Defining Mythicism

Although I have had to decline any significant committment of time to the project, I applaud Tom Verenna’s recent expression of a desire to bring greater clarity to the topic of mythicism. To briefly chime in, I understand “mythicism” to mean the belief that Jesus is best viewed as having been invented from scratch, or [Read More...]

Technology and Teaching Links

Stephen Garner shared information about The Bible Online, a new real-time strategy game, as well as a variety of teaching and learning links. Matt Page gives tips on incorporating video clips into powerpoint presentations. Also somewhat related, here in Indiana, at Purdue University, there will be a conference about the history of that older technology, [Read More...]

New Testament Position at the University of Durham

Daniel Kirk points out that the University of Durham in England is looking for a lecturer in New Testament. Durham is a wonderful city and I enjoyed living and studying there, and so I suspect some lucky person will also enjoy teaching there! [Read more...]

You Can’t Vow To Defend a Constitution You’re Unfamiliar With (ID in the News)

It is very scary when someone can get so far as a political candidate and not know the gist of what is in the first amendment, since the heart of the oath one takes when sworn into office is to uphold the Constitution. HT Unreasonable Faith for the video below showing Christine O’Donnell’s reactions when [Read More...]

Consumer Driven Health Plans?

I suspect that many universities and many other organizations are discussing or have adopted what are being called “consumer-driven health plans” (CDHPs). They have in common that they have a much higher deductible than traditional insurance, and are linked to a health savings account (HSA). The plans differ in their cost, whether you are covered at [Read More...]

Blogging the Soulfisher

Over at the Mandaean Book of John translation project blog, my collaborator Charles Haberl has posted the first in a series of blog posts on what may be the most challenging section of the Book of John: the Soulfisher. The translation difficulties are such that Mark Lidzbarski, who translated the Book of John into German [Read More...]

God and Objective Morality

A recent post about the Euthyphro dilemma has generated quite a bit of discussion, and has left me wondering about a particular aspect of this philosophical puzzle. It is quite common for Christians to argue that God is the only possible basis for objective morality. That seems, however, to be the opposite of Plato’s assumption [Read More...]

Questions at Conferences

HT to James K. A. Smith for sharing this gem from The New Yorker: [Read more...]

Two 2011 UK Conferences

The Seventh Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament will be held in Birmingham from 28-31 March 2011. The theme is “Early Christian Writers and the Text of the New Testament.” And there’s a Call for Papers for a conference on Biblical Literacy and the Curriculum to be held at the University [Read More...]

David Opderbeck’s E-Mail Hacked and Used for Scam

Unfortunately it seems that David Opderbeck’s e-mail account has been hacked and used to send a scam message to those in his address book. Either that or he really is in trouble and just happened to use the exact same words in his plea for help that have been used in scam messages in the [Read More...]

Discuss the Euthyphro Dilemma with God Online

Having discussed the Euthyphro dilemma in class recently, I thought it appropriate to share this opportunity to discuss the Euthyphro dilemma with God at the web site Philosophy Experiments (HT 3quarksdaily). [Read more...]

Blog Action Day: Water

I thought I should get 2010 Blog Action Day started by sharing a few posts related to this year’s theme of water: At CNN’s Belief Blog, a post emphasizing why Christians should care about the issue of clean water.At the New York Times, an article about drought and farmland turning into desert in Syria.At 3quarksdaily, [Read More...]

Accused of Heresy

Joel Watts has accused me of heresy. I know what you’re thinking: “This is news?!” Of course I’m a heretic. But I must dispute the reason for the accusation. It is mere sleight of hand. He suggests that I described 1996 New Living Translation of the Bible as boring. In fact, I described its title [Read More...]

Big News: Unicode Mandaic!

Steve Caruso shared the big news that the latest version of Unicode includes Mandaic characters! [Read more...]