Quote of the Day (John Shore)

“A person who at college doesn’t find himself seriously questioning all sorts of core assumptions about himself and the way he thinks is almost certainly receiving an inferior education. Learning new things means questioning the old things.” – John Shore, “Doubting Christ, Young Christian? Have At It!” (HT Wes Ellis) [Read more...]

New Law Would Ban Loveless Marriages

The Onion does it again, with this entertaining parody of some current legislative and societal debates: http://o.onionstatic.com/flash/video/embedded_player.swf?videoid=14401New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don’t Love Each Other [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (RJS)

“I think that we distort the text when we try to harmonize – and we may, in fact, harmonize away the truth. The so-called discrepancies aren’t problems to be solved, but clues as to the form and purpose of the text. The fact that the order of creation is different in these accounts tells us [Read More...]

LOST and Religion Video Compilations?

A fellow biblioblogger asked me if I knew of any video compilations on YouTube or elsewhere that compile snippets with religious symbolism and imagery. If you know of any, please share them. Thanks! [Read more...]

Contracts, ‘Casts and Classes: Another Of My Harebrained Ideas

As I’ve been spending so much time thinking about technology and teaching this summer and particularly this week, I’ve had lots of ideas. Some will deserve to be forgotten. But it seems that sharing them may be the best way of figuring out which are which. So here’s an idea I had. I’ve been wanting [Read More...]

Imagine That and Liberal Arts Education

I saw the movie Imagine That earlier this summer, and I found myself thinking that the movie is in many ways a parable of the value of a liberal arts education. Although with a fantastical bent, one of the underlying messages of the movie is that it is those who can be creative, who can [Read More...]

A First Attempt At Using Prezi

.prezi-player { width: 440px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }http://prezi.com/bin/preziloader.swf Transforming Teaching Through Technology on Prezi If you have never tried it, Prezi.com offers a free presentation creation tool for educators that can be very useful and allows for a flexibility that many other presentation platforms do not. [Read more...]

Poll Everywhere

I just learned of Poll Everywhere, and am thinking about its use in the classroom. To that end, please respond to the poll below. Thanks! Make a live audience poll at Poll Everywhere In class, they’d presumably vote using their cell phone. Replace audience response hardware with Poll Everywhere [Read more...]


Although there is an organization with this name “Nextbook,” presumably that won’t make it inappropriate to attempt to coin a phrase and lay claim to the term “nextbooks” for the sort of electronic, open access, open source, online, digital, interactive, multimedia “textbooks” that we have been talking about. Especially since Mark Goodacre suggested that what [Read More...]

Plagiarism, Mash-Ups and Academic Essays

I’ve been thinking about the New York Times article on plagiarism and the digital era. Most students would understand the difference between making a mash-up of Star Wars and Star Trek – with everyone knowing that your contribution is the combination of the two at the level of editing – and presenting such a mash-up [Read More...]

Tim Henderson’s Earliest Christianity

There’s a new blog in town: Tim Henderson’s Earliest Christianity. Tim’s doctoral work was on the Gospel of Peter. It looks like a biblioblog that many will want to add to their list/reader. [Read more...]

Mandaic Lexicon Project Receives Grant

I am grateful to Steve Caruso for pointing out the announcement in Biblical Archaeology Review that the Israel Science Foundation will be funding the digitization of Mandaic texts currently in Israel. Hopefully more information will be forthcoming about what manuscripts they have in their possession! The ultimate aim is to produce a much-needed new Mandaic lexicon. Currently the only thing [Read More...]

Ken Ham and Rachel Held Evans Around the Blogosphere

Ken Ham has been getting a lot of critical attention from Christians recently – and that’s a good thing, since there is a lot he deserves to be criticized for from a Christian perspective. Internet Monk has linked to a scathing review of Ken Ham’s views from a Christian standpoint. The concluding note alone is [Read More...]

First Monday Articles on Blogging and Open Source Textbooks

I had not heard of the peer-reviewed online journal First Monday before today, and want to share these two articles in the latest issue that a colleague brought to my attention, while it is still the first Monday in August and there is a nice double meaning to the title of this blog entry. First, [Read More...]