James Tabor on the Jesus son of Pantera Traditions

James Tabor has a blog entry on the traditions about Jesus son of Pantera. This topic, and the related question of Jesus’ father and his status as legitimate or illegitimate, is one I explored in my article “Was Jesus illegitimate? The evidence of his social interactions.“ [Read more...]

Don’t Trust Paul on Marriage

The blog Prophetic Progress has a provocative entry suggesting that Paul’s thinking on marriage is something that we should simply disagree with. Take a look, have a read, and share what you think! [Read more...]

No Handouts at SBL

One proposed alternative to expensive projector rental fees for the Society of Biblical Literature conference in Atlanta  is to distribute handouts instead. Michael Bird explains why that isn’t a good idea, and offers a number of other humorous thoughts and tidbits of advice related to the upcoming conference. [Read more...]

Zeitgeist Mythicists

Tom Verenna not long ago proposed categorizing and distinguishing among mythicists, to provide further clarity about the variety of different views, which may otherwise unhelpfully get lumped together. One term/category he proposes is “Zeitgeist Mythicists” and it seems that it is a topic about which we agree. [Read more...]


Hemant Mehta is giving away a copy of a mythicist book. The title is Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All, the author is named David Fitzgerald, and the publisher is Lulu.com. I often highlight the selectivity of so-called Biblical literalists. But on the other end of the spectrum, there are those [Read More...]

Mandaeans and Mandaic in Rutgers Today

Charles Haberl’s work on studying and documenting the Mandaean language are the focus of an article in Rutgers Today. Our Mandaean Book of John translation project, Mandaic unicode, and the plight of Mandaean refugees all get mentioned in the process. [Read more...]

Present-Tense Zacchaeus

Jeremy at Hacking Christianity has an interesting post reflecting on present-tense verbs in the Zacchaeus story. Do they suggest that Zacchaeus was not indicating what he would do to show his repentance, but that he was showing himself not to be the horrible human being that public opinion made him out to be? [Read more...]

Relocating Mandaean Refugees

Thanks to Jim Davila for pointing out the article in yesterday’s Boston Globe about Mandaean refugees and the challenges in keeping them together when relocating them. [Read more...]

What Would Noah Do?

Steve Wiggins has posted a reflection on Rep. John Shimkus’ use of the Bible to claim that it is impossible for humans to cause climate change. Here’s a sample: Politicians now feel comfortable claiming God as their ally because “he said so.” Without having ever critically engaged Scripture, or even having read it in its [Read More...]

Jesus Overturning the Projectors

Bob Cargill has posted an entertaining and poignant blog entry about charging for projectors at SBL. The images he created for that purpose are delightfully funny – and illustrate how much would be lost if one could simply offer text but no images. Here’s a sample: [Read more...]

Why Everyone at SBL will be Unhappy

An article at IO9 explains why every single individual at the Society of Biblical Literature conference is bound to be unhappy at some point. It is essential reading for all who are planning to attend. [Read more...]

Projectors at SBL

Anyone who has dealt with technical issues related to projection and other mediation equipment at their educational institution will probably be aware that a certain infrastructure of maintenance and technical support is needed to keep projectors and other equipment running smoothly. I can perfectly understand why hotels might not have a natural interest in adding that [Read More...]

An Epicurean Argument Against Hell

I thought this reworking by Randy Olds of a famous Epicurean argument deserved to be shared: Is God willing to put an end to the torments of Hell, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then how can [Read More...]

Biology Student Reviews Behe

An Evangelical biology student reviews Behe’s claims at the BioLogos blog. [Read more...]