Mark Goodacre Visits Israel

Mark Goodacre’s words about his recent trip to Israel echo my own sentiments: “I have always wanted to travel to Israel, of course. Until recently, I have had neither time nor opportunity to do it, to say nothing of the cost.” I hope that it won’t be too long until I’ll be able to offer a blog [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (This Explains A LOT!)

“As you probably realize anyway, whenever I do interact with someone like McGrath, I am not really addressing them.” – Neil Godfrey, in a comment on his latest blog post Am I the only one who thinks this explains a lot? [Read more...]


Joel Watts decided to make something I said in an e-mail his “Quote of the Day.” I presume it would be inappropriate to quote myself as a “quote of the day” here, and so I’ll just share the link in case anyone is interested. [Read more...]

Doctor Who on Love and Lodging

The latest piece in the series about this season of Doctor Who is up at Religion Dispatches, with contributions by Gabriel McKee and yours truly. [Read more...]

Review of The Historical Jesus: Five Views. Learning the Human Jesus by Luke Timothy Johnson

The next chapter of The Historical Jesus: Five Views is by Luke Timothy Johnson, and its main thrust is to offer a treatment of the Gospels as literature as a better way to approach the historical figure of Jesus. Johnson presents two opposing extremes, those who approach Jesus by faith through prayer and worship as the exalted [Read More...]

Larry Hurtado on James Dunn’s Latest Book

Larry Hurtado has posted on his blog about Jimmy Dunn’s most recent book, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?: The New Testament Evidence He has not read the published version yet, but read a pre-publication draft, and shares some thoughts on it. I’d like to offer one comment about Larry’s blog post: There does indeed appear to [Read More...]

Church in Cartoons

Richard Hall shared a link to this cartoon by Dave Walker about what really goes on in church and Sunday school: And on a more somber note, David Hayward compares ancient and modern perspectives on what happens to you when you lose your faith: [Read more...]

Exploring Our Matrix for Kindle!

You can now subscribe to Exploring Our Matrix for Kindle for the low price of $1.99. I don’t know how many readers have Kindles and will find this advantageous, but if you read this blog on that device, do let me know how you find it! [Read more...]

Larry Hurtado Has A Blog!

I am delighted to share the news that Larry Hurtado has a blog. Most readers will be familiar with this name, but if you aren’t, Larry W. Hurtado is Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I am sure that all the Biblical scholars and readers interested [Read More...]

Once More On The Resemblance Between Mythicism And Creationism

Neil Godfrey has a post in which he once again makes fun of my name (at least more creatively than last time), but also provides an opportunity for himself and his commenters to illustrate once more how mythicism and creationism are similar. He questioned my suggestion that, whereas in a US court of law “hearsay” [Read More...]

Super Mario Violin

Talk about crossover – here’s the music from Super Mario Bros. played on the violin! Mario On The Violin (Live) @ Yahoo! Video [Read more...]

Romanian Archaeological Resources

Ancient World On-Line shared three Romanian archaeology journals, and given my Romanian connections and interests, I thought I should share them. Peuce (Museum of the Danube Delta)Revista Pontica (Constanţa Museum of National History and Archaeology)Analele Banatului (Banat Museum, Timişoara) [Read more...]

Surprisingly Swedish Saturday

On Saturday (if I say either “yesterday” or “today” it will be confusing since it just turned midnight) I drove to IKEA to buy some shelves that are being discontinued and are thus on sale. For the trip (more than three hours each way) I took along language learning materials on CD, including the Pimsleur [Read More...]

LOLCats Protest DOGmatism in Society of BibLOLcats Literature

Jim Linville has posted a lengthy consideration not only of the recent piece by Ronald Hendel about SBL, but also subsequent online discussion thereof (there has been quite a bit even since I last offered a roundup). As usual, he comments not only with intelligence and insight but also humor, largely in the form of LOLcats. Some [Read More...]