If Mark Goodacre Decides To Move To Canada…

I’m sure Mark Goodacre is happy at Duke. But if he decides to move to Canada, there is a house listed that would be just perfect for him. Here’s a picture: HT Bad Astronomy (the full realtor listing can also be viewed online). Presumably once you get a house that comes with a TARDIS, time [Read More...]

Citations and Bibliography in Word 2007

Today I had someone point out to me a feature in Word 2007 that I simply didn’t know was there. It is possible to create a database of bibliographical entries and/or references, and then to insert them. They are automatically converted to the citation format of your choice (e.g. Chicago, MLA, APA). I know that [Read More...]

Blogging at Butler

The controversy related to a formerly anonymous blogger at Butler University has begun to appear in the blogosphere on blogs that I read, and since I’m at Butler, I thought I had better post something on this subject, even though I confess to being as confused as anyone. But here are some sources for those [Read More...]

Jordan Rudess

While most readers are familiar with the great keyboard players of a previous generation (Keith Emerson and Tony Banks, for instance), if you’ve never heard of Jordan Rudess, keyboardist with the progressive metal band Dream Theater, then you’re really missing out. In addition to rock keyboard solos, Rudess regularly plays in classical and jazz styles [Read More...]

In The Back Row for the Sermon on the Mount

As I watched the entirety of the National Geographic video Jesus the Preacher with my historical Jesus class today, and listened as scholars addressed issues of population, acoustics and logistics that relate to addressing crowds near the sea of Galilee in antiquity, even mentioning at one point those on the fringe who might not be [Read More...]

Accepting and Challenging Assumed Meanings in an Oral Context

Even in written communication, one can often be misunderstood if one uses a term or refers to a story, and yet your understanding of that term or story is different than the generally accepted one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t disagree about the meaning. My point is that, if your understanding is significantly different [Read More...]

John Haught in Indiana

The NCSE just sent an e-mail about the fact that John F. Haught will be speaking on “Evolution and Faith: What Is at Stake?” at 7:30 p.m. on October 22, at Rawles Hall, Room 100 on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. Admission is free and open to the public. Haught is senior fellow [Read More...]

Historical Jesus Videos Online

In addition to the PBS video series From Jesus To Christ, which can be watched online, another useful program I’ve found online is the National Geographic show Jesus the Preacher, featuring numerous well known scholars as well as useful information about topography and oral communication. [Read more...]

Geocities Is Closing

Those who have materials on Geocities will already have received e-mails about the fact that the site will be closing in about a week’s time. Others who have found useful things there from time to time, however, may not be aware of this. If there is something on there that you have found useful, now [Read More...]

Ongoing Conversations: From the Synoptic Problem to Penal Substitution

Two blogs I read regularly today shared posts that relate directly or indirectly to conversations we’ve had in the blogosphere. First is Mark Goodacre, who pointed out the great resources made available on the web site connected with Mark Allen Powell’s new book Introducing the New Testament. He then went on to note some problems [Read More...]

In The Cage Match

The two most famous keyboard solos performed by Tony Banks of Genesis are those in Cinema Show and In The Cage. To some, they are familiar in part from a medley that he often performs live in concert (with one additional brief motif from “Riding the Scree” sometimes thrown in for good measure). I promised [Read More...]

Gratuitous Religiosity On Heroes?

If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet, don’t read this. It mentions something that happens at the very end of the episode. So having offered a spoiler warning, now we can continue. Basically this post is to ask what other fans of Heroes made of Sylar’s “baptism”. Lots of characters are seeking redemption in this [Read More...]

Tony Banks on BBC Rock School

While looking for some videos to help me work out the left hand chords that accompany the keyboard solo on the Genesis song “In The Cage”, I happened across this video with Tony Banks talking about his keyboard melodies on a BBC documentary from the 1980s. [Read more...]

LOST and Egyptology

LOST is of particular interest to Egyptologists, whose services have been called upon once again to explain some of the show’s mythology, hieroglyphics, and symbolism. DocArtz points out an article in Popular Mechanics which in turn enlists the help of Dr. James Allen, Wilbour Professor of Egyptology and Chair of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian [Read More...]