This is for those who weren’t able to attend the Goodwin chair installation ceremony and are curious what I talked about: [Read more...]

God in Little Green Flesh?

Today in the religion and sci-fi class, we discussed some of the theological issues that arise at the intersection between Christianity and extraterrestrial intelligence, if the latter exists. The student who presented found a phenomenal number of images relevant to the subject. This one (found online here) is my favorite, as it sums up one [Read More...]

Is There Evidence For Mythicism?

The ongoing conversation has shown yet another parallel between mythicism and creationism. On the one hand, it seems increasingly clear that there is strictly speaking no “evidence” for mythicism. Positive evidence for mythicism would presumably involve some actual indication that someone somewhere invented the story of Jesus, not merely as the novelistic historical fiction that [Read More...]

Not All Atheists Are Mythicists

John Loftus has posted on the fact that not all atheists are mythicists. He offers some examples, as well as asking why mythicism seems to be gaining so much popularity and credence among atheists nowadays. The comments thus far are what you might expect: assertions about the alleged strengths of mythicism’s case, and still no [Read More...]

Oldest Bibles Online

Via the library I’ve been informed or reminded that two of our oldest Bible codices, the Aleppo Codex (the oldest complete Hebrew Bible) and Codex Sinaiticus (which includes the oldest complete Greek New Testament), are available online. [Read more...]

LOST: The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything

Here’s a thought about LOST. It is a theory, not a spoiler, but I think I may be on to something. The “candidates” have all been given numbers. Two things need to be noticed. First, one of them is numbered “42″ and I’m quite certain that the producers chose knowing full well that 42 is [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Shai is using Google Earth to map the literature and artifacts of religious groups in Babylonia, including the Mandaeans. LacusCurtius and Livius have a blog post about Philemon and slavery in the Greco-Roman world. Andie Byrnes shares another review of Roger Bagnall’s Early Christian Books in Egypt. She also shares a link to an online [Read More...]


I’ll say more about the Goodwin ceremony on some other occasion. For now I just want to mention that at one point in the ceremony I had what may be the most nervewracking experience a professor can have. The university president…suddenly started quoting my blog, in detail, at length! I share this as a reminder of a danger that [Read More...]

Politics LOST

It is at the intersection of LOST and Indiana (not to mention national politics) and so I obviously had to share this cartoon by Gary Varvel from today’s Indianapolis Star: [Read more...]

Our Neighbor Andromeda

Phil Plait shared the new photo below of a galaxy most of us have seen before, but never looking quite like this. This photo of the Andromeda galaxy was taken by WISE, NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. [Read more...]

Forthcoming from Jimmy Dunn: Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

The next book from James D. G. Dunn, due out in a few months’ time, is Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?: The New Testament Evidence. I’m sure that many others who share my interest in monotheism and Christology will be eagerly looking forward to its release. I had a chance to read a draft [Read More...]

The John, Jesus and History Project

There is an article in The Bible and Interpretation about the “John, Jesus and History” project which has been running for several years at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meetings and has produced lots of interesting conference papers as well as two published volumes so far. [Read more...]

Bluffer’s Guide to Being a Christian

The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus has this gem today: [Read more...]

LOST Ash Wednesday

Since today is Ash Wednesday, I thought I’d provide a post with a couple of screencaps from recent episodes where ash has featured prominently. Feel free to talk about LOST, ash in the Bible, Ash from Pokemon, or anything else that seems relevant… [Read more...]