Sunday School: Homosexuality and Leviticus 17-20

Today in my Sunday school class, we continued our discussion of homosexuality. Today’s class began by focusing on the section of Leviticus that includes its two mentions of the prohibition against “lying with men the lyings of women”, usually understood to prohibit same-sex male intercourse. It was crucial to begin by pointing out that some [Read More...]

Living and Learning in Light of LOST

LOST is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a hatch built by the Dharma Initiative. But if we go back and try to remember watching, wondering and speculating during season one, we have a nice illustration of what is involved in learning and discovery, and what a key hurdle to education can be. [Read More...]

Eagle Eye vs. Indianapolis

I watched the movie Eagle Eye, and since it has enjoyable twists and surprises I won’t say anything much about the details of the plot. I will, however, note the irony (as a resident of Indianapolis) that they set some scenes in Indianapolis, and those scenes look nothing like Indianapolis. Not one of the scenes [Read More...]

LOST: On Hearing The Numbers While Landing

Let’s list all the possible explanations for the numbers playing while Ajira flight 316 was landing in the LOST episode “Namaste”. I’ll then suggest one is more plausible than the rest. 1) The flash that took away most of the returning Oceanic Six caused the plane to pass through/touch/hear 1977. This is unlikely because we [Read More...]

LOST in Time’s Tangled Web

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Tonight’s episode of LOST is pulling a closer and closer to the heart of a tangled knot of interconnected time-loops. Ben has met Sayid for the first time, but because of what has happened since Sayid first met Ben in the future, Sayid will now react to him a certain way in the [Read More...]

Jesus, The Final Days: Dishonorable Burial

I’ve been reading mainly the second chapter of the recent book by Craig Evans and Tom Wright, Jesus, the Final Days: What Really Happened. One chapter each is devoted to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. While the volume is not without its shortcomings, I am appreciateive of Evans’ articulation of a persuasive argument [Read More...]

TRON: The Gods Have Become Like One Of Us

As I’ve been reflecting on the far more explicit religious overtones in TRON than I recalled from watching the movie when I was younger, I’ve found one particular aspect of its implicit message intriguing. At one point, Tron says to Flynn that, if he is a user, then he must be in the computer world [Read More...]

Serious Sci-Fi

There is a discussion of Battlestar Galactica taking place at the United Nations right now (HT Galactica Sitrep). This may be an important factor in people continuing to take science fiction seriously even if the Sci-Fi Channel goes ahead with changing its name to something silly. [Read more...]

God and Gays

I want to mention a very recent documentary, God and Gays, featuring gay Christians talking about the struggles they have faced as they have worked through their spiritual and sexual identities. While the segment on the Bible in the second half of the movie could have been better in some ways, the personal experiences shared [Read More...]

Und das Leben ist siegreich!

Harrassowitz Verlag seems to be becoming the publisher of scholarly books on the Mandaeans in German. Their latest such volume takes its title from the Mandaean refrain “And Life Is Victorious!” and is a collection of studies on Mandaean and Samaritan subjects in memory of Rudolf Macuch. You can see the table of contents and [Read More...]

Around St. Patrick’s Blogosphere

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For the occasion, Irenic Thoughts has pointed out that the text of Patrick’s Confession is available online. Indigenous Stranger has a version of St. Patrick’s Breastplate. 3 Quarks Daily points to a New York Times article that is relevant to some of us New Testament scholars, since it is (more or [Read More...]

TRON: The Flynncarnation

I watched the movie TRON with my son tonight, not having seen it for many years. I was afraid he might find the graphics and special effects pretty lame, having grown up with movies that featured advanced CGI effects, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. It had dawned on me at some point in my [Read More...]

C. S. Lewis on LOST (and vice versa)

Entertainment Weekly has an article on connections between LOST and Prince Caspian. Christianity Today has one about connections between LOST and Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It would be ironic if the character Charlotte S. Lewis has died just as we begin to discover the connections between LOST and the writings of the author C. [Read More...]

The Bible’s Bones

A Romanian pastor, the late Rev. Mircu Cocar, apparently used to offer the following wise advice to his congregation: Read the Bible like you eat a fish. Take what’s good, and leave the bones on the plate. [Read more...]