Review of The Historical Jesus: Five Views

Here are the links to the sections of my review of The Historical Jesus: Five Views edited by James K. Beilby and Paul R. Eddy (Intervarsity Press, 2009): IntroductionChapter 1: Robert M. PriceChapter 2: John Dominic CrossanChapter 3: Luke Timothy JohnsonChapter 4: James D. G. DunnChapter 5: Darrell L. Bock [Read more...]

Review of The Historical Jesus: Five Views. The Historical Jesus: An Evangelical View by Darrell L. Bock

The final chapter in The Historical Jesus: Five Views is by Darrell Bock and represents a conservative Evangelical perspective on the topic of the historical Jesus. Bock begins by noting that some would regard this as an oxymoron. From the one side, the Evangelical view of Scripture might be argued to be incompatible with critical historical inquiry, [Read More...]

Kyrie Eleison

Wolfgang’s Vault just released a playlist with some hits from the 80s, 1984-1986 to be precise, including this one: [Read more...]

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology Depicted

IO9 shared this beautiful artistic depiction by Michael Paulkner of the way ancient Israelites (including the authors of Biblical texts) viewed the cosmos: There’s a lot more by him on Flickr, including a depiction of Ptolemy’s cosmology. [Read more...]

Biblical Scholarship Around the Blogosphere

A few links seem particularly worth mentioning. First, Israel Finkelstein has a web page which includes some of his articles (HT Jim West). The Bible and Interpretation has an article on linguistic dating of texts in the Hebrew Bible. Papers for the Paul and Scripture section at this year’s SBL will be made available online [Read More...]

Mythicism, Intelligent Design, Courts and Sports

One thing cannot be reasonably denied. Mainstream historical Jesus scholarship (I am not, of course, referring to pseudoscholarly works of apologetics masquerading as something more serious) uses the same methods as mainstream historical study. Those who study early Christianity, those who study Jewish history, those who study Hellenistic and Roman history, those who study any [Read More...]

Mythicism: Where’s the Birth Certificate?

A recent comment from a well-known skeptic asked about the “crazification factor” for mythicism. I don’t know what it is, but here’s a photo from a recent mythicist rally that may give some indication. Presumably the only response I can offer to Mythicist True BelieversTM is this: [Read more...]

Believing and Doubting

There is nothing that is countered by enough evidence that some people will not still manage to believe it. There is nothing that is supported by enough evidence that some people will not still manage to doubt it. [Read more...]

Why I Find Mythicism Disturbing in a Nutshell

A discussion on Facebook of my recent blog post helped me distill the essence of what disturbs me about mythicism. Here it is in a nutshell: This is why I find mythicism so disturbing. There is a willingness to bring in any and every late source to attempt to argue against Jesus’ existence, but resistance [Read More...]

Jesus Probably Existed: The Argument From Mythicism

Although I don’t think this accurately describes the situation, for the sake of argument, let’s assume for the moment that the evidence for the existence of Jesus, or the criteria for evaluating the evidence, is such that the question of Jesus’ existence cannot be answered one way or the other. The evidence is precisely balanced: he could [Read More...]

Mandaean Texts Online

I learned today from Dr. Brian Mubaraki that he has set up a blog on which he has made available as pdfs a number of Mandaic texts that he has had typed and published. I am sure that all those who study Mandaean texts will join me in expressing gratitude to Dr. Mubaraki for making these [Read More...]

Evidence and Evolution, Faith and Facts

Jerry Coyne has posted a link to a new survey which seems to confirm the results of other surveys about knowledge of science, acceptance or rejection of mainstream science, and other related topics in the United States. I’m astonished by his confidence that atheism is the key to combatting antievolutionism and other forms of anti-scientific [Read More...]

Hurtado on the Ending of the Gospel of Mark

Larry Hurtado mentioned on his blog that he has shared several more essays, including a piece about the ending of Mark’s Gospel that I was already in the process of reading in its published form! And so given my interest in the ending of Mark, I thought I’d mention this here. [Read more...]

Review of The Historical Jesus: Five Views. Remembering Jesus by James D. G. Dunn

James D. G. Dunn’s chapter in The Historical Jesus: Five Views is entitled “Remembering Jesus: How The Quest of the Historical Jesus Lost Its Way.” Dunn begins by mentioning his book Jesus Remembered and then turning attention to three “protests” and “proposals” which are made in that book, but which are in danger of being overlooked [Read More...]