Butterfly Tree

Today when I was mowing the lawn, I noticed once again that there seemed to be several butterflies, which appeared to be black, spending time in the shadow of our pear trees. This time, however, I took a closer look. The first thing that I discovered was that, far from being plain and black, these [Read More...]

Freshman Mindset

I always find these lists fascinating. Several blogs pointed out that the latest Beloit College Mindset list is out – highlighting things that have always or never been the case during the lifetime of this year’s incoming freshmen. This made me think of the scene I was told about from the show Wizards of Waverly Place, where [Read More...]

Butler University Ranking In U.S. News and World Report

The U. S. News and World Report rankings of colleges and universities for this year (actually for 2011 to be more precise) have just been released. Butler University has ranked #2 in the category of Regional Universities in the Midwest. We also ranked #1 on the list of up-and-coming regional universities in the Midwest. [Read more...]

Michael Dowd on the Bankruptcy of Biblical Christianity

Rev. Michael Dowd has a new blog post up entitled “Biblical Christianity Is Bankrupt.” Whether you feel that statement is obviously true or offensive and false, I would encourage you to read his post, since he has a lot of interesting things to say – even for those who spend a lot of their time pondering [Read More...]

Advice from Chuang Tzu for Students

One of my favorite quotes from the Chinese sage Chuang Tzu is this one: When an archer is shooting for nothing, he has all his skill. If he shoots for a brass buckle, he is already nervous. If he shoots for a prize of gold, he goes blind or sees two targets — He is [Read More...]

If You Miss The Matrixyness

You can bookmark this post and see scrolling text every time you come here! [Alas, it requires Flash] http://widgetserver.com/syndication/flash/wrapper/InsertWidget.swf [Read more...]

Dull But Legible

I’ve tinkered once again with the formatting on the blog. I know at least some readers found the title bar a bit too much, and I kept feeling frustrated with the tendency of content to overflow the main post area into the right sidebar. And so I’ve moved everything into two sidebars on the left. [Read More...]

Ben Myers, “Theology 2.0: Blogging as Theological Discourse”

I have yet to read it (since I just saw this mentioned on Ben’s blog only moments ago) but anything related to blogging and the academic study of religion in any form is of interest, and so I thought I’d immediately pass this on. Ben Myers has an article out entitled “Theology 2.0: Blogging as [Read More...]

Comment Moderation

Hi everyone. This is just to let regular readers know that I’m enabling comment moderation permanently on the blog. Some of you, if you were subscribed to comments on a recent post, will have had to put up with multiple spam comments from someone who calls himself or herself “DM”. I must admit that these spam comments [Read More...]

Mythicism, Money and the Mandaeans

It appears that others have received the same e-mail I did. The good news is that mythicists only charge non-mythicists for the chance to win the big bucks. You can win $1,000 with no entry fee if you make the case that Jesus did not exist. So why spend $50 to make a case when [Read More...]

Real Jesus Challenge LOL

As I anticipated another wave of objections to my comparison of mythicists and creationists to come flooding in, I received this e-mail: The Mythicists’ Forum is pleased to award $1,000 to anyone who demonstrates that Jesus actually lived. The winning essay will show that the figure ‘Jesus of Nazareth,’ as grandly recorded in the Christian gospels, was a [Read More...]

Why Can’t Mythicists Be More Like Creationists?

From the outset, when I’ve made the analogy between mythicism and various forms of creationism, I have emphasized that this is an analogy. Historical studies does not provide the degree of certainty that the natural sciences do. My point was simply to hopefully get people who call themselves freethinkers to realize that they were accepting [Read More...]

Not So Much A Fear Of Heights

I like the way a colleague of mine expressed himself recently: I don’t really have a fear of heights, or even a fear of falling. I have a fear of landing. [Read more...]

Technological Turning Points: The Example of Dropbox

It is interesting how turning points in technology sneak up on us. I used to carry around a thumb drive with files on it – articles and books I was working on, student assignments, as well as any files I might need to shuttle between work and home on a given day. When I began using [Read More...]