Miracles and Historiography in the Blogosphere

Two opposing views on the intersection of historical study, naturalism, skepticism, miracles and related issues, expressed in the blogosphere today: Ken Pulliam’s post focuses primarily on a recent chapter by Richard Carrier asking whether the resurrection traditions are more trustworthy than other ancient accounts of the miraculous which we dismiss. Michael Barber’s post offers a different [Read More...]

The Swedish Chef Knows How LOST Will End

And here’s the latest LOST Untangled: http://a.abc.com/media/_global/swf/embed/2.6.3/SFP_Walt.swf [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Rose LaVista)

“So Lost has moved from being a tv show to being a religion? It has a mythos, it has a cast of characters, it makes no sense…” – Rose LaVista (on Facebook) [Read more...]

Knock Knock, Lost Fans!

Nikki Stafford shared this knock knock joke: Knock, knock. Who’s there?Every question I answer will lead to more questions… [Read more...]

The Nature Of Scholarship in the Blogosphere

Today various blogs I read converged around the topic of scholarship - what it is and how it is done. Jesus Creed discussed scholarly consensus and critical thinking, and explained why scholarship is not determined by a show of hands or popular opinion. That post was inspired by one at BioLogos by Karl Giberson with the memorable title [Read More...]

Connect Four Million

Jimmy Kimmel had an excellent humorous game ad featuring Jacob and his brother: HT IO9 [Read more...]

LOST: More Thoughts About Across The Sea

LOST always leaves us with questions, and the catchphrase “Every answer I give you will only lead to another question” is destined to become the summary of the series as a whole. Here are some more things I’ve been thinking about and questions that I’d like answered – even if they only lead to more [Read More...]

LOST Across The Sea

Tonight’s episode ties together some threads and questions, but it is summed up well (as is the series as a whole) in the phrase spoken by one of two characters whose names we never learn in this episode “Across the Sea”: Any answer I give you will only lead to another question. SPOILERS lie ahead. [Read More...]

Baptists and Atheists in Agreement: Separation of Church and State

I spent quite a bit of time today recording a phone interview with Luke Muehlhauser for a podcast that will appear on Common Sense Atheism. It touched on my “Golden Rule approach” to historical study and interaction with other traditions, as well as evolution, the Clergy Letter Project, and much else. While we certainly have [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (John Hobbins)

“It is a known fact that Bible thumpers don’t know what they’re thumping.” – John Hobbins, “Camille Paglia has a case of Bible-envy“, Ancient Hebrew Poetry [Read more...]

From The Archives: Let God Be True And Every Young-Earth Creationist A Liar

I thought that, since Romans 3:4 has come up in comments on a recent post on this subject, I would repost this blog entry from a couple of years ago, since it highlights that young-earth creationists, in spite of their emphasis on creation, actually make the Creator out to be a liar: Is “creation science” [Read More...]

Ken Ham Makes No Attempt To Refute My Accusation

Today I had it drawn to my attention that none other than Ken Ham himself has taken notice of some of my recent posts about young-earth creationism. He makes no attempt to answer (much less refute) my accusation that the peddling of pseudoscience distracts from things that Christians are commanded to stand for. And apparently [Read More...]

Worship Parody

Having mentioned the subject of music, praise and worship recently, I thought I should share this parody video (HT Bob Cargill and Scot McKnight). http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=11501569&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 “Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo. [Read more...]

FlashForward and CourseCorrection

Last night’s episode of FlashForward mentioned key ideas that are also discussed on LOST, and did so using the same terminology: the universe “course correcting” and the question whether the influence of the future on the present is the same thing as destiny. I’m curious whether these are features of the novel Flash Forward by [Read More...]