Kenneth Bailey on the Parable of Two Lost Sons

I just discovered another great work that can be read online: Kenneth Bailey’s Poet and Peasant & Through Peasant Eyes, which includes his famous discussion of the cultural background to the parable traditionally known as “the prodigal son”. [Read more...]

The Bible’s Teaching About Being Prepared To Set Aside The Bible’s Teaching

The sermon at my church this Sunday was about Cornelius in Acts 10. In the story, Peter sees a vision in which he is told to kill and eat all sorts of things that were prohibited by the Jewish Law. Peter understandably refuses to eat such unclean things, only to be told by the heavenly [Read More...]

The Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans

I just discovered that E. S. Drower’s English translation of the Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans is available for searching online (although it cannot be downloaded) at Google Books. [Read more...]

Mythicists and Creationists

In the comments on a recent post, some mythicists are showing how their perspective is similar to that of creationists. (I once compared their viewpoint to inerrancy, but young-earth creationism in this instance provides a greater resemblance). For those who may not have encountered this particular viewpoint, mythicists claim that Jesus was not a historical [Read More...]

Picking and Choosing

Do not deceive yourself into thinking you have refrained from picking and choosing, just because the verses you have picked and chosen are ones that speak against picking and choosing. [Read more...]

Behe vs. Bacterial Flagella

Those interested in science, biology, creationism and intelligent design may remember a small but significant detail from the Dover trial and its aftermath. It became clear at one point that there was an experiment that could be done within a relatively short time frame to check Michael Behe’s claim that structures like the bacterial flagellum [Read More...]

Obama the Anti-Christ? On the Contrary!

Frum Heretic mentioned this in a comment, and I thought it deserved to be highlighted in a post of its own. Far from Barack Obama being the antichrist, using Gematria one can find evidence that he is the long-awaited Jewish Messiah! [Read more...]

Demystifying the Bible

Many bloggers have attempted to debunk the recent attempt to convert words attributed to Jesus in the New Testament into Hebrew and then interpret them as a prediction that Barack Obama is the antichrist. It is important to ask what is at the root of such an approach to the Bible. Many people treat the [Read More...]

Christian Baseball and Christian History

There are plenty of athletes who are public about their religious beliefs – whether in the form of some show of appeal to divine intervention in their favor during a game, or writing books and doing interviews in which they take advantage of their celebrity status to talk about their faith. But I have yet [Read More...]

Early Converted Skeptics?

In recent discussions and reading, I’ve encountered on more than one occasion mentions of James the brother of Jesus as having been skeptical of Jesus during his public activity, and also mentions of him and Paul as two skeptics who were “converted”. I have no particular wish to counter that claim, if it is correct. [Read More...]

For Those Looking For Things To Read In Syriac

So you’ve made it through a course or textbook on introductory Syriac. You’ve started reading the Syriac New Testament with the help of the Clavis Syriaca freely available on the Internet Archive. You’re starting to feel almost proficient – or at least like you’re ready to start diving into some of those very interesting and [Read More...]


I am grateful to Mark Goodacre for pointing out the existence of a freeware program called Blogger Backup which allows you to make a backup offline copy of your blog. While an accidental deletion might leave a copy at the Internet Archive, if a hacker gets in, they may be able to delete it in [Read More...]

Around the Biblioblogosphere

There are a number of interesting posts for Biblical studies folks this morning, as well as other closely-related fields. Jesus Creed continues its look at Genesis 1. The Aramaic Blog asks whether Barak Hussein Obama is mentioned in an ancient Aramaic manuscript. enters the Obama antichrist fray. Clayboy touches on the subject of whether [Read More...]

Some Assembly Required

I’ve previously discussed some of the theological issues connected with the recognition that the Bible did not come down from heaven as a pre-packaged collection. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and so here are some images to illustrate the point. Please feel free to use, share and circulate them if [Read More...]