The Temporary Burial of Jesus

Christians have historically believed that Jesus’ burial was temporary – but that is not what this post is about. A historical/archaeological question is whether Jesus’ burial was supposed to be temporary – the tomb in which he was placed being a burial place for criminals, in which bodies would be placed, allowed to decompose, and then [Read More...]

Technology, Teaching, Scholarship – and Surprises

The Stoa Consortium shares evidence that open access scholarship gets cited more frequently in other scholarly literature – yet one more argument in its favor. The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World discusses the relationship between blogging, peer review, and scholarly research and publication, with a concrete example of material that was blogged, presented, and published. [Read More...]

Evangelicals and Evolution

At BioLogos, Evangelical biologist Dennis Vennema continues to present evidence for common ancestry. At Jesus Creed, the series on the implications of modern science (including but not limited to evolution) for Christian theology continues. At Religion Dispatches, Lauri Lebo reports on the attack on science textbooks in Louisiana. [Read more...]

Responding to Larry Hurtado’s Review

Let me begin by saying once again how much I appreciate Larry Hurtado taking the time to review my book The Only True God and for sharing his review on his blog. I thought it would be worth making just a few points in response, in the hope that I can clarify my own viewpoint, [Read More...]

God, Geocentrism and Gravity-Denial

Panda’s Thumb offers scientific evidence against geocentrism, with cool astronomy pictures that illustrate the point. And John Loftus shared a couple of videos about young-earth creationism, and why gravity-denial is a necessary corollary of it. Many will say that the heart of the matter is whether God lied to humanity in the Bible. But that’s [Read More...]

Petition for the Mandaeans

A petition has been created to lobby for the Mandaeans still suffering persecution in Iraq and elsewhere to be allowed to emigrate to the United States as refugees. Please take the time to sign it, and to spread the word! var Care2P_Parameters=["", "small", "single", "1007", "0", "#7cbb42", "#eb6924", "#c739e"]; [Read more...]

The Hebrew Bible’s Hidden Message

This post isn’t about messages supposedly hidden in the Bible in “Bible code” fashion. But there is something in Scripture that is not strictly speaking hidden, and yet many of us fail to see it, at least initially. What I’m referring to is this: In the Hebrew Bible, there seems to be very little concern that [Read More...]

Fringe: LOST with Answers

Anyone who loved LOST really ought to be watching that other creation of J. J. Abrams, Fringe, if they aren’t already. It isn’t exactly the same show, but it might be useful (given the theme of parallel universes on Fringe) to think of Fringe as LOST in a parallel universe’s version. It explores many similar [Read More...]

The End Isn’t Near

HT Danut Manastireanu [Read more...]

Facebook and the Future of Instructional Technology

Bob Cargill offers a reflection on the announcement that Facebook will soon offer e-mail. Here are some of his thoughts on the implications for technology in higher education: As far as higher education is concerned, the first company sync Facebook profiles with university class rosters, harness Google Docs, YouTube, and Wikipedia into a Moodle-style content management [Read More...]

Dante’s Darksiders

The Lead shared links to posts and articles on a variety of religiously-themed video games. One that didn’t get a mention there, and which a student in my class on the Book of Revelation is going to be blogging about soon, is called Darksiders. It is loosely connected to the Book of Revelation, or so [Read More...]

Herding Cats and Conspiracy Theorists

HT to Tom Verenna for pointing out a blog post at Muertos’s Blog which explains how academia works and why conspiracy theories that dismiss or try to bypass it are not to be taken seriously. The mythicist views of Acharya S./D.M. Murdock get singled out for treatment, among other examples. [Read more...]

James Tabor on the Jesus son of Pantera Traditions

James Tabor has a blog entry on the traditions about Jesus son of Pantera. This topic, and the related question of Jesus’ father and his status as legitimate or illegitimate, is one I explored in my article “Was Jesus illegitimate? The evidence of his social interactions.“ [Read more...]

Don’t Trust Paul on Marriage

The blog Prophetic Progress has a provocative entry suggesting that Paul’s thinking on marriage is something that we should simply disagree with. Take a look, have a read, and share what you think! [Read more...]