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Sabio Lantz continues his series on The Burial of Jesus, this time comparing accounts of the death of Jesus and the Buddha.Scotteriology continues a series on whether higher criticism destroys the Bible.Cryptotheology shares a video featuring Ian Paul of St. John’s College Nottingham explaining apocalyptic literature.Loren Rosson continues the discussion of faith in/of Christ in [Read More...]

Lost? Don’t Stop Believin’!

Jeremy at Hacking Christianity has two posts on doubt, one related to the On Faith series about clergy doubt I mentioned yesterday, the other about the character Richard Alpert on LOST. And here’s some music to listen to while you ponder this topic: [Read more...]

Doubt and Disbelief in the Pulpit

The Washington Post’s “On Faith” section today has multiple voices and perspectives on a topic that doesn’t get discussed directly often enough: What ought clergy to do who no longer hold to the tenets of their denomination? (Assuming their denomination has doctrinal tenets, of course!) [Read more...]

LOST Answers

Now that’s more like it. Tonight’s episode provided answers, real answers, satisfying answers. Well, sort of.  OK, not really, but it is still heading in a satisfying direction. [SPOILER ALERT] As we learned at the end of the last episode, Charles Widmore has returned to the island by submarine. In today’s episode, we learned that [Read More...]

Dunn’s Latest Book Ordered

I went ahead and ordered Jimmy Dunn’s latest book, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?, from the UK, rather than wait several more months for its release in the US. I’ll say more about it once it arrives! [Read more...]

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

On the NASCAS list-serv today there was an e-mail about the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, which is yet another fantastic attempt to preserve, digitize and make available a wide range of manuscripts of interest to scholars in a wide range of fields. [Read more...]


Rafael has shared some thoughts on orality, redaction criticism and Kelber’s notion of “equiprimordiality” on his blog Verily Verily. Also of interest is the web site The Samaritan Update, which includes information about the Samaritans both in the present day and historically. [Read more...]

How John Locke Can Kill The Smoke Monster

I think I may have an idea about where LOST is going. In the orientation video for the Orchid Station, Dr. Pierre Chang demonstrated the possibility of bringing a white rabbit through time, with the result that there were two copies of the rabbit – the present one and one from the past or future – both [Read More...]

NCAA, You’re On Notice!

Seriously, what were the NCAA thinking, scheduling a tournament game involving Butler’s basketball team on a day and at a time when there was already something much more important scheduled? Don’t they keep track of when John Walton is coming to speak on our campus? Boy, talk about not having your priorities straight! And David [Read More...]

God and Time

Today in my religion and science fiction class we reached the topic of time travel, in conjunction with LOST at least initially, but really looking at the broader subject not only during this class period but also the next. There are key issues at the intersection of our concepts of time and religious thought. For [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Jim Kidder has a guest post at An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution about being a Christian who grew up science-literate in a church in Japan and had a shock encountering young-earth creationism when he moved to the US. Scot McKnight says “Hey Mr. Falwell, read your Bible!” Hacking Christianity talks about justice. Bob Cornwall discusses social [Read More...]

Parking Predestination

From Cartoon Church via Irenic Thoughts [Read more...]

A Sort Of “Greatest Hits” Of Creationism

Via The Primate Diaries, a “politically incorrect history of the evolution debate”: And on a related note, Michael Zimmerman explains why “Social Darwinism” is neither. [Read more...]

Sabio’s Review, Part Two

Sabio Lantz’s review of The Burial of Jesus continues with a second installment: Approaching the Bible. [Read more...]