More From the Skeptical Biochemist

I love the synchronicities of the blogosphere. While I was discussing Behe and mentioning evolutionary developmental biology here, a post was going up at BioLogos about the same, as the series “The Skeptical Biochemist” continues with a sixth post entitled “The Cathedral of Life.” [Read more...]

A Better Pun: Arsenic and Old Lakes

I tried to make a pun in the title of my post about the NASA-funded discovery of a bacterium that adapted to not merely survive in an arsenic-abundant environment, but incorporate arsenic in its own chemical composition. But the blog The Deeps Of Time came up with a better one: “Arsenic and Old Lakes.” Well done! [Read More...]

Biblical Oddities from around the Blogosphere

Nick Norelli shares an Amazon listing that has God as the author of a particular Bible. Jen McCreight shared a cartoon from the Hipster Bible: And Karyn Traphagen shares a video about an electric eel-powered Christmas tree in Japan: [Read more...]

The Book of Life and Faith? Judgment by Works in Revelation

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been using Ben Witherington’s commentary on Revelation in my class on Revelation this semester. In the last class, one of the interesting discussions related to the presence of (at least) two books in the depiction of the final judgment: a record of the deeds of an individual, [Read More...]

Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus

This got mentioned in my Revelation class, in which we’ve been using Ben Witherington’s commentary, and so it seemed appropriate to mention it here since Ben is the most recent of several bloggers I’ve seen share this. [Read more...]

Deity in Deuteronomy

Dan McClellan has posted the second of his SBL papers online. This one is entitled “What is Deity in LXX Deuteronomy?” It’s an interesting paper on an interesting topic, and so I hope those who share an interest in the subject will read it and give Dan their feedback. Thanks to Dan for making his [Read More...]

No Room in the (new NIV for the) Inn?

Although there have been lots of complaints about the new NIV, it seems it has dared to differ from older translations and make a major improvement in one very famous verse. John Byron reports that the new NIV translation of Luke 2:7 has “guest room” instead of “inn.” I suspect that there are going to [Read More...]

Answers in Genesis and its “Christian” Users: Creationism and Web Privacy

The “scare quotes” are not mine but theirs. P. Z. Myers has a post today about the way Answers in Genesis has been tracking who reads it and what else they read, and one of the categories is “Christian” Users. Read Myers’ post for the full story and the relevant HTML script. And here’s a [Read More...]

Revelation as Pseudepigraphy?

As common as it is to encounter the statement that apocalyptic literature is characteristically pseudepigraphal, it seems equally common to hear that the Book of Revelation is an exception to this “rule,” written by an individual in his own name, to churches that knew him. Has anyone explored the possibility that Revelation is not an [Read More...]

Arsenic and Old Life

The news – but also misunderstanding – about NASA’s press conference today is spreading. They did not find alien life in the sense of life of extraterrestrial origin. Nor did they find life that showed signs of having evolved independently of all other life on this planet. What they found was bacteria that had evolved [Read More...]

Mark and Q

Mark Goodacre has a post on why he has long loved Q, Q and Q, and shares a picture of Q and Q reading Q! It turns out the hypothetical Q source was not a single collection of logia but a widely-readperiodical with a glossy cover. [Read more...]

Unsuccessful Self-Treatment of Writer’s Block Documented in Peer-Reviewed Journal

This is hilarious (HT Dorothy King): [Read more...]

NASA Announcement: It’s Life But Not As We Know It!

Via Tobias Buckell, I learned that Gizmodo has apparently found out what the big news is that NASA will hold a press conference about later today. Apparently a form of extremophile bacteria has been discovered on Earth which has a different chemical make-up to it’s DNA than all other known forms of life on this [Read More...]

Can We Settle This Scholarly Puzzle in SF Once and for All?

Jim Linville suggests a crucial topic at the intersection of Biblical studies and science fiction, which definitely ought to be on the program if we have a session on the Bible and sci-fi at SBL in San Francisco next year: The existence or non-existence of Q! Even this photo may not be enough to persuade [Read More...]