Boulders 2 Bits, in response to my previous post about the term “Deuteronomistic”, has posted what I can only conclude is the definitive, comprehensive list of terms related to, based on, or puns of Deuteronomy. Take a look. It’s not simply fantastic, not simply hilarious, it is truly deuteronomaniacal! [Read more...]


I tried, I really did, to go along with the scholarly preference for referring to the work that runs from Joshua through 2 Kings, the Former Prophets as it is designated in the Jewish canon, as the “Deuteronomistic History“. But I’ve decided to go with “Deuteronomic History” not only because “Deuteronomistic History” is cumbersome (and [Read More...]

Around the Vlogosphere

Mark Goodacre’s NT Blog featured two videos on extracanonical texts: the Oxyrhynchus Hymn set to music, and a clip from a documentary about the discovery of the Nag Hammadi codices. Koinonia and Near Emmaus pointed out that we can read John Walton’s commentary on Genesis online. Several blogs have shared a video with a song [Read More...]

Prayers of Science Educators in the Bible Belt Answered

Science educators in the conservative Christian regions of the United States known collectively as the “Bible belt” have long been praying for a sign from the Lord, one that would both confirm their rightness in continuing to teach (when allowed to by school boards) the scientific theory of biological evolution, and also help them persuade [Read More...]

2009 Bibliobloggers’ Dinner in New Orleans

For those who will be attending the bibliobloggers’ dinner at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in New Orleans this year, Jim West has provided directions as well as a photo that will clarify how to reach the location if you are skydiving to it. [Read more...]

Be A Hero: Change The Future

I loved the part of the last episode of Heroes [SPOILER WARNING] where Hiro repeatedly goes back in time to try to prevent events from unfolding in which an employee of his family corporation photocopied a certain part of his body, got fired, and then wants to kill himself by throwing himself off the building. [Read More...]

Living Outside Eden

The Lead asked a question about how those of us who don’t treat “the Fall” as a literal description of a historical event do interpret it. Here’s what I wrote: If by “the Fall” what is being referred to is the story in Genesis 3, then I understand it as about “adam” in the Hebrew [Read More...]

Oddities of English

Karyn Traphagen has shared a selection of English sentences that show why no one should ever view English as easy and other languages as more difficult by comparison. [Read more...]

Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part Fourteen

It’s time to continue my ongoing review of John H. Walton’s book The Lost World of Genesis One (and to express my gratitude to IVP for sending me a gratis copy). Proposition 14 makes a point with potentially wide ramifications, namely that it is inappropriate to distinguish God’s roles as creator and sustainer too starkly. [Read More...]

Not Paid For Or Endorsed By The Organization For Truth In Biblioblogging

A new FTC guideline on “endorsements” singles oug blogs for attention. Here are some examples from relevant sections of the FTC’s Endorsement Guides Notice: …a blogger could receive merchandise from a marketer with a request to review it, but with no compensation paid other than the value of the product itself. In this situation, whether [Read More...]

The Bible Around The Blogosphere

Such a substantial number of posts related to the Bible, its interpretation, its historical accuracy and various other subjects of interest have appeared on blogs I read over the past few hours, that a round-up seemed in order. First, there’s a post at A God-Sized Puzzle which continues a series inspired by some images I [Read More...]

We Didn’t Start The Fire: Church History in Four Minutes

This video, offering church history in 4 minutes to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, seemed worth sharing: HT Irenic Thoughts [Read more...]

Of Absent and Jilted Husbands in the Bible

I’ve long been struck by the total lack of polemic in Amos against Ba’al and other deities, a polemic that typifies his close contemporary Hosea, and which will be taken up by the later prophetic tradition and eventually come to characterize much other Biblical literature (in particular the Deuteronomic material). It is now becoming clear [Read More...]

The Bible: More Than A Book vs. Not Even A TV Show

I realized after writing the previous post that reference to a more familiar medium of communication might be more apt to the point I was making. TV shows in the present day almost always have more than one writer involved. Devoted fans watch shows repeatedly and discuss the coherence of the evolving narrative, apparent discrepancies [Read More...]