Easter and History Discussion

The question of whether “scholarship excludes the possibility of resurrection” by definition has been raised by Brian LePort. Do pay his blog a visit and chime in. My own view is that, if one is talking about scholarship in historical study, there is no way that a historian, whose job it is to assess probabilities based [Read More...]

History, Eyewitnesses and Things I’m Looking Forward to Reading

I just want to quickly draw attention to two items from the biblioblogosphere, both related to the historical Jesus. First, Judy Redman blogged about her latest article which has just appeared in JBL. The title is “How Accurate are Eyewitnesses? Bauckham and the Eyewitnesses in the Light of Psychological Research,” Journal of Biblical Literature 129 (2010) [Read More...]

The Force is Strong with Jim Wallis

HT Sojourners (also shared by Living in the Kingdom, Bold Faith Type and others). [Read more...]

Creationist Restaurant Shut Down

According to reports, health inspectors today shut down the restaurant at an unspecified creation museum. The creationism-themed restaurant had previously been given a warning when the restaurant’s “Crocoduck Burgers” were tested and found not to contain meat from any known animal. Today’s closure drew attention to the restaurant’s practice of serving foods on which e. coli bacteria [Read More...]

April 1st in Holy Week

It is good that April 1st has fallen during holy week this year. Many people are unaware that the celebration of April Fool’s Day was orginally an integral part of the Christian calendar, always falling in between Palm Sunday and Good Frday. But debates about and modifications to the date of Easter have broken the [Read More...]

April Fools’ Biblical Studies Carnival

Jim West has posted the latest Biblical Studies Carnival. But in addition to this funny, flea-ridden carnival, here are some amusing items from around the blogosphere. Clayboy shared an instance of linguistic confusion. Kouya Chronicle linked to it and a couple of others.Loren Rosson reviewed Biblical Cranks.Phil Harland linked to The Lost Tweets of JesusThe Evangelical [Read More...]

Facebook Passion

Bob Macdonald shared a link to this pdf of a Facebook Passion. It is hilarious, and definitely worth reading, especially for scholars and students of the New Testament (who will nit pick about some details but are almost guaranteed nevertheless to find themselves amused and entertained)! [Read more...]

Galactic Empire State Of Mind

http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1931187&fullscreen=1 See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. HT IO9 [Read more...]

King James Composition (JCFA Students Take Note!)

Via the Society of Biblical Literature newsletter I learned of this musical composition competition: If you know a young composer who would like to submit and possibly win a prize for a musical composition using the King James Version of the Bible go to this site: The 2011 Trust. The 2011 Trust is promoting the [Read More...]

Commentaries on Philo

Through an advertising e-mail from Dove Booksellers, I learned about a series of commentaries on the works of Philo published by E. J. Brill and the Society of Biblical Literature. They are expensive as hardcovers but also available as relatively inexpensive paperbacks. Here is a sample of one volume via Google Books: [Read more...]

LOST The Package

I began this episode feeling just a little like Sayid: nothing, no anger, no sorrow, losing emotional attachment to this show that I and so many of you have followed for years. Just a handful of episodes before it all ends – could there be anything else I could learn about the characters? Any more [Read More...]

Robot Passover

A seasonally-appropriate video at the intersection of religion and sci-fi. And a happy Passover to all who celebrate it – human or not! HT Thoughts In A Haystack [Read more...]

Christian Militias (Use Your Scare Quotes Equitably)

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers place “Christian” in quotation marks when referring to the “Christian Militia” group Hutaree which has been making headlines recently. There is a Hutaree web site here. I do hope that people will be consistent in how they refer to groups such as Christian militias and Islamic terrorists. We can either acknowledge that [Read More...]

From the Archive: Thank God For Blessing Us With A Fallible Bible

I thought I should reshare this post from almost two years ago, since it is relevant to discussion that took place in my Sunday school class last Sunday. Lately I’ve been wondering what would happen if conservative Christians kept the same notion of a Bible that was verbally inspired, in which God determined precisely what [Read More...]