Every Star, Every Planet

Searching (as I always seem to as Christmas draws near) to see if any new recordings or videos or the Christmas carol “Every Star Shall Sing A Carol” by Sydney Carter have become available, this year I was struck that the keywords of that title brought up as a suggested alternative “Every Star, Every Planet” [Read More...]

Thou Shalt Not Cry, Thou Shalt Not Pout

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Daniel Kirk, Richard Bauckham, and Rule-Proving Exceptions

Consider this today’s “quote of the day.” It is from Daniel Kirk, and comes from a post about a subject of great interest to me, namely the relationship between Jewish monotheism and early Christian Christology: Bauckham makes an interesting case for God’s exclusive sovereignty. But at the end he cites the Son of Man from [Read More...]

Educational Reform in Cartoons

Brian LePort shared some thoughts, and the video below featuring a talk illustrated with accompanying hand-drawn cartoons, focusing on how education has been done in the past and how to approach it in relation to the present context. The video is provocative and in places controversial, but it raises some important issues and provides a [Read More...]

Darryl Cunningham Investigates: Climate Change

Via Pharyngula, an exploration of the topic of climate change (and why local weather is not an appropriate means to evaluating it) presented through the medium of comics. Here’s a sample: [Read more...]

Nativity 2.0

A retelling of the traditional nativity story updated to include today’s technology. Stephen Smuts, Jim West, John Byron and The Lead all shared this before I did. [Read more...]

SBL and Job Creation: Student Status Submission Police Force to Employ Hundreds

The title of this post is a joke, but the subject is serious. There is a lot of discussion going on about the new rules requiring those without PhDs to submit a complete copy of their paper and not merely an abstract when proposing a paper for the SBL Annual Meeting. How exactly are those [Read More...]

Polyglot Meme

The new Facebook profile prominently features a place to list the languages you know. I never know what to write in such cases. Should I include only languages I can converse in completely fluently? Ones that I can read but not really speak – or speak but not really read? Ones that are rather rusty? [Read More...]

2010 Hubble Advent Calendar

Thanks to Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think for pointing out that the 2010 Hubble Advent Calendar is online. Here’s a sample: There are also, as in the past, Hubble holiday cards that you can print out and send. [Read more...]

Dismantling Fundamentalism Intro

From the blog Recovering Fundamentalists: [Read more...]

Christmas: The Christian “War on Solstice”

Today in my Sunday school class I decided to turn our attention to seasonal matters. Soon, the topic of being wished “Happy Holidays” as opposed to “Merry Christmas” came up. And so I took that opportunity to talk about what I consider one of the great Christmas miracles: the fact that long ago Christians managed [Read More...]

Caroling With Yoda, Frustrating It Was

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Evolution and Christianity around the Blogosphere

James Kidder explains about the fossil record, human evolution, and traditional forms. With lots of pictures. BioLogos also offers discussion of the Cambrian Explosion. Homebrewed Christianity offers some sound advice from Galileo Galilei which seems remarkably (and depressingly) timely. The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity focuses on Charles Townes. And David Opderbeck shares a video: Conor [Read More...]

Three Types of Grader

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