Review of Dale Allison, Constructing Jesus

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to read an advance copy of Dale Allison’s forthcoming book, Constructing Jesus: Memory, Imagination, and History (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2010), and am grateful to Baker Academic for having allowed me to do so. (The best glimpses publicly available can be found here). I will jump briefly to [Read More...]

What was the Ending of LOST?

One of the all-time most popular posts on this blog is my explanation of the ending of LOST. I’ve occasionally had people reach here searching specifically for “What was the ending of LOST?” and it is actually a good question. There is a sense in which an ending in the afterlife is not what we [Read More...]

Big Tent Christianity eBook

Bob Cornwall drew to my attention that the Big Tent Christianity eBook has become available. It is a book in pdf form comprised of the blog posts that were part of the Big Tent Christianity synchroblog, and includes a contribution by yours truly. [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Glenn Peoples)

“[T]he conservative Christian community wants its scholars as long as it can control them. It’s as though there are communities of believers who really think that they already know and understand as much as can possibly be understood about the Bible, theology, philosophy etc, and what they want is someone with letters after their name [Read More...]

Breaking News: Zwingli Returns From The Dead, Describes Me As A Luminary

OK, the title of this post may be a tad misleading – although most people who know biblioblogs will get the joke. I received my copy of the latest issue of The Bulletin for the Study of Religion yesterday, in which an article I wrote about biblioblogging appears. I had intended to wait until the [Read More...]

John Byron on Dunn’s Latest

I’m not sure how, but I managed to miss a review of James Dunn’s book, this one by John Byron of The Biblical World. [Read more...]

Second Review Of Dunn Today!

A review of James Dunn’s Did The First Christians Worship Jesus? has been posted on the blog A Feather Adrift. [Read more...]

Title of this Song (with lyrics)

After posting “Title of this Song” I came across another version with lyrics, which seems better: [Read more...]

Scot McKnight, James D. G. Dunn and the Worship of Jesus

Scot McKnight has a post up on Jesus Creed about James D. G. Dunn’s recent book, Did The First Christians Worship Jesus? Scot and I both did our PhDs with Jimmy as our supervisor. [Read more...]

More on Geocentrism (and AoG vs. AiG)

Joel Watts continues his series on geocentrism with a post gathering Biblical passages which reflect a geocentric (or at least a flat earth) cosmology. He also posted about Ken Ham’s attack on the Assemblies of God, who dare to disagree with him. In related news, RJS at Jesus Creed asks what we mean by “literal.” James [Read More...]

Title Of This Song (and other humorous videos)

Title of this Song (HT Steve Caruso) Stephen Colbert on Terry Jones, Qur’an-Burning and Mutually-Assured Coercion (HT Ben Witherington) The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Word – Mutually Assured Coercion Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election Fox News 95 Theses Rap (HT Robin Parry) [Read more...]

Self-Righteousness and Self-Delusion in the Blogosphere

Although I’m currently undergoing a spam attack, giving in to a bully only encourages them to carry on with their bullying. And since this particular bully has made clear that his aim is to get me to switch on comment moderation, that’s obviously the one thing that I must absolutely not do. But I can [Read More...]

An Incendiary Blog Post

This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post [It is also a link to the post in question] This is the place where I comment on it and explain what you should expect to find there. HT This is where I give credit to the person who pointed me to that blog post [Read more...]

Random Technology Gripes, Musings and Questions

When language learning CDs and mp3s are produced in the future, will they break them up into chunks, so that it is easy and convenient to skip back and listen to a small selection of vocabulary again? Some already do this, but some seem to still think they are making audio cassettes for use with [Read More...]