The Bible: Pure or Special Blend?

I think another aspect typical of inerrantist approaches to the Bible interfered with communication in a recent discussion of the subject of “literalism” in the comments on an earlier post. There I asked about the specific meaning, in context, of Matthew 16:28. One commenter kept trying to turn the discussion onto the breadth of possible [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Andrew Brown)

“When I became a religious affairs correspondent, and started to meet Christian intellectuals, I came to realise that some at least believed nothing I found abhorrent or ridiculous. They no more take the Bible as a work of history than I do. There were some with whom I could and can talk seriously in the [Read More...]

Latest Dharma Special Access Video

The latest Dharma Special Access video has been posted. They tend to be up only a short while and then disappear again, so LOST fans will want to hurry over there and find out what they have to say about Christian Shepherd’s white shoes (and whether inside them he has four toes on each foot). [Read more...]

Inerrancy in Poster Form

Above I offer my understanding of inerrancy’s circular logic in poster form. I apologize if my statements about “literalism” and “inerrancy” are not couched in the language of friendly dialogue that I usually strive for. But the truth is that supporters of these viewpoints bully other Christians, and make them feel as though they are [Read More...]

Fans on Facebook and Tunes on YouTube

I’ve created pages for two of my favorite composers on Facebook, Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Kurt Magnus Atterberg. If there are fans of Geirr Tveitt numbering in the double digits, and even another fan of Gunnar de Frumerie, I figure I should add these two into the mix. For those looking for an introduction, you [Read More...]

The Bible’s Greatest Hits

Some people are fans of a band, while others, when they say they like the band, know only its greatest hits, the songs that make it onto the radio and onto compilation CDs. Those who say they like all of a band’s songs, like those who claim that the Bible is inerrant in every detail, [Read More...]

Limits of Literalism

Literalism as an approach to the Bible has its limits. For most people who claim to practice this approach to the Bible, the limit is really, really badly not wanting the literal meaning of a text to be true. A case in point is Matthew 16:28, which says (NIV): “I tell you the truth, some [Read More...]

O Holy Night

Here’s a video of my son and I performing O Holy Night on Christmas eve: [Read more...]

Latest Science Fiction Episodes

If you’ve never watched LOST, here’s a video that will fill you in on what’s happened thus far. Maybe you’ll be hooked and want to start watching in Season 5 (and rent or borrow the earlier seasons on DVD or watch them online): And here’s the latest webisode of Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the [Read More...]

Incarnation in Luke-Acts and in John?

Today in my Sunday School class, in which we’re currently surveying the Gospels as part of the “Jesus” topic of the “When Christians Disagree” series, we reached Luke’s two-volume work. Luke’s Gospel differs in lots of interesting ways from the others, but its Christology is particularly interesting, since Luke is usually dated to the late [Read More...]

Naughty Christians of the Bible

Albert Mohler (HT Shuck and Jive) posted the following in a recent blog entry: “Can a true Christian deny the virgin birth? The answer to that question must be a decisive No. Those who deny the virgin birth reject the authority of Scripture, deny the supernatural birth of the Savior, undermine the very foundations of [Read More...]

On the Trail of NT Wrong: Roundup

My quest for the historical NT Wrong began on a whim, after being surprised how often the subject of NT Wrong’s identity came up in conversation with other bibliobloggers. I decided to take some of the extremely implausible theories I’d had fun concocting in my mind and share them with a wider audience. I ignored [Read More...]

Our Daily Neologism

It is well known to New Testament scholars (and for the most part completely unknown to almost everyone else who prays the Lord’s Prayer) that the word translated “daily” is a Greek word the meaning of which is uncertain. It is certainly a strong piece of evidence for the connection between the Gospels of Matthew [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (The Internet Theologian)

“There is one thing in the world I love above all others: accuracy. Particularly, accuracy on the subject of Christianity. For years, I have patrolled the byways of the World Wide Web to correct errors, right wrongs, do battle with ignorance, and make fun of people with bad grammar.” – Tom Breen (aka “The Internet [Read More...]