Our Neighbor Andromeda

Phil Plait shared the new photo below of a galaxy most of us have seen before, but never looking quite like this. This photo of the Andromeda galaxy was taken by WISE, NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. [Read more...]

Forthcoming from Jimmy Dunn: Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

The next book from James D. G. Dunn, due out in a few months’ time, is Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?: The New Testament Evidence. I’m sure that many others who share my interest in monotheism and Christology will be eagerly looking forward to its release. I had a chance to read a draft [Read More...]

The John, Jesus and History Project

There is an article in The Bible and Interpretation about the “John, Jesus and History” project which has been running for several years at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meetings and has produced lots of interesting conference papers as well as two published volumes so far. [Read more...]

Bluffer’s Guide to Being a Christian

The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus has this gem today: [Read more...]

LOST Ash Wednesday

Since today is Ash Wednesday, I thought I’d provide a post with a couple of screencaps from recent episodes where ash has featured prominently. Feel free to talk about LOST, ash in the Bible, Ash from Pokemon, or anything else that seems relevant… [Read more...]

Unreasonable Faith and Jesus’ Existence

If you’re not getting a sufficient dose of mythicism and the historical figure of Jesus here, the discussion has spread to the blog Unreasonable Faith. Do pay a visit and join in, if you’re so inclined! [Read more...]

LOST Choice

Is it just me, or was tonight’s episode quite possibly one of the best ever, or at least in a long time? We’ve begun to get answers, although as always not without more mysteries. Who was that boy running through the jungle? Who makes the rules? But what we were served up was a treat, [Read More...]

More Mythicist-Creationist Parallels: Messiahs, Wisdom and Jesus

I am grateful that Neil Godfrey reminded me in a recent post of yet more parallels between mythicism and creationism. First, it seems that one can never successfully keep one’s denial of mainstream scholarship limited to one specific, narrow field. Knowledge is so intertwined that one cannot deny biological evolution without challenging our conclusions about geology, [Read More...]

Blogging About Evolution and Creationism (a literal 24 hour day’s worth)

There have been a lot of interesting posts related to topics like evolution and creationism in the past 24 hours, so I thought I should share some links. Steve Matheson continues blogging through Signature in the Cell. Steve Martin introduces a new guest post series on Evangelicals, Evolution and the Church. Undeception discusses evolution and evangel(ical)ism. [Read More...]

Semitic Language Excitement!

The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library purchased two items I recommended for acquisition, the Pimsleur Level III courses in Eastern Arabic and (modern) Hebrew. I was able to pick them up today. I’m eager to get back to working on them! At the Midwest SBL meeting, I only purchased one book: the revised Sokoloff Syriac [Read More...]

Superman Was A Methodist

GakuseiDon left a comment on an earlier post with a link to this fantastic, fascinating and apparently comprehensive list of the religious affiliations of superheroes. Plenty of fodder for discussion there! [Read more...]

Bultmann’s Theology on YouTube

Jim West pointed out this video of a talk about Rudolf Bultmann and his theology by David Fergusson: [Read more...]

Blogging the Midwest Society of Biblical Literature Conference

I didn’t, but other bloggers did. Brian Tucker spent so much time blogging the conference that I never even saw him. Nijay Gupta and Peter Bekins have also blogged about the conference. [Read more...]

Inspired Prophets and Lying Spirits

Today in my class on the Bible, we started the subject of “the Prophets.” Although we had already covered the “former prophets” aka the Deuteronomistic History, this was our first direct look at the phenomenon of prophecy. Since the student who presented addressed the subject of “false prophets” I shared with the class the story [Read More...]