Upcoming Conference at Notre Dame: Darwin In The 21st Century

I was just reminded about a conference that I think I had heard about at some point but which dropped off my radar. The University of Notre Dame (under the auspices of their Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values and their Center for Continuing Education) will be holding a conference at the very beginning [Read More...]

Beyond Literary Dependence and Independence

I just finished reading Mark Goodacre’s book The Case Against Q: Studies in Markan Priority and Synoptic Problem. I now see why he has sometimes found it so frustrating talking to people like me who take Q for granted and repeat common claims that he’s sought to investigate in his book, and often found to [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (John Wilkins)

“I believe that there is no such thing as a monotheism. No religion in existence lacks any nondivine or demonic entities other than the central or highest deity. If the saints and angels and demons of modern Catholicism or any other flavour of Christianity were represented in Greek mythology, we’d call them gods…The reason why [Read More...]

100 Best Professors Who Blog

Online College Tips has posted a list of the 100 best blogs by professors, ranging a wide range of topics and disciplines. HT one of the best. [Read more...]

Can There Be A Just War…Against A Text?

In the comments on a recent post, someone mentioned that a particular interpretation of the story of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac “does violence to the text.” Given that the text itself features the use of violence, and those who read violent texts like these are sometimes led to engage in acts of violence themselves, I [Read More...]

Kurt Atterberg

One of my all-time favorite composers is Kurt Atterberg. While you can’t (to my knowledge) listen to my favorite piece online, you can listen to other beautiful works composed by him. Here’s one example: [Read more...]

Jewish Publication Society Audio Bible

The Jewish Publication Society announced today that it has completed recording the JPS Bible in audiobook format. In connection with this, they are making podcasts available to listen to for free on their web site. Here’s the full press release: JPS & JBI PROUDLY ANNOUNCE GROUNDBREAKING RECORDING OF THE COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLEPhiladelphia, PA – For [Read More...]

Ned Flanders Goes To The Museum

Here’s a classic clip of a scene from The Simpsons focusing on evolution and creationism. I have to admit I laughed out loud at the “soundtrack” for the creation exhibit… simpsons creationism vs evolutionby PigLips HT Daniel Florien [Read more...]

Evolution is Real Science

The Panda’s Thumb shared some videos that provide very useful explanations of aspects of evolutionary biology, highlighting in particular how evolution has led to fruitful hypotheses, explanations and discoveries in biology, genetics, and other related fields. Here’s one example: [Read more...]

YouTube as a Resource for Keyboard Players

As I posted on Friday night, the Cinema Show solo is coming along, and so all that’s left is to keep practicing it. Presumably the place to go next is the keyboard solo from In The Cage. I actually tried learning it by ear many years ago, and I’m surprised that at key parts I [Read More...]

Be The Angel

The comment below left on a recent post deserves to be highlighted in a post of its own: I had heard the interpretation several times before that, despite the praise for Abraham in the text, the fact was that Abraham FAILED the test, that God wanted Abraham to make the ethical choice and refuse the [Read More...]

More Monotheism

I have only begun to listen to it, but there can be no doubt that the recent episode of the UK radio program Unbelievable, which features Richard Bauckham and James Crossley discussing monotheism and Christology in earliest Christianity, is worth listening to. Click here to listen! [Read more...]

Early Jewish Monotheisms

I am delighted to be able to highlight further developments related to the Early Jewish Monotheisms project based at the University of Goettingen. The project is directed by Nathan MacDonald of the University of St. Andrews. Here’s the project description from its web site: The origins and development of monotheism in ancient Israel has been [Read More...]

Evolution Links

The National Center for Science Education regularly shares interesting links. Ones I found particularly noteworthy are the Vatican page with links related to biology and evolution, and the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Effective Teaching which focuses on evolution in the high school and college classroom. [Read more...]