Daniel Kirk Reviews The Only True God

Daniel Kirk has just posted a review of my book The Only True God. Do take a look! [Read more...]


Daniel McClellan shared a link to a web site with publications by Emanuel Tov which he has made available freely online. My first attempts to get there didn’t work. As it turns out, the site is “optimized” for Firefox, which seems to mean it won’t load with Internet Explorer. So I’ve installed Firefox. In the [Read More...]

Keener Quote

Matthew Montinoni shared the following quote from Craig Keener’s recent book, which I thought worth passing along: Indeed, to assume from silence that Paul did not know the Jesus tradition because he does not cite it more explicitly and more often is almost analogous to assuming that the writer of 1 John was unaware of [Read More...]

Larry Hurtado: How Did Jesus Become A God?

HT Polycarp [Read more...]

A Project Steve for Historical Jesus Studies?

A recent comment asked whether there is as much disagreement about evolution as there is about the historical Jesus. In one sense, there isn’t disagreement about the bare fact of either, except that there are more people with books, blogs, and even a couple with relevant degrees who dispute evolution. But among the vast majority [Read More...]

Creationism: the Opium of which People?

John Lynch shared this image originally from Surviving the World: Steve Martin has thoughts on being an evolutionary creationist in a confessionally Reformed church. Mark Vernon has a provocative post on the “politics of evolution.” John Pieret shares some thoughts by Michael Ruse about philosophers and Darwin. I also want to mention that I saw [Read More...]

Mozart’s Tabletop Duet

The idea is simply brilliant. One sheet of music. One violinist reads it from one side, the other reads it from the other, each starting on opposite ends. And it works! Oh, that Mozart… [Read more...]

Mentioning Multiple Media

A number of resources in a number of different media and formats have come to my attention today. Trimegistos has a number of online publications about Egyptian sources which can be downloaded. Daily Motion has a two-part documentary about Coptic Christians from Al-Jazeera. Mark Goodacre shared the Michael Goulder memorial address in mp3 and pdf [Read More...]

Intelligently-Designed Narratives: Mythicism as History-Stopper

One category of mythicists, like young-earth creationists, have no hesitation about offering their own explanation of who made up Christianity. They may not always be very specific (or even remotely plausible for that matter) but they do not hesitate to offer an “explanation” of sorts: Christianity began when people borrowed motifs from myths about Horus, [Read More...]

“Radical” Theology and No-Nonsense Spirituality

Some colleagues and I gathered at a local theological discussion venue to discuss Richard Grigg’s book Beyond the God Delusion: How Radical Theology Harmonizes Science and Religion this past Friday. One of the things that quickly came up was the notion of “radical theology.” Grigg advocates a form of pantheism which embraces science wholeheartedly and eschews [Read More...]

Dilettante Exegete on Dilettante Mythicism

Rick Sumner is the latest to jump into the fray and join the discussion of mythicism. [Read more...]

Mythicist Quote of the Day (Neil Godfrey)

“Exegesis of a narrative cannot magically conjure up evidence for the historical reality of the narrative…Sanders is merely attempting to calculate what narrative details are more or less likely to make sense of the larger plot, given the assumption that the narrative originated largely from “traditions” going back to an historical Jesus. Historicity itself is [Read More...]

Puff The Friendly Smoke Monster

E! has an interesting interview with Terry O’Quinn, who plays John Locke (and of course now plays the smoke monster). [Read more...]

Hector Avalos Interview

Thanks to Sabio Lantz for pointing out that Common Sense Atheism has an interview with Hector Avalos, in which Hector talks about his religious background (he was once a child evangelist!) among other things. His treatment of the role of Biblical translations in hiding rather than communicating what the Bible says is particularly poignant. [Read more...]