Tree Planting

Today students and faculty involved in the Butler Summer Institute, a program that funds students undertaking independent research over the summer supervised by faculty mentors, had a tree-planting excursion under the auspices of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. It rained, and we all got completely soaked, but it was a rewarding experience. If you take the ramp that connects [Read More...]

God, the Devil and LOST in USA Today

My op-ed piece appeared today in USA Today. The title is “God, the Devil and TV’s ‘Lost’.” Since it was shortened for publication, I thought I’d share the unedited version. Since everyone is wondering how LOST will end, it seems only fair to share the original ending of my op-ed piece! Religion on LOST: Telling God [Read More...]

Introducing the Doctor Who Media Club

Religion Dispatches is starting a series on Doctor Who, to which I’ll be a regular contributor. It is organized by Gabriel McKee, who is also a contributor himself. Take a look! [Read more...]

LOST While You Wait

While you wait for my op-ed piece on religion in LOST to appear in tomorrow’s USA Today, and a fantastic interactive treatment of the subject to appear on their web site, here are some other treatments of the topic from around the blogosphere: There’s a look ahead to the finale from DocArtzThe Lead focuses on LOST and redemptionNik at [Read More...]

From The Archives: Iron Man and the Ascension

Given the coincidence of the release of Iron Man 2 and the celebration of the Ascension in the Christian calendar, I thought I’d adapt and repost this blog post from a couple of years ago: “The ascension is harder to believe in than the resurrection.” Someone made the above statement in a conversation we were [Read More...]

Smetana, Marillion and ELP: More Free Music

Having listened today to “Vitava,” the second and most famous section of the suite Ma Vlast by Bedrich Smetana, I thought it would be nice to see if there was a recording freely available online that I could share. Not surprisingly I found several at the Internet Archive. The recording embedded below is of a [Read More...]

LOST Already and Not Yet

I saw today that the New York Times has an inerview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and an interactive gallery of the characters on LOST. I’ve been helping USA Today put together an interactive treatment of religion and LOST, which should be appearing on their web site early next week. They will also be publishing an op-ed piece I [Read More...]

LOST Perspective: Theology vs. People

I discussed back in 2008 the possibility that the message of LOST might be that we should never focus on mysteries at the expense of people. Much of what we have seen since then raises the same issue, and regardless whether LOST provides a particular slant or answer, and if so what that answer is, [Read More...]

Miracles and Historiography in the Blogosphere

Two opposing views on the intersection of historical study, naturalism, skepticism, miracles and related issues, expressed in the blogosphere today: Ken Pulliam’s post focuses primarily on a recent chapter by Richard Carrier asking whether the resurrection traditions are more trustworthy than other ancient accounts of the miraculous which we dismiss. Michael Barber’s post offers a different [Read More...]

The Swedish Chef Knows How LOST Will End

And here’s the latest LOST Untangled: [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Rose LaVista)

“So Lost has moved from being a tv show to being a religion? It has a mythos, it has a cast of characters, it makes no sense…” – Rose LaVista (on Facebook) [Read more...]

Knock Knock, Lost Fans!

Nikki Stafford shared this knock knock joke: Knock, knock. Who’s there?Every question I answer will lead to more questions… [Read more...]

The Nature Of Scholarship in the Blogosphere

Today various blogs I read converged around the topic of scholarship - what it is and how it is done. Jesus Creed discussed scholarly consensus and critical thinking, and explained why scholarship is not determined by a show of hands or popular opinion. That post was inspired by one at BioLogos by Karl Giberson with the memorable title [Read More...]

Connect Four Million

Jimmy Kimmel had an excellent humorous game ad featuring Jacob and his brother: HT IO9 [Read more...]