Read More...]

Adela Yarbro Collins Rescues Hershel Shanks From Lake Of Fire

In a new article in Biblical Archaeology Review, New Testament scholar Adela Yarbro Collins discusses judgment and punishment in the Book of Revelation. [Read more...]

Mythicism, Creationism, Certainty and Innkeepers around the Blogosphere

Matt Flannagan links to a series of posts on mythicism at James Hannam’s blog Quodlibet. The articles themselves appeared on Patheos. John Byron also mentions the question of Jesus’ existence, and has a book giveaway as well. Also of interest, Unreasonable Faith links to a humorous interview with the Bethlehem innkeeper and in the process raises the [Read More...]

Mythicism, Plausibility and Uncertainty

In a somewhat obscure comment on a recent post, mention was made of the problematic nature of “arguing from plausibility.” Presumably the point was that showing something is plausible or possible doesn’t demonstrate that it is correct, or in the case of history, that it actually happened. While this is true, it must also be pointed out [Read More...]

How It Could Have Ended: Return of the Jedi

This is not “How It Should Have Ended” but a mash-up that illustrates the potential dangers of blowing up a space station when it is close to an inhabited forest moon…. [Read more...]

Encountering the Alien around the Blogosphere

Several posts around the blogosphere have something to do with encountering the alien – whether in the realm of science, religion, or science fiction. Tom Verenna linked to an article asking about the effect of discovering alien life. Science and Religion Today links to an article about preparing for encountering extraterrestrial intelligent life – including [Read More...]

What Do You Think About Paul?

In an off-topic comment on a recent post, I was asked what I think about Paul. That is such a broad question that I’m not sure how to begin to answer it, but I think that it is certainly a good question. And I suspect that most people who are not committed to Paul’s inerrancy [Read More...]

Open Access Teaching of Modern and Ancient Languages

Recent articles in Inside Higher Education - focused on the field of modern languages – discuss the subject of open access scholarly publication and open access teaching. I have been wondering whether it would be possible for us to offer languages like Greek and Hebrew at Butler University even when we cannot persuade the administration that it [Read More...]

The Tower of Babel as Satire

A couple of posts about the Tower of Babel story have appeared in the blogosphere recently. Terri discussed telling her children that it is not literally true, while DoOrDoNot shared a humorous story about a child being offered a possible literal interpretation. In the past I’ve mentioned the story briefly, such as in a parody of the [Read More...]

Frivolous and Serious Deities Around the Blogosphere

Daniel McClellan has a post on the Hebrew plural Elohim, in which he explains that it served as an abstract plural, and thus meant something like “the deity.” Jim Linville has an entertaining post featuring the sorts of LOLcats that demanded worship from humans both ancient and modern – and often received it, or at [Read More...]

Mark Goodacre on the Existence of Jesus

Ari’s blog has some awesome links. He spotted Mark Goodacre’s latest NT Pod, on the question whether Jesus existed, before it even popped up in my feed. I agree with Mark on the useful positive role mythicists can play for New Testament scholars in keeping us honest. And I obviously also agree with Mark’s criticisms [Read More...]