Joel Watts Wins (and Zwingli-Cat Finds New Ideas To Blog About)

Joel Watts has won the Jim West LOLcat competition that Jim Linville recently held. Congratulations! Below is the winning entry… [Read more...]

Rachel Held Evans’ Open Letter to the Open Letter

Rachel Held Evans has written an open letter…to the genre of the open letter. Here’s how it begins: Dear Open Letter, Seeing as how we don’t actually know one another and personal letters don’t generate any blog traffic, I’ve decided to publicly air my grievances against you in a format that positions you as the [Read More...]

4′ 33″ Blog Post (Best Read While Listening To John Cage)

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Robots, Rights and Religion

A volume I have edited entitled Religion and Science Fiction is forthcoming from Pickwick Publications (Wipf & Stock). The publisher has given the library at Butler University permission to make my chapter, “Robots, Rights and Religion,” available online. I hope you enjoy it. The book is an exciting interdisciplinary volume which should be available for purchase in [Read More...]

Papers and Chapters Online: Textual Criticism, The Synoptic Problem, Oral Tradition and Jesus

At Evangelical Textual Criticism, Peter Head shared his chapter “Textual Criticism and the Synoptic Problem.” Raphael Rodriguez shared his paper ‘Speaking of Jesus: “Oral Tradition” beyond the Form Critics’ [Read more...]

The President’s Speech

HT Richard Hall who got it from Peter Banks [Read more...]

Two Unconvincing Mythicist “Criteria of Inauthenticity”

Two “criteria of inauthenticity” that I have encountered used by mythicist have been on my mind today. One is the argument that early Christians are inherently untrustworthy when it comes to the matter of Jesus’ existence, since they were committed to him and so had a bias towards believing he existed. This seems entirely backwards [Read More...]

The Next Biblical Studies Carnival Will Be April 1st (No Fooling!)

Darrell Pursiful will be hosting the next Biblical Studies Carnival at his blog, Dr. Platypus. It is never too soon to send him submissions. [Read more...]

Biblioblog Ranking by Vote, Biblical Studies Carnival, and March Biblioblogging Begins

The ranking of biblioblogs by vote for February has been posted, and thank you to everyone who voted for Exploring Our Matrix, which came in first again. Matthew Crowe has published the latest Biblical Studies Carnival. Via AWOL, I learned that issues of the Bulletin of the Palestine Exploration Society are online, as are additional Hebrew, [Read More...]

Jim Linville’s Jim West LOLCat Competition

The entries are in, and now it is time to vote. Visit Jim Linville’s blog and pick your favorite ZwingLOLcat. [Read more...]

Biblioblog Top 50 for January 2011

The Biblioblog Top 50 based on Alexa rankings has been posted. [Read more...]

Online Mandaic Lexicon

Charles Häberl, my collaborator on the Mandaean Book of John translation project, has created an online Mandaic lexicon. It is a work in progress, both in terms of content (lexemes will continue to be added as they are encountered) and in terms of formatting. But those interested in the language will certainly find it interesting [Read More...]

Failure to Respond (to Things Around the Blogosphere)

A few posts have mentioned me or linked to me recently in the interest of conversation, and having failed to respond in a timely fashion, I will take a first step towards rectifying the situation by linking back and at least acknowledging the posts in question. Chris Brady mentioned me in a post asking about [Read More...]

Review of the Book Forged by Bart Ehrman

I am grateful to Harper Collins for providing me with an advance review copy of Bart Ehrman’s forthcoming book, Forged: Writing in the Name of God–Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are. After apologizing for the pun in the title of this post (although I am obviously not really sorry, or [Read More...]