Quote of the Day (Joseph Hoffmann)

“To be a fundamentalist, you have to have a book. And you have to forget the book has a history.” – R. Joseph Hoffmann, in his blog post “Defining Fundamentalism“ [Read more...]

Dr. Jim’s BibliLOLblogging LOLCats Extravaganza!

Jim Linville has shared a plethora of LOLcats, largely focused around topics related to Biblical studies and academia. In fact, I think it is every LOLcats picture he has ever created, including some I don’t remember seeing before. Below are some of my favorites, but click through to enjoy many, many more. [Read more...]

Gene Robinson on the Bible and Homosexuality

The Lead shared links to the first two pieces in a new series that Gene Robinson is writing for The Washington Post on homosexuality and the Bible. The first is essentially about hermeneutics and Biblical interpretation. The second focuses on Leviticus. [Read more...]

Astăzi vin să-mi plec genunchii

Here are two renditions of the Romanian Christmas carol “Astăzi vin să-mi plec genunchii.” The music is by Baptist songwriter-composer Nicolae Moldoveanu, and the words are by Simion Cure: [Read more...]

The Clever Badger reviews Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth

Jay over at The Clever Badger has posted his review of a recent children’s book, Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth, by Sandra Dutton. The book’s focus is on the story of Mary Mae, a child caught between a conservative religious upbringing which includes young-earth creationism, and exposure to science education that she gets at [Read More...]

Science Theme Park

Sandra Dutton suggests that a science-focused theme park would be a good response to the Noah’s Ark Theme Park that Answers in Genesis is planning to build. I know that Indianapolis’ wonderful Children’s Museum includes a number of great science-related components and activities, including a mock fossil dig. But I can’t think of a full-fledged [Read More...]

Joel Watts and D. M. Baillie

Joel Watts posted on D. M. Baillie’s classic book on Christology, God Was in Christ, and the need for Christology to agree with what is known about the historical figure of Jesus. In the process Joel mentions some “disagreeable points” related to my book The Only True God - although the way he puts it leaves [Read More...]

The Bible Tells (Steve Wiggins) So

Steve Wiggins has written a delightful post full of wonderful metaphors related to the way some people use the Bible. Here’s my favorite part: So here’s our dilemma: we live in a society enamored of a book it doesn’t understand. Bible verses are used like Band-aids, pasted over every perceived rupture of continuity, but never [Read More...]

Most Embarrassing Book Meme

Mark Stevens has started a meme around the blogosphere, asking what the most embarrassing book is that we have on our shelves. Jim West, Tom Verenna, and George of the blog σφοδρα have already joined in. This is a hard question for me to answer. I have young-earth creationist books on my shelf, which are obvious candidates. [Read More...]

Asking the Right Questions

It has often been said that asking the right questions is just as important as, if not more important than, finding answers to the questions we ask. This is perhaps nowhere more true than of the questions asked on final exams. This semester in my course on the Bible I’ve been trying to approach things differently [Read More...]

Clayboy on God, Extraterrestrials and Christmas

Doug Chaplin asks whether God loves ET, and shares a classic alien-oriented Christmas carol. [Read more...]

Young-Earth Creationists and Pun-Makers Stooping to All-Time Low?

P. Z. Myers looks at how the Louisiana Family Forum is reacting to its defeat as Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted to use high quality biology textbooks with reliable information. The Louisiana Family Forum site describes this in a manner that is thoroughly deceptive and misleading, asking in a poll on their [Read More...]

Ark Encounter Watch

The Panda’s Thumb announced a new site dedicated to following the news about the planned Noah’s ark theme park – or perhaps we could just call it the theme pARK. The site intriguingly suggests that the young-earth creationists at Answers in Genesis put their money where their mouth is and build a full scale ark [Read More...]

Digitization of Manuscripts Continues at the British Library

The British Library’s project to digitize its manuscripts from the Medieval period and before is continuing. This will eventually include descriptions of its illuminated Hebrew manuscripts. [Read more...]