Last LOST Humor?

Here’s LOST Untangled: “What They Died For” And here’s the latest LOST Slapdown, featuring auditions for the part of the smoke monster. [Read more...]

LOST Alternate Ending: How Hurley’s Story Concludes

An alternate ending to LOST as revealed on Lopez Tonight: [Read more...]

How LOST Will End: The Biggest Spoiler in TV History

I have received from a reliable source a picture of what I believe really and truly is the final moment of LOST. If you do not like spoilers, do not read further. The picture below is likely to genuinely be the final frame ever of LOST, the real thing, the way the last episode of [Read More...]

Draw Muhammad Day

In response to threats and acts of violence by extremists, a movement has gotten underway which has led to a number of “draw Muhammad” events, and eventually the culminating “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” which has been designated as today, May 20th, 2010. I’ve chosen to show my support for this protest against religious violence, intolerance, [Read More...]

First Hugoye Symposium Online

From George Kiraz via the Hugoye List-serv: To celebrate the grand opening of its library, Beth Mardutho is holding a symposium on Libraries in the Syriac Tradition. Thanks to the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Rutgers University, you can attend this symposium online: Where: When: 05/20/2010 9:15 AM – 6:00 PM Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) [Read More...]

In Which The Clever Badger Unsurprisingly Addresses Ken Ham’s Lack Of Key Points (and other things around the blogosphere are also mentioned)

The Clever Badger has a post on Ken Ham’s post which was a reaction (it can’t be called a response) to criticisms I had offered of Ken Ham and of young-earth creationism in general. Jay also adds to and supplements the criticisms I offered. From Jay’s blog I found a link to another post about Ham’s failure to respond [Read More...]

LOST: Desmond as Constant and Failsafe

As “The End” of LOST draws near we are still wondering what the parallel universe is about. In thinking about this, we should not forget that the “flashes sideways” we have seen occur soon after Oceanic 815 landing, and so what happens in the years that follow may be very important. But it seems to [Read More...]

LOST and a Fallible, Co-Dependent Deity

Tonight’s LOST featured answers. It was bound to, since there is so little time left. SPOILERS AHEAD! In “What They Died For” we learned why Jacob chose the people he did to be his replacement. He felt he had the right to tamper with their lives because they were flawed, because they needed the island [Read More...]

LOST Remaining Questions

Tonight is the last regular-length episode of LOST, to be followed by the 2 1/2 hour series finale. Since that includes commercials, there are perhaps around 3 hours left in which questions can be answered and loose ends tied up. No one is expecting them all to be tied up – and Damon and Carlton [Read More...]

The Bible and Homosexuality: Resources for Sunday School discussion

My Sunday school class has been discussing the topic of homosexuality, and we’ve reached the point where we are ready to take a close look at the New Testament passages that are potentially relevant to the topic. I’ve blogged about this subject here before, but want to offer links to web resources which reflect differing [Read More...]

Listen to the Scientists: Eugenie Scott on Creationism

The National Center for Science Education has released some more videos. Here’s Part II in the series “Listen to the Scientists”, entitled “Inside creationism”: [Read more...]

Sociology of Atheism (a request for input)

I received the following message from a reader thinking about doing a PhD. I invite input of any sort that might be useful to him… Hi James, I couldn’t find an email for you on your blog so I’m posting this here. Maybe your readers can help me too. I’m writing really to ask a [Read More...]

LOST Mysteries and Answers in the Blogosphere

Not surprisingly as the end of LOST draws near, the blogosphere is alive with activity centered on the show. Some of it is enlightening, some is hilarious. Here are some links to explore. IO9 explains why all the answers to LOST’s mysteries have already been revealed on Star Trek.Also at IO9, a piece on how [Read More...]

Tree Planting

Today students and faculty involved in the Butler Summer Institute, a program that funds students undertaking independent research over the summer supervised by faculty mentors, had a tree-planting excursion under the auspices of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. It rained, and we all got completely soaked, but it was a rewarding experience. If you take the ramp that connects [Read More...]