Tennessee Church Welcomes Muslim Neighbors

This video from CNN is worth watching: http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.element/apps/cvp/3.0/swf/cnn_416x234_embed.swf?context=embed&videoId=us/2010/09/09/dnt.muslim.christian.welcome.wmc Also on CNN is a piece about Qur’an-burning which explains to non-Muslims that for Muslims, the Qur’an is the pre-existent Word of God, as Jesus is for Christians, and so the equivalent for Christians would be if someone burned not a Bible, but Jesus. The article also [Read More...]

Bob Cargill on Doubt

Bob Cargill, fellow scholar and biblioblogger, discusses doubt in relation to his own Christian faith and faith in general. And he even quotes from me in the process! This is a guest post, “The Skeptic in the Sanctuary,” on Jason Boyett’s blog “O Me Of Little Faith” on Beliefnet. Here’s a sample: “Christians must have the [Read More...]

Quran Burning and Non-Burning Around the Blogosphere

Tall Skinny Kiwi (a blog that is new to me, and which I learned of from a really new blog, Grebelius Redivivus) is encouraging bloggers to hold “Blog A Qur’an Day” on September 11th.CNN indicates that the alleged deal to relocate Park51 was never made.Joel Watts asks if the president should be involved.Jim West views Terry Jones [Read More...]

Galileo Was Wrong Conference

A friend sent me a link to a site about a conference, to be held right here in Indiana, with the title “Galileo was Wrong: The Church Was Right.” I might be tempted to go just to see what such an event would be like, but I can’t in good conscience support them even in [Read More...]

Breaking Non-News? Qur’an-Burning Pastor Doesn’t Know What He’s Going To Do

As some of us suspected, the pastor behind the “Burn a Qur’an Day” event cancelled it on the understanding that he could in so doing secure the relocation of Park51/Cordoba House. And since he seems to have been misinformed about that, he may now go ahead with the burning. And so as of this time, there is no [Read More...]

Breaking News: Burn a Qur’an Day Cancelled!

A variety of news sources are reporting that Terry Jones has called off staging “Burn a Qur’an Day” this September 11th. [Read more...]

An Indianapolis American Baptist Perspective on Mosque-Building and Qur’an-Burning

Rev. Tom Bartley, pastor of Crooked Creek Baptist Church of which I’m a member, has posted some thoughts on recent and not-so-recent events relating to Islam and Christianity in the United States on our church blog. [Read more...]

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas on YouTube

Mark Goodacre shared this animated reenactment of a scene from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas: [Read more...]

Read a Qur’an Day (an Alternative to Burning)

Presumably everyone has heard by now that a group of “Christians” in Florida is planning a Qur’an-burning event on the anniversary of 9/11. (Apparently they are also planning to burn the Talmud, which was news to me - will they be protesting the end of Rosh ha-Shanah?!). Stephen Prothero has called for moderate Christians to speak [Read More...]

Midichlorian Rhapsody

HT Honey and Locusts (from here via here) [Read more...]

Ba-lame Attempt At Humor

Today in my class on Revelation we were discussing chapter 2, and so it was important to check how familiar students were with the echoes of Scripture, in particular the use of the names Jezebel and Balaam. After one student correctly identified the latter as the person whose donkey had spoken, I made a very obvious joke about [Read More...]


I have mentioned The Brick Testament many times before, but a student just recently pointed out to me a blog I wasn’t familiar with, GodBricks, which has a similar theme, being dedicated to all things at the intersection of religion and LEGOs. It includes Biblical items and episodes from Christian history, but also ranges into other [Read More...]

Claiming Ambiguity Where None Exists

One topic I emphasized in my freshman class this semester is that a lot of misleading headlines and confusion have resulted from misunderstanding or deliberately misconstruing how science works. Publications challenging accepted conclusions are part of the scientific process. But only when those challenges are found persuasive by a significant portion of the scientific community [Read More...]

Stephen Hawking and Infinite Universe-Creation Mechanisms

There has been quite a bit of discussion of Stephen Hawking’s new book, The Grand Design, which I have not yet had the opportunity to read. But a review by James Trefil in The Washington Post suggests that the answer the book gives to why our universe exists is: the laws of physics, which produce infinite multiverses, [Read More...]