Lingamish 30 Day 30 Blogger Massacre

David Ker is writing a novel. His aim is to (fictionally) kill off 30 bloggers in 30 days. I’m sure he’d value your input on creative and appropriate ways for your favorite bloggers to meet their demise. Let your imagination run wild! [Read more...]

Hitler vs. Digital Humanities

Bob Cargill shared a brilliant video, which unfortunately cannot be embedded. While you may have seen other versions of the same clip from the movie Downfall (with Bruno Ganz as Hitler) in which the subtitles have been changed, this particular version is about digital humanities, Critical Commons and open access scholarship. All those interested in these [Read More...]

The Gadarene Swine Fallacy

While poking around online for information on toponymics indicating a person’s homeland or place of origin, I happened across a reference to “the Gadarene Swine Fallacy.” A web site called Philosophical Society defines the fallacy as follows: “The GSF is the fallacy of supposing that because a group is in the right formation, it is necessarily [Read More...]

Lost Chapter in the Story of The Darth Knight

HT to Matt Kelley for this video, a Monty Python/Star Wars mash-up that I think everyone will enjoy. [Read more...]

And The Winner Is…

The winner of the Dale Allison Constructing Jesus giveaway is…Mark Stevens. Congratulations! [Read more...]

Exploring Our Matrix in a Short Story

My friend Oliver Stegen has written a short story in which Exploring Our Matrix features prominently, as does the wider biblioblogosphere. [Read more...]

Dale Allison Constructing Jesus Competition Extended

I was gearing up to announce a winner for the Dale Allison Constructing Jesus giveaway, when I realized something odd. Mark Stevens clearly mobilized people most effectively in getting them to vote for him. But then I noticed that there was no actual entry from Mark! And so they were voting for his entry as [Read More...]

Creation and Inerrancy ‘Round the Blogosphere

Gordon explains to other residents of Edinburgh why creationism is bad for Christianity. Joel Watts reflects on Gordon’s post, Ken Ham’s and my own. Chris Brady explains how a literal understanding of Genesis 3 makes God a liar. Scott Bailey shares how Jubilees dealt with the issue. DoOrDoNot explains the fear that one’s worldview is [Read More...]

Ignorance and Creationism: A Response to Ken Ham

I had it drawn to my attention by John Pieret and the Sensuous Curmudgeon that Ken Ham mentioned me in a recent blog post. There isn’t anything really that needs to be said in response. On the one hand, he says he is glad that he hasn’t had the sort of education I have. On [Read More...]

High Christology, Low Christology

Given my interest in New Testament Christology, I am sharing links to two interesting blog posts from yesterday on this topic. Daniel Kirk posted on “Christologies High and Low“, while today Diglotting posted “Do The Synoptics Really Have a High Christology?“ [Read more...]

The Definitive Comprehensive Universal All-Encompassing Official List of Biblioblogs

Does anyone know where to look for find the list of biblioblogs most closely resembling that described in the title of this post? [Read more...]

Around the Blogosphere (featuring blogging about blogging about blogging)

John Byron shares that the zombies in the Gospel of Matthew are to be made into a webcomic. April DeConick shares the latest news on additional fragments of the Gospel of Judas. Sean the Baptist shares Joel Marcus’ thoughts on the ending of Mark’s Gospel. Michael Coogan talks about the Bible’s shocking “family values.” TheoFantastique [Read More...]

Commencing Phase Two of the Dale Allison Constructing Jesus Giveaway!

I’ll leave another day for entries to be submitted for the giveaway of Dale Allison’s new book, Constructing Jesus. If you have not yet entered but wish to, go here. The next phase will be for anyone interested – those with entries or any other parties – to vote on which entry is the best [Read More...]

Organizing a Different Sort of Sausage-Fest

There’s quite a bit of discussion at present about the attempt to censor the title of a scholarly paper scheduled to be presented at the 2010 Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. (The title of the paper, I might add, is one that is far more euphemistic than ancient Israel’s prophets themselves could be on [Read More...]