Worshipping God and the King (A Neglected Verse in a Not-So-Great Trinity Debate)

I have been glancing at, but not following very closely, the “Great Trinity Debate” taking place over at Parchment and Pen. But skimming Rob Bowman’s concluding post, I saw a familiar name – my own! And so I took a closer look. Alas, what I found there was an assertion that I am wrong (not [Read More...]

Grading Rubric

From PHD Comics (HT Jim Getz). I’ll be thinking about whether to put the above comic on my syllabi… [Read more...]

Eureka – Departure (from Shackleton’s Voyage)

If you like Mike Oldfield, or Vangelis, or both, then you probably should try Eureka‘s album Shackleton’s Voyage. Here’s a sample: Frank Bossert is the musician behind the album. And if you’ve never heard music by Mike Oldfield, here’s your chance: http://embed.trilulilu.ro/audio/iulian_motan/c369ff0876a444.swf [Read more...]

Teach the Controversy: Global Warming vs. Biblical Armaggedonism

Enjoy this video from The Onion. It was too relevant to themes on this blog not to share it. Apologies for the rude language in the final seconds! http://media.theonion.com/flash/video/onn_player.swf?videoid=17491&embedded=true&host=http://www.theonion.comChristian Groups: Biblical Armageddon Must Be Taught Alongside Global Warming [Read more...]

I Want My (Dose of James McGrath Talking about LOST on) MTV (News)

Today I did an interview with MTV news about the LOST finale and in particular some of the religious ideas and imagery connected with the “flash sideways universe.” The result is the article by Eric Ditzian, “‘Lost’ Finale: Experts Talk Impact Of Religion On The Island.” If you read it, let me know what you [Read More...]

George Enescu on Trilulilu (More Free Online Music)

Via a Romanian blog I came across via Academia.edu, I discovered another source of online music: Trilulilu. Here are some pieces by Romania’s best-known composer, George Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody No.1http://embed.trilulilu.ro/audio/hrista19aida/2a2dbbe14f7ce0.swf Romanian Rhapsody No.2http://embed.trilulilu.ro/audio/hrista19aida/40b37070a5bb88.swf Poema Romanahttp://embed.trilulilu.ro/audio/daryus30/4edc4e90d0e126.swf Ballade for Violinhttp://embed.trilulilu.ro/audio/oceanflower1/f6fd820b117e27.swfAsculta mai multe audio Muzica Unfortunately details about the performers are often not provided. [Read more...]

Doctor Who and Planetary Profiling

The latest installment in the Doctor Who Media Club series has been posted at Religion Dispatches with contributions by Gabriel McKee and myself. [Read more...]

LOST Places In The Heart: Making sense of LOST now that it is over (SPOILERS!)

In this post I will begin the process of putting into words my reflections about LOST, and will mention and discuss the details of the finale. And so if you have yet to see the finale, and are trying to avoid SPOILERS, then you should probably bookmark this post and come back later. It is [Read More...]

Last LOST (no spoilers)

People on the West coast of the United States have yet to see the finale, never mind people in other parts of the world. And so I’m not going to say anything about the finale just yet. Plus it requires some reflection and digesting. So the post is spoiler free, but feel free to talk [Read More...]

Talk from the Clarence L. Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature Installation Ceremony

At long last I am able to share the talk I gave at the ceremony at which I was installed as the Clarence L. Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University. The talk had to be broken up into three separate videos because of YouTube’s restriction on the maximum length. Here’s [Read More...]

What LOST is Really About

DocArtz has predictions about how LOST will end while religion professor S. Brent Plate explains what the LOST finale is really about. And on the humorous side, Nik at Nite shared this video with unnecessarily censored dialogue: If nothing else, that video illustrates the importance of openness, transparency and honesty. Our imagination has a tendency [Read More...]

Quoted Twice about LOST in the Journal Sentinel (plus more funny LOST videos)

Journalist Duane Dudek quotes me in two articles he wrote about LOST: “To the end, fans lost in TV’s ‘Lost’” and “Lost Theories Revealed.” Also on the topic of LOST, Nik at Nite has a recap of Damon and Carlton live. Jacob touched Jimmy Kimmel when he was in high school: Michael Emerson makes everything ominous: Movie [Read More...]

Quote of the Day: Jacob’s Thoughts On The LOST Series Finale

“It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” – Jacob, commenting on “The End“, the final episode of LOST [Read more...]

Word of the Day: Contextectomy

Jay (in a comment on a recent post) used the term “contextectomy” and I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with a wider audience. I am not sure if it is original to him (I have a vague sense that I may have heard it used before, but I may be [Read More...]