Baptists and Atheists in Agreement: Separation of Church and State

I spent quite a bit of time today recording a phone interview with Luke Muehlhauser for a podcast that will appear on Common Sense Atheism. It touched on my “Golden Rule approach” to historical study and interaction with other traditions, as well as evolution, the Clergy Letter Project, and much else. While we certainly have [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (John Hobbins)

“It is a known fact that Bible thumpers don’t know what they’re thumping.” – John Hobbins, “Camille Paglia has a case of Bible-envy“, Ancient Hebrew Poetry [Read more...]

From The Archives: Let God Be True And Every Young-Earth Creationist A Liar

I thought that, since Romans 3:4 has come up in comments on a recent post on this subject, I would repost this blog entry from a couple of years ago, since it highlights that young-earth creationists, in spite of their emphasis on creation, actually make the Creator out to be a liar: Is “creation science” [Read More...]

Ken Ham Makes No Attempt To Refute My Accusation

Today I had it drawn to my attention that none other than Ken Ham himself has taken notice of some of my recent posts about young-earth creationism. He makes no attempt to answer (much less refute) my accusation that the peddling of pseudoscience distracts from things that Christians are commanded to stand for. And apparently [Read More...]

Worship Parody

Having mentioned the subject of music, praise and worship recently, I thought I should share this parody video (HT Bob Cargill and Scot McKnight). “Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo. [Read more...]

FlashForward and CourseCorrection

Last night’s episode of FlashForward mentioned key ideas that are also discussed on LOST, and did so using the same terminology: the universe “course correcting” and the question whether the influence of the future on the present is the same thing as destiny. I’m curious whether these are features of the novel Flash Forward by [Read More...]

Manifesto: Hope Over Doubt

A colleague at Butler University has gotten students to create manifestos, and I thought that this one was particularly worth sharing here. [Read more...]

Lost Untangled and Slapdown

The latest installment of Lost: Slapdown features muppets asking Damon and Carlton a key LOST-related question and having it answered – while raising another mystery. And here’s the latest LOST: Untangled: HT IO9 [Read more...]

P4: Progressive/Panentheist Praise Project

I made a remark in a comment, as seriously as I ever am about anything, but merely in passing, curious whether anyone would find the idea interesting. Since someone did, I decided to post about it and see if I can get a sense of just how much interest there is, and whether a blog [Read More...]

America: A Nation of Sodomites

“Only this was the sin of your sister Sodom: arrogance! She and her daughters had plenty of bread and untroubled tranquility, yet she did not support the poor and the needy.” – Ezekiel 16:49 [Read more...]

Marc Oromaner’s Lost In Myth: Are You A Candidate?

I’ve linked to Marc Oromaner’s posts about LOST before. As the series nears its end, his thoughts often help clue fans in to themes from and connections with religion and classical mythology. His latest post begins: “Wanna know why the Man In Black is really trapped on the island? It’s not because he’s malevolence, evil, [Read More...]

The Original Star Wars Trilogy Retold In Two Minutes Using Legos

HT Mashable via Twitter [Read more...]


Blag Hag has shared photos of vandalism perpetrated against a non-theist group at Purdue University here in Indiana. Seriously, how can anyone think that they will win someone to Christianity by painting on their stuff or defacing it with a magic marker? Graffiti? Spam? Obscenity-filled e-mails, hate mail, and threats? How can anyone seriously believe that these [Read More...]

Faith, Doubt and Reason – and Darth Vader

I’ll be teaching a freshman course on Faith, Doubt and Reason next academic year. I’ll have to find a way of using this picture at some point. HT Scotteriology [Read more...]