A Christmassy Blue Sunset From Mars

IO9 shared a Christmassy Martian sunset captured by the Mars rover Opportunity, with an explanation of why Martian sunsets are blue. [Read more...]

The Dark Side of Christmas

By Elliott Quince HT Scott Bailey [Read more...]

Gabriel’s Message with Gloria and Magnificat

There’s a hauntingly beautiful arrangement of the carol Gabriel’s Message by Dan Goeller that I really like. Here’s a link to my favorite version, for soloist with orchestral accompaniment. You can also find a choral arrangement here, which has the added benefit of displaying the sheet music, scrolling through it automatically as you listen. Enjoy! [Read more...]

La Vitleem Colo-n Jos

A haunting Romanian Christmas carol performed by the Bucharest Madrigal Choir: [Read more...]

May The Force Be With You This Holiday

IO9 shared some unusual sci-fi holiday images. There were several Star Wars ones among them, including this one: [Read more...]

Free Download: Religion and Power: Divine Kingship in the Ancient World and Beyond

Thanks to Dan McClellan for pointing out yet another useful free online resource. The book Religion and Power: Divine Kingship in the Ancient World and Beyond can be downloaded for free. Or you can also buy it. [Read more...]

To The Unknown God (Calvinistic Cartoons)

Robin Parry shared a link to a site called Calvinistic Cartoons. Here’s a “taste”: I actually remember seeing a reference to a native American “cocoa deity” at a museum once, and thinking that that sounded like a religion I could really sink my teeth into… [Read more...]

Christmas Nostalgia

Different things make people in or from different parts of the world nostalgic, whether at Christmas time or at others. Today my wife was making sarmale (stuffed cabbage) with pickled cabbage leaves. It made her feel Christmasy, but the aroma did not have the same effect on our son. I also remember a group of [Read More...]

24 Hour Christmas Blogging?

I wonder how long it will be before some bloggers try to adopt a model that has worked well for certain radio stations, and begin blogging only Christmas-related material from as soon as Thanksgiving is over until December 26th. It might be an interesting approach. But in an online parallel to what happens with the [Read More...]

Don’t Let Zombies Spoil Your Holiday (An Instructional Video)

HT Nik at Nite [Read more...]

Online Dissertation on Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9:1-9

Thanks to Matt Montonini for pointing out that Brian Abasciano’s doctoral dissertation from the University of Aberdeen “Paul’s Use of the OT in Romans 9.1-9” is available online. The book resulting from the dissertation was published by T&T; Clark and apparently a less expensive edition is due out in 2011. [Read more...]

Review of Pat Robertson’s 2010 Predictions

Drew Tatusko has posted a retrospective on Pat Robertson’s predictions for 2010. (Most other bloggers have been focusing on another topic Pat Robertson addressed more recently). [Read more...]

Alan Segal on the Criteria of Authenticity and the Existence of Jesus

Larry Hurtado shared a link today to a post by Alan Segal, which was part of a conversation that took place in 2005. I may or may not have seen it at that time, but at the very least I can say that it had definitely slipped my mind. And so I was grateful to [Read More...]

OAIster and Open Access Scholarship

Brad Matthies has posted on OAIster, a WorldCat database of open access journals and other publications, using my colleague Chad Bauman as an example of the way digital open access publishing affects the prominence of scholars’ research in search engine results and other relevant contexts. In practice, not everything that comes up as a result [Read More...]