Israelites at War Video Game?

I have been thinking about video games and education recently, and found myself wondering today whether there is a “Call of Duty” type of “first person swordsman” game depicting stories from the Biblical tradition. Obviously that might need to be “first person slingshotter” for one of the stories. But seriously, if there are games that [Read More...]

Scholarship on Online Scholarship

Some resources came to my attention today: Via Ancient World Bloggers Group, an announcement about a new journal, New Knowledge Environments, described as “a peer-reviewed scholarly journal and open community archive for those engaged in exploring and understanding the nature of text-oriented communication in the past, present, and future.” Its inaugural issue is Research Foundations for [Read More...]

Ewoks Gospel Song

This is the best answer there is to the claim made by Hurley on LOST that “Ewoks suck.” And it is worth watching for the brief sermon by Billy Dee Williams alone! HT SF Signal [Read more...]

Clifford on Language as Social Heirloom

I could have called this a “Quote of the Day.” One of the readings for the next meeting of the freshman class I am teaching this semester is W. K. Clifford’s “The Ethics of Belief.” It is a philosophical classic, and the whole thing is worth reading again and again. But this particular paragraph leapt out [Read More...]

The Ending Of LOST Song

I didn’t watch the Emmy awards, and so I’m glad Nikki Stafford shared this song: I also heard via her blog that LOST didn’t win any awards – which just places it up there with lots of other great shows. Anyway, at least one person reached this blog today by searching for “i don’t understand [Read More...]

Holy Superheroic Religion, Batman!

Today superheroes seem to be a running theme. The children’s talk at church focused on Batman. Then, various blogs touched on the intersection of religion and superheroes, comic books, etc. TheoFantastique focuses on gods that wear spandex and links to Christopher Knowles’ post about religion and DragonCon. Greenflame posted about religion and comic books as well [Read More...]

The Road

I finally saw the movie The Road recently. It offers a profoundly disturbing depiction of a post-apocalypse world in which scarcely any living thing has survived other than humans, and even though many humans have died either by starvation or suicide, others try to continue to survive, whether by scavenging for any food they can [Read More...]

Fundamentalist Christianity vs. the Sneaky Gay Agenda

Several bloggers have discussed the video below, and rather than commenting on all of their blogs, I thought I might as well share my thoughts here. I thought it was a joke when they said that proponents of the “gay agenda” are “sneaky” and then explained that their tactics include the following: They have books [Read More...]

By Their (Conservative) Fruits You Shall Know Them: Conservative Christians Use Liberal Arguments to Defend Association with Glenn Beck

An article on CNN’s religion blog mentions some arguments and explanations used by conservative Evangelical Christians to defend their support of, or association with, Glenn Beck, who is a Mormon. What struck me most, and made it seem worth sharing, is that the arguments in question are ones that have been used for a very long [Read More...]

The Atheist’s Hymnal

Steve Martin performs the one song in the Atheist Hymnal (HT Jesus Needs New PR): [Read more...]

Vaughan Williams Archive

Today is the second day of classes this semester at Butler, and the first day two of my classes meet. For everyone starting their semester, here is some music by Ralph Vaughan Williams to encourage and inspire you, courtesy of the Internet Archive. Serenade to Music The Lark Ascending Fantasia on Greensleeves Fantasia on a [Read More...]

Writing The Dead Sea Scrolls

Thanks to David Stark for posting video of the recent National Geographic documentary “Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls” starring none other than biblioblogger Bob Cargill. [Read more...]

The Colbert Report on the “Ground Zero Mosque” and whether Barack Obama is a Muslim or a Christian

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Word – Losing His Religion Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election Fox News HT Jesus Needs New PR [Read more...]

The LOST Themes #1: Destiny

Having been asked not that long ago about video clips that bring together religiously significant moments from LOST, I want to share what will hopefully provide that soon: a YouTube video series that has just begun, focused on major themes on LOST (HT Nikki Stafford). The first is on DESTINY: [Read more...]