Women’s Wisdom in the Biblioblogosphere

I’ve been following the discussion of women bibliobloggers with great interest, but have also been hesitant to jump into the fray, largely because of being in two minds about the matter. (Please note that, should my contribution to the discussion be deemed anything other than a wise and insightful perspective that brings clarity and resolution, [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Six

Proposition six picks up where the previous one left off, emphasizing that the fourth, fifth and sixth days in Genesis 1 are about the installation of “functionaries”. Here too, one finds problems from a scientific perspective if the focus is on material creation, and not problems that have to do with evolution. The text says [Read More...]

YouTube vs. Sheet Music

I was poking around online trying to find out if there was sheet music available for the Genesis song “Cinema Show” that included the fabulous keyboard solo. In the process, I came across this video: I’m not 100% sure whether this is better or worse than having the sheet music, but it certainly is fantastic [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Five

John Walton begins the next section of his book The Lost World of Genesis One with an anecdote about a question that led him to come up with many of the book’s insights. Most if not indeed all scholars will relate to the experience of asking a new question, or noticing a neglected detail, or [Read More...]

Western Non-Interblogations

James Tabor has a post up about the New Testament text critical issues known under the heading of “Western non-interpolations”. There’s a new blog, Peje Iesous (no, that’s not a misspelling of Pie Jesu, it’s Coptic), on which the latest post compares Columbo and the Gospel of Mark. Timo Paananen has joined the discussion on [Read More...]

The Soloist

I just watched the movie The Soloist, and highly recommend it. It is an at times disturbing, at times profoundly humorous, but certainly over all thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring look at a range of subjects from religion and friendship to mental illness and homelessness – and of course, music. I understand it is based on [Read More...]

South African Generosity

The following e-mail somehow made it past my spam filter into my inbox: May God Bless You As You Read And Reply. May our good Lord bless your going out and coming in and provide all yourneeds through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. Dear in Christ, I am Rev Father Emmanuel Aka, I am writing [Read More...]

My A-Ha Moment

No, this isn’t yet another reference to 80s music. There’s a piece about The Only True God that has just gone up on the Butler University web page. Read it, and you’ll see why I called this what I did. [Read more...]

Bibliobloggers and the Society of Biblical Literature

Jim West has shared the announcement of an official connection being made between bibliobloggers and the Society of Biblical Literature. If you are a member of both categories, stop by Jim’s blog to get your brand new logo! [Read more...]

St. Ormtrooper

IO9 shared a set of of what it called “The Most Exalted Star Wars Religious Art In The Universe“. Here are a few samples: [Read more...]

YHWH and El

It has been discussed in the course of the study of the Hebrew Bible whether YHWH and El were always identified with one another in ancient Israel, or whether initially YHWH was but one member of El’s heavenly court. Many New Testament scholars will only be aware of this if they have read the attempt [Read More...]

Jesus With And Without Eyewitnesses

I’ve been waiting until I had a chance to at least begin listening to it before linking to the episode of the British radio show “Unbelievable” featuring Richard Bauckham and James Crossley discussing issues related to Bauckham’s book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels As Eyewitness Testimony. A second installment is scheduled for this saturday, [Read More...]

Who’s Who Targeting Academics

I received an e-mail that ended up in my spam folder but wasn’t caught by our spam filter. It was not tailored to me as a recipient and clearly is part of a mass mailing. The text follows: Hello Candidate, As the school year opens, we are offering accomplished individuals in Academia an opportunity to [Read More...]

NT Wrong Mostly Dishonest Clues

NT Wrong has joined in the (Mostly Dis)honest (S)crap meme fun, and left a comment with the following five statements about himself/herself/itself, one of which is supposed to be true: (1) I am James F. McGrath. (2) I am Matthew R. Malcolm. (3) I am an aardvark. (4) I Am. (5) I am at Baylor. [Read More...]