Clarence Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature

Last semester, my department chair discovered that there is an endowed chair at Butler University which has been unfilled for some 60 years, the Clarence Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature. The chair was last held by its first and (to my knowledge) only occupant, Bruce Kershner. Since then, it has been unfilled – until [Read More...]

Pop Culture and Philosophy: Best Book Subtitles Ever?

There are a number of volumes in the series Popular Culture and Philosophy (from Open Court – take a look at some of the forthcoming titles!) and the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series from which I’ll be using chapters as readings this semester. But the thing I love most about both these series is [Read More...]

When Jim West Is Away, The Cats Can Play

Jim West was famous for many things, among which hatred for cats. And so now that he’s no longer blogging, we can post videos like the ones below without fear of retribution. First, there’s a cat that is being called “Ninja cat.” Good luck trying to prevent it from sneaking up on you! And here’s [Read More...]

Creationists Are Not Stupid

The Panda’s Thumb reproduces a speech by James Downard which argues that it is not lack of intelligence that explains why people (religious believers, atheists, and probably everyone) believe things that aren’t supported by evidence or even have evidence against them. I had to skim parts of it, but hope to return to it, as it [Read More...]

Biblioblogs in the Top List on Technorati (Including Exploring Our Matrix!)

Thanks to Jim Davila (whose own blog is also in the top 100 list) I just learned that Exploring Our Matrix is currently #23 on Technorati’s list of top religion blogs. There are many blogs on there I wasn’t familiar with, and so it looks like a list worth exploring further! There are a couple [Read More...]

It’s Not Too Late To Start Watching LOST

If you’ve long wanted to start watching LOST, but didn’t think you could get caught up, a short video has been released that will get you up to speed in 8 minutes and 15 seconds. I still recommend watching the whole series if you can find the time. And LOST Untangled – which offered hilarious [Read More...]

An Ambiguous Garden In The Desert

The polyvalent religious imagery and language was back again on Heroes tonight [SPOILERS in what follows]. The “family” of the carnival is explicitly likened to a cult at one point, the first of the two episodes had Biblical resonances (“Upon This Rock”), and the motif of water flowing and flowers blooming in the desert evokes [Read More...]

The Return of NT Wrong and the Biblioblog Top 50

NT Wrong (of Durham, North Carolina) has decided to produce another monthly Top 50 of biblioblogs. I came in at number 5. [Read more...]

Blog Stats For 2009

John Hobbins seems to think that we all should post our annual blog stats. I have no objection! In 2009, Exploring Our Matrix had 303,226 page loads, 232,554 unique visitors, and 50,017 returning visitors according to StatCounter. I don’t have any way of knowing which pages were the most popular for the year, but I am pretty certain it [Read More...]

Religion and Science Fiction: Short Story Anthologies

There have been several good collections of science fiction short stories that touch on religious themes. They are all out of print except for the last one: Other Worlds, Other Gods; Adventures in Religious Science Fiction edited by Mayo Mohs. The New Awareness: Religion through science fiction edited by Patricia Warrick and Martin Harry Greenberg. [Read More...]

Pick One Of Three

Diglotting asks for input about which of three books on monotheism and Christology you would buy. I’m honored that I’m included alongside Larry Hurtado and Richard Bauckham. Please do chime in if this is a subject that interests you – I don’t particularly mind if you recommend my book or someone else’s, but I do [Read More...]

Global Who’s Who

It is nice to receive an e-mail that actually uses my name from a “Who’s Who” organization for a change (although still not as nice as not receiving any e-mail from such an organization at all). At least they are learning that if you want to persuade someone that they are being singled out for [Read More...]

Sci-Fi and Other Connections

Although there has always been a fan base that has discussed science fiction worlds in detail, exploring the mythology, drawing connections between episodes/movies, and complaining about continuity errors, the present day provides far more opportunity to do that, with blogs, discussion boards, and countless other forums for interaction. IO9 has some speculations about connections between the [Read More...]

The End Of Time, Part Two

Even before I saw the second half of this episode, I loved the irony of the title. It provides a great illustration of one of the difficulties in telling time-travel stories, and an even greater difficulty of making sense of an allegedly timeless deity encountered in and through history and/or stories. How can the “end [Read More...]