Not Uncommon Dissent from the Experts

My irony meter was off the charts last night when, after just having posted about experts and those who don’t trust them, I saw that Uncommon Descent (the intelligent design blog) had a post illustrating what those without expertise do when they accept this principle, and yet want really badly to nevertheless be able to [Read More...]

Not Trusting Experts and the Relativity of Wrong

Duane Smith has written a delightful post that reflects on and analyses the point of view of someone who doesn’t trust the experts. Duane’s whole post is important and insightful, and is worth reading and sharing widely. In his post, Duane quotes Isaac Asimov, and since it gets at the heart of the matter in [Read More...]

Herod the Great – How Great Was He?

Thanks to Jim Davila and Jim West for pointing out the new article by Geza Vermes presenting the great aspects of the man usually referred to as Herod the Great, and yet whose depiction is usually so one-sidedly negative in both the Jewish and Christian traditions that it is hard to understand how he could [Read More...]

Believing Christmas: Progressive and Liberal Christian Perspectives

Today on blogs I read two reflections were offered on the meaning of Christmas from non-conservative Christian viewpoints. One is on the blog Settling for Butterflies and is a sermon by a United Methodist pastor who is also a graduate of Butler University. The other is on the blog The Piety That Lies Between, by [Read More...]

Judith Lieu on Heresy and Scripture

Justin Mihoc offers a report on a seminar paper presented by Judith Lieu at Durham University on the subject of “Heresy and Scripture.” [Read more...]

Christian Mathematician Challenges Dembski’s Design Inference

James Bradley, emeritus professor of mathematics at Calvin College, has begun a series at BioLogos explaining fatal flaws with William Dembski’s “design inference.” [Read more...]

Read a Gospel, Change a Grade?

Hemant Mehta is rightly troubled by a letter to the editor published in the Chicago Tribune. Here’s the text of the letter: Eighteen months after graduating from a public high school, I had a chance encounter with Mr. Clark, my old guidance counselor. In what might have been a fishing expedition, he asked me who [Read More...]

Appreciating The Doctor Who Christmas Carol Fairy Tale

Two reviews/reflections on the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “A Christmas Carol”, have appeared on blogs that I read regularly: Clayboy and IO9. Both agree on an important point – there is an inherent implausibility about many aspects of the story, yet the story works on an emotional level. It is a fairy tale, and as [Read More...]

Nick Norelli Reviews The Only True God

I am delighted that Nick Norelli has posted a detailed review of my book, The Only True God, on his blog Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. I have only just begun reading it, and can see already from its length (and the fact that it has 37 footnotes!) that it is very detailed. I [Read More...]

Born of a Woman (Merry Mythmas)

The day when the birth of Jesus is celebrated might seem like an unfavorable occasion to address mythicism. After all, it is a date that has no historical connection with the birth of Jesus, the earliest stories about the event not only contain elements that are patently unhistorical (angels and miracles) but are irreconcilable with [Read More...]

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!* * This wish for you to have a Merry Christmas is offered in accordance with the articles of Christmas previously posted. [Read more...]

Silent Night

A mother and son duet from tonight’s Christmas Eve service: [Read more...]

Merry Sithmas

I couldn’t find an online version of a card I received that I wanted to share (it has Darth Vader insisting that he gets to put the Death Star on top of the Christmas tree) so hopefully this will do as a substitute: [Read more...]

Taking the Christmas Story Seriously but not Literally

Mystical Seeker shared a link to a post a Pastor Susan’s Blog, the title of which is “Taking the Christmas Story Seriously – But Not Literally.” Do you view the Christmas story in this way? If so, what does that mean to you? Many progressive and liberal Christians are better at articulating what Christmas doesn’t [Read More...]