Paul Cartledge, Provoker of Mythicists? Alexander the Great and Jesus

Paul Cartledge’s book on Alexander the Great is quoted by Chuck Grantham in a recent blog post: It has been well said that the search for the historical Alexander is something like the search for the historical Jesus. Many contemporaries had an interest in preserving a version of what he said and did, but none [Read More...]

Around the Biblioblogosphere

The Center for the Study of Christian Origins has audio recordings of talks by James D. G. Dunn and N. T. Wright. Dan McClellan shares that Proceedings of the British Academy can be read/downloaded online. Volume 143 is on the history of ancient Israel. Mark Goodacre discusses the honest fear of accidental plagiarism. Arni Zachariassen [Read More...]

Happy Mandaic Valentine’s in First Place Day!

Eisenbrauns has announced the winners of this year’s Valentine competition, and a Mandaic Valentine I composed has been chosen as the first place winner! I am grateful to my collaborators on the Mandaean Book of John project, Charles Häberl and Steve Caruso, for catching some errors and making a few suggestions for improvement. But most of [Read More...]

Daniel McClellan Reviews Chapter Three of Dunn, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

Dan McClellan has been blogging through James Dunn’s recent book on early Christian worship, monotheism and Christology. His latest post is about chapter 3. [Read more...]

Alan Segal has passed away

I learned from Jim Davila the sad news that Alan Segal, the famous scholar of ancient Judaism and Christianity, has died rather suddenly and unexpectedly. In appreciation of his life and work, here are a few of his books which are available for preview on Google Books: [Read more...]

Midwest SBL 2011

This weekend the meeting of the Midwest chapter of the Society of Biblical Literature, American Oriental Society and American Schools of Oriental Research took place. There were travel delays that prevented me from making it to Friday evening’s session, but Saturday was full of lots of interesting papers and conversations. It was great to see [Read More...]

My Colleague Got An E-Mail From Jesus (No, Really!)

Butler University is going to be rolling out a new unified messaging system, which will allow employees and students to receive voice mail via their e-mail as well as check e-mail via their phone. One of the early adopters during the pilot phase was using the latter feature, checking e-mail by phone. The text is [Read More...]

Links for Evolution Weekend 2011

I’ll start with a reminder about Evolution Weekend (this weekend!) and Darwin Day. And then here are some links appropriate to the occasion. Bill Nye (yes, the science guy) talks about the importance of evolution in science education. Jennifer Oldham looks at the evolution of teaching evolution. Michael Zimmerman talks about what has changed since [Read More...]

Godfrey’s Razor Meets Procrustes’ Bed

Neil Godfrey has a “response” to a recent post of mine on mythicism. He equates what seem to me to be distinct scenarios. On the one hand, we have something that is well-documented and much-studied, the drawing on literary prototypes in storytelling. This is what Allison’s study (which Godfrey cites) highlights in Matthew’s Gospel, taking [Read More...]

“Martyrdom” Then and Now

 Pithless Thoughts shared these contrasting images in a post that deserves to be widely seen and circulated:  The Martyrs of Old  The “Martyrs” of Modern-Day America   [Read more...]

Eisenbrauns Valentine’s Day

Eisenbrauns is having its annual Valentine’s Day competition. I had meant to try to put together some sort of Mandaic Valentine’s Day poem, and allowed it to slip my mind, so that I probably won’t manage to get an entry in this year. But for others who have knowledge of Ancient Near Eastern languages or ancient [Read More...]

Godfrey’s Razor and Historicized Scripture

In a “response” to a recent post of mine about mythicism, Neil Godfrey illustrates well the very problem and double-standard that my post was intended to highlight. The post begins by stating and commenting on the principle which was the focus of my post: “If all we have is a story that has no corroboration [Read More...]

No Substitute for Scott Bailey

I cannot hope to fill the role of Scott Bailey while he is taking a blog hiatus. Scott does a wonderful job of highlighting issues in Christian music and does so in a humorous and entertaining way, and the blogosphere is far less fun when he is not around.  Nevertheless, having participated recently in a meme about problematic [Read More...]

Mark(x2)+James+Peter+Muhammad Ali+extracanonical Gospels+conferences(x2)-Q=?

Mark Goodacre shared that he will be presenting two papers at the international SBL meeting in London this year, one of them in the same section as me (and perhaps we’ll even end up in the same session). They will be about the discovery of the Nag Hammadi codices, and the talking cross (or was [Read More...]