Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas For Free

Thanks to PositivelyKate for pointing out that the famous Charlie Brown Christmas special is available for free on Hulu: [Read more...]

Corul Madrigal – Colind

Here’s the Madrigal Choir of Bucharest singing another Romanian Christmas carol: The choir and Romanian Christmas music are not known as widely as they deserve to be outside of Romanian circles, and so hopefully no one will mind my sharing some of the recordings that are freely available online. [Read more...]

Barbara Buzzard Reviews The Only True God

In an e-mail I received recently, my attention was drawn to a review of my book The Only True God by Barbara Buzzard. The review is in essence an assessment of whether my book argues that a unitarian or trinitarian view of God should be a tenet for Christians today. Anyone who has read it will know that the book focuses on [Read More...]

Nijay Gupta reviews James D. G. Dunn’s book, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

Nijay Gupta has posted a review of Jimmy Dunn’s recent book on Christology and monotheism in the earliest church: Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?: The New Testament Evidence. [Read more...]

Take The Totally Depraved Jim West Blogging Challenge

I’ve long puzzled over Jim West’s unchallenged and seemingly unbeatable status as the number one biblioblogger. I mean, he managed to keep that status even when LOST was drawing to its finale…without blogging about LOST! How is that even possible?! I have suspected for some time that the secret is neither sheer popularity nor totally [Read More...]

Take the Liberal Democrat Jesus Out Of Christmas, and Give Tax Cuts for the Romans

Many other people have already shared this video from Stephen Colbert. Sorry it took me so long to watch and share it. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog March to Keep Fear Alive HT to Faith in [Read More...]

The Boy Paganini

That’s not my description of him, but the name of the song he is playing in this video. I’m not the accompanist in this one. [Read more...]

TRON Legacy: The Likeness of the Creator

This post will reflect a bit more on the religious overtones, symbolism and message of TRON Legacy, and in doing so will discuss details of the story. And so if you have not seen the movie and are trying to avoid SPOILERS then you should bookmark this post and come back to it after you’ve [Read More...]

TRON’s Musical Journey

By some quirk of synchronicity, I found the CD of Journey’s album Frontiers on the clearance shelf at Half Price Books today. Their biggest hit from that album, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart),” featured in TRON Legacy, and of course Journey contributed two songs to the original TRON soundtrack. I’ve always particularly liked this one, “Only [Read More...]

TRON Legacy

I went last night (sorry, very early this morning) to see the 12:01 showing of TRON Legacy. I’m not certain why the movie is getting so many negative reviews. Perhaps, as with more recent Star Wars movies (which are appreciated just fine by the young and spoken of with disdain by many of their parents), [Read More...]

Wikibooks Revelation Commentary

I mentioned previously the need for professors to get students to spend less time reading Wikipedia and similar sources, and more time writing Wikipedia, contributing reliable information based on other reading they’ve been doing. Wikipedia is a busy place and many of its pages are the front lines of an internet battlefield. Leaving that to [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Andre Gide)

A student included this quotation, attributed to French author Andre Gide, in an essay this semester: “Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.” I just read it a few moments ago for the first time, as I was grading, and thought I’d share it. Thoughts? [Read more...]

Iată Vin Colindători

The Bucharest Madrigal Choir sings the Romanian Christmas carol “Iată vin colindători“: [Read more...]

Hurtado on Early Devotion to Jesus

Larry Hurtado has shared a recently-published essay on his blog. The title is “Early Devotion to Jesus: A Report, Reflections and Implications.“ [Read more...]