We Three Jawas Of Tatooine Are

IO9 is getting into the festive mood with a selection of sci-fi supplemented nativity sets. Here’s a sample. [Read more...]

High on Christology

Mike Bird today drew attention to my book The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context in the context over scholarly discussions of the development of early Christology. He says he’ll leave it to others to examine my points, so please do pay his blog a visit and examine away! [Read more...]

SBL Photo Caption Contest

I thought I’d share two photos of me from this year’s Society of Biblical Literature conference in New Orleans, and solicit captions. The winners will be rewarded by having their captions added to the photos as the “official” captions, recognized as the winners, as well as receiving the deep sense of satisfaction that always accompanies [Read More...]

Missed Anniversary

No, I didn’t miss my own wedding anniversary – if I had, I wouldn’t have been spending so much time blogging! But because I was away at the SBL conference, I missed blogging about the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species (published November 24th, 1859). Let me try [Read More...]

Bible Spoiler

[From Helen Ingram's other blog, The Geek Muse, which, if I had already been aware of it, might have guided me in the interpretation of her other blog, The Omega Course]. [Read more...]

The Omega Course

I’d like to update my readers on The Omega Course, a fictional blog narrative which takes the form of a first-person “diary” blog. It is testimony to the realism of the story told by its author, Helen Ingram, that I found myself extremely worried after the final entry, in which the main character expressed her [Read More...]

URGENT: Suicide Note?

There is a blog, The Omega Course, which I added to my Google Reader feeds a while back after reading an interesting post there. Since then I have not read with any regularity. But I read today's post, and it ends with a promise that this will be the last, and it sounds to me [Read More...]

Photos from SBL

I didn’t bring a camera to SBL this year, but others did, and I’m grateful to Brandon Wason for snapping this one (I assume you’ll all recognize the guy playing the piano): Who else took photos? (I know Jim West and Michael Halcomb did). Which were some of the best ones? Here’s another one of [Read More...]

Palin Prophecies

Given the interest so many people seem to have had in alleged prophecies about Barack Obama in the Bible, I am really astonished that the same individuals have been so slow to draw attention to the far clearer references in the Bible to another figure in modern politics. As any New Testament scholar can tell [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!* * Void in Canada and elsewhere as prohibited by law. The above saying is not intended as a form of coercion to happiness or to the celebration of a holiday from which one wishes to abstain. If you found this post offensive, please accept the author’s sincere apologies, and please be informed of [Read More...]

SBL (Secret Bibliobloggers’ League): A Top Secret Debriefing on the 2009 Annual Meeting in New Orleans

I am now ready to file my TOP SECRET report on my undercover operation as part of the Secret Bibliobloggers’ League, the shadow organization that has infiltrated and taken control of that other organization which also has the abbreviation SBL. I met my contacts in Atlanta. One of them I had never met face to [Read More...]

Completed Review of John Walton, The Lost World Of Genesis One

I’ve been blogging through the chapters of John Walton’s book The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate for several months, and now that I’ve finished, here are links to all the posts in the series: Introduction/Proposition One Proposition TwoProposition ThreeProposition FourProposition FiveProposition SixProposition SevenProposition Eight Proposition NineProposition TenProposition Eleven Proposition [Read More...]

Early Christian Monotheism with James McGrath: Homebrewed Christianity 68

Over at Homebrewed Christianity they’ve posted an interview I did about my book The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context. Click through and listen to the podcast (my part is about a minute and a half into the show): Early Christian Monotheism with James McGrath: Homebrewed Christianity 68 In other news, [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One: Conclusion

John H. Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate provides a very helpful overview of issues related to the study of the creation account in Genesis 1, its historical and cultural background, and its relationship (or lack thereof) to the theory of evolution and modern science education. Walton’s non-committal [Read More...]