Online Dissertation on Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9:1-9

Thanks to Matt Montonini for pointing out that Brian Abasciano’s doctoral dissertation from the University of Aberdeen “Paul’s Use of the OT in Romans 9.1-9” is available online. The book resulting from the dissertation was published by T&T; Clark and apparently a less expensive edition is due out in 2011. [Read more...]

Review of Pat Robertson’s 2010 Predictions

Drew Tatusko has posted a retrospective on Pat Robertson’s predictions for 2010. (Most other bloggers have been focusing on another topic Pat Robertson addressed more recently). [Read more...]

Alan Segal on the Criteria of Authenticity and the Existence of Jesus

Larry Hurtado shared a link today to a post by Alan Segal, which was part of a conversation that took place in 2005. I may or may not have seen it at that time, but at the very least I can say that it had definitely slipped my mind. And so I was grateful to [Read More...]

OAIster and Open Access Scholarship

Brad Matthies has posted on OAIster, a WorldCat database of open access journals and other publications, using my colleague Chad Bauman as an example of the way digital open access publishing affects the prominence of scholars’ research in search engine results and other relevant contexts. In practice, not everything that comes up as a result [Read More...]

Ken Schenck on the Ending of Acts

Ken Schenck has shared some arguments for why the Book of Acts should be regarded as having been written after AD 70, and why the author probably was aware of Paul’s death by the time he wrote. [Read more...]

The Divine Dead?

Dan McClellan has been posting a lot of interesting questions and thought-provoking material lately. The latest asks whether the dead were referred to as “gods” in ancient Israel, and if so what that might indicate. Take a look at his post, which discusses a couple of passages that refer to elohim in connection with sheol. [Read more...]

Always the Third Doctor

Yet another intersection between religion and science fiction: Jeri Massi, whose blog “Blog on the Way” focuses on Christian fundamentalism and the victims of abuse in such churches, also writes Doctor Who fanfic! That her page dedicated to her stories is called “Always the Third Doctor” will tell you which was her favorite. Today on [Read More...]

Too Much of a [Insert Adjective] Thing?

Over the past few days I have trying to make a point of posting to my blog short mentions of interesting links that, in the past, I might simply have shared in my Google Reader feed widget and/or on Facebook. This has resulted in an increased number of blog posts, as regularly readers of the [Read More...]

Evolutionary Christianity and Evangelical Naturalism: Michael Dowd on TV

The Evolutionary Christianity blog today shared this video of Michael Dowd on New Hampshire public television, speaking about his faith, his life-changing religious and scientific experiences, and his views on religion and science: [Read more...]

The Return of Textual Criticism

Evangelical Textual Criticism announced the relaunch of the journal TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism. Jan Krans at the Amsterdam NT Weblog says a bit more about the contents of the latest volume and what is in store in the near future. And Chuck Jones at AWOL provides convenient links to back issues. . [Read more...]

Sci-Fi Saviors

One obvious point of intersection between religion and science fiction is that both tend to feature a savior figure. Today IO9 offered a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 signs that you could be the chosen savior. And Marc Oromaner at Diary of a Layman offered a post, “Was Jesus a User?” exploring the religious aspects of [Read More...]

Ken Schenck’s Philo Cheat Sheet

Ken Schenck has provided what he calls a “Philo cheat sheet.” Learn the most essential things you need to know about Philo of Alexandria in half an hour or less! [Read more...]

The Star Wars Christmas Special That Everyone Really Wanted

After digging up the original Star Wars Holiday Special, Scott Bailey has done one better and provided us with this hilarious parody, given the title “The Star Wars Christmas Special… That Everyone Really Wanted.” You’re going to love it. It is laugh out loud brilliant! [Read more...]

The Articles of Christmas

This post provides official notification of my intention, on or immediately prior to the 25th of December 2010, to wish readers of my blog a Merry Christmas. If you are likely to find such expression of Christmas greetings/wishes offensive, you are hereby asked to refrain from reading any and all posts on this blog which [Read More...]