Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Online Resources For Biblical Studies (Things to Click around the Blogosphere)

There are so many interesting and useful online materials mentioned today around the blogosphere that I felt I ought to mention them, and gather them together in one post. Via Steve Caruso, I learned that the Arshama Project (based in the Classics Department at Oxford University) has posted online Aramaic lessons and related learning materials. [Read More...]

Waiting With Japan (and T-Square)

Picture by Forget-Yesterday I know some have already begun discussing the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor crises in Japan and asking theological questions. I don’t feel like I have anything to say that would be remotely useful, and that the best we can do is remain silent, give what we can, do what we can, and [Read More...]

Beautiful Heresy

There’s been more about Rob Bell and Universalism around the blogosphere, and once again I felt that some of it deserved to be shared and brought together. The title of the post comes from Andrew’s post and is actually the name of a blog he linked to. But it was sparked in conjunction with Hemant [Read More...]

V Season Finale

Tonight’s episode of V ***SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched it yet*** was a season finale that did a lot of interesting things, including some of the plots and machinations that had already been underway. But it did more than that – it killed off an incredible number of familiar characters, and offered some surprising new [Read More...]

American Academy of Religion 2010 Conference Videos

The latest e-mail bulletin from the American Academy of Religion pointed out that videos from the 2010 Annual Meeting are available online. These include Jonathan Z. Smith, “Reading Religion: A Life Of Scholarship”; Ann Taves’ presidential address ““Religion” in the Humanities and the Humanities in the University”; “Blogging God” about “On Faith” at the Washington [Read More...]

Universalism, Theodicy and the Bible around the Blogosphere

There has been a fair bit of discussion of universalism lately, since Rob Bell’s new book was announced. A couple of posts today seemed worth sharing. Richard Beck argues that universalism is more Biblical, and David Congon continues a review/conversation. On a somewhat related note, Thom Stark reposted a piece on theodicy. [Read more...]

Fringe Event III: The Return of Spock William Bell and Hurley Jorge Garcia (Dude!)

I’ve only just gotten caught up on some of last week’s sci-fi. In a stunning turn of events, Fringe last week started fantastically (with a guest appearance by Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley on LOST) and ended weakly, with the katra soul of Spock William Bell taking over Olivia Dunham’s body and making her do [Read More...]

Dig-it-al Reviews

The ASOR blog draws attention to Dig-it-al Near Eastern Archaeology, an online supplement that includes reviews and essays. It currently includes a review of a museum exhibit on the “feminine side” of the Biblical God. [Read more...]

Sell Your Soul to Win a Free Mythicist Book

Actually, you don’t have to sell your soul. Just come up with a T-shirt slogan that John Loftus will like. It’s almost the same thing, I hear some of you say, but still, not quite. If you would like me to win a free copy of Earl Doherty’s newer, improved (?) book, Jesus: Neither God Nor Man [Read More...]

Baptist Distinctives and Biblical Authority at Stuff Fundies Like

The site “Stuff Fundies Like” features posts both satirical and serious related to the phenomenon of Christian fundamentalism. A recent post, promising to be the first in a series on Baptist distinctives, highlights the way in which the widespread talk about and affirmation of the authority of the Bible does not correspond to the Bible  actually being authoritative. [Read more...]

Butler Wins Inside Higher Ed NCAA Tournament

This is the first time I noticed what Inside Higher Ed has apparently been doing for several years: ranking NCAA teams as though their victory on the court matched their accomplishment in academic courses. Butler won! [Read more...]

Facebook, Blogs and Comments

Hacking Christianity drew my attention to a new feature allowing one’s comments on a blog post via Facebook to also appear on the blog itself. I’m happy to respect the privacy of commenters, but as someone who approaches Facebook more as a place for networking than a place just for very close friends and family, [Read More...]

The Society of Biblical Literature, the Academy, and the Church

Jim Linville has posted concerns about the proliferation of sessions at the SBL Annual Meeting which focus on or relate to theology and the concerns of religious communities, even while curtailing or cutting back on some more mainstream scholarly sessions. I am in two minds about this, since it is certainly the case that many [Read More...]