From Blurflurgh to Homo Reptilia: The Latest Doctor Who Media Club

On a related note, the latest of the Doctor Who Media Club pieces at Religion Dispatches has appeared. This one is focused on the episode “Cold Blood” and includes contributions by Gabriel McKee and I. [Read more...]


Unreasonable Faith has a post that offers (from the blog Irreducible Complexity) a hilarious summary of a very common sci-fi plot, and then relates it to a recent post over here. It brings religion and science fiction together, in a thought-provoking way. So click through and learn about the blurflurgh…before it flemmoxates! [Read more...]

An Abnormally Interesting Lexicon Of Scholarly Usage

Duane Smith has shared fragments from a “Lexicon of Scholarly Usage” that he remembers encountering at some point. Some of these “definitions” are priceless. •“et al.” = “plus some people I’ve never heard of,” or, in some contexts, “my co-authors.”•“apud” = “I’m too lazy to fine the original so I’ll quote it from someone else.” [Read More...]

Review of A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible

I am really grateful to have received a gratis review copy of A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible. This is an incredibly useful resource for those who want a printed Protestant Bible, including the Old and New Testaments, in the original languages and in a single volume. It was in fact produced simply by combining [Read More...]

Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

There have been a lot of interesting posts on blogs today, but I want to highlight one of them in particular, given my ongoing interest in subjects like the historical Jesus, Christology and monotheism. Andrew Perriman has a post about whether Jesus claimed to be God. There’s a lot of food for thought and discussion, [Read More...]

NT Wrong Archives of 2008-2009

I was pleased to find out a few moments ago that the archive of NT Wrong’s biblioblogging for 2008-2009 has been made available online once again. Take a look, reminisce, and remember the good old days… [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Philip Gulley)

“Isn’t it odd? Christians created a theological scenario that placed the soul of every person at risk of eternal damnation. To counter that threat, we interpreted the life and death of Jesus in a particular way, then spent billions of dollars battling the threat we created. Wouldn’t it just be easier to stop perpetuating the [Read More...]

Thoughts on Agora

The movie Agora is worth seeing just for the beautiful recreation of ancient Alexandria alone. The sets are stunning. The story likewise is worth seeing, although not if one is going to make the mistake of thinking that there is historical evidence for all of its details. The movie is based on a real historical [Read More...]

Ancient Writing Systems in the Mediterranean

Via Jim Getz and AWOL (The Ancient World Online) I learned today of the site Mnamon, which is dedicated to the study of ancient writing systems used in the Mediterranean world. It is mostly links to other sites, but having links to a variety of online resources (alphabets, language-learning materials, literature, fonts and so on) [Read More...]


Responding to the mention of this program by several other bloggers, I tried Dropbox, and I have to say I am pleased with it. Up until now, my solution to working on documents on multiple computers was the thumb drive, and I expect that I will continue to use it. But it was very nice [Read More...]

Faces of the Clergy Letter Project

The Clergy Letter Project has a new feature on its web site, “Faces of the Clergy Letter Project,” which provides more about those who have signed the Clergy Letter and their perspective on science and faith. The first person listed is Lori Bievenour, a local minister who is a Butler graduate and on the College of [Read More...]

Toto Africa Keyboard Solo

In attempts to relax between working on project budget revisions and other stressful activities, I’ve been working on learning the solos to a couple of pop songs. One is Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is” and the other is “Africa” by Toto. Here’s a first attempt at recording myself playing the keyboard solo. It is [Read More...]


I just watched the movie Legion. I think it is perhaps best described as a “theological horror movie.” And by that, I don’t just mean that it is a horror movie that explores theological realms, but that it offers a “theological horror,” as it were. What is the horror that it envisages? One that has [Read More...]

Blogging Roundup: It Is Critical That SBL Remain Critical

Professor Ronald S. Hendel posted a controversial article about why he allowed his Society of Biblical Literature membership to lapse. He is concerned that a certain religious outlook which allows faith to trump or circumvent scholarship is coming to predominate, and that this change in outlook in what is supposed to be a scholarly organization [Read More...]