Progressive Christian Soup

I had never heard of The Sacred Sandwich until a few minutes ago when I came across a post by revJohn which included a link there. Having poked around just a little, I thought I should share this ad: [Read more...]

The Epic Pat Metheny

I think I’ve mentioned the site Wolfgang’s Vault before. Here’s some more music from there for your enjoyment, the Pat Metheny Group performing their song “The Epic” live in 1978. [Read more...]

Dialogue, Memes, and Temporary Torments in the Biblioblogosphere

Doug Chaplin has interacted with me on the subject of historians and the resurrection, following up on an earlier post about the empty tomb. John Hobbins has tagged me with a meme (in response to Doug), his version of which is as follows: (1) Name one idea that used to be seen as a key [Read More...]

Jim McGrath, Spokesman For The Butler Bulldogs

Daniel Kirk wonders whether he has discovered what else I do at Butler besides teaching religion. The truth is, there is another Jim McGrath at Butler, in Athletics. He was at Butler first, and he’s the reason I have the awkward e-mail address with the middle initial and truncated last name. He’s also one of [Read More...]

Recent Searches

Here are some searches that brought people here recently: jesus said when you see Barack Obama the end times are here Um, no, he didn’t. Does that answer your question? black smoke monster theology I do hope to offer some black smoke monster theology here very soon. Watch this space! And here’s my favorite: exploring [Read More...]

The Eleventh Hour: Doctor Who Returns

The Doctor is in. Doctor Who has returned with a new regeneration (played by Matt Smith), a new companion (Amy Pond, or Amelia Pond, played by Karen Gillan, who previously appeared as a guest star on the episode “Fires of Pompeii”), a new TARDIS control room, but the same penchant for missed appointments. As with [Read More...]

My Theme Song?

Jeremy has been proposing theme songs for various blogs and bloggers. Here’s his suggestion for mine: Do you agree? If not, can you propose a better one? [Read more...]

Colbert on Climate

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Science Catfight – Joe Bastardi vs. Brenda Ekwurzel Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Reform [Read more...]

Source Criticism

Today we continued the topic of the Synoptic Problem in my class on the Bible. In addition to presenting the mainstream Q hypothesis, I also mentioned Mark Goodacre as a good source for an alternative view that questions the existence of Q, with plenty of helpful material online. However, I think it may be some [Read More...]

LOST Happily Ever After Links

Here are some links related to last night’s amazing episode of LOST: Nik at Night: Happily Ever AfterIO9: Fifteen Things We Learned in Last Night’s LostTV Overmind review of Happily Ever AfterPaul Levinson’s Infinite Regress: The Reunion of Two Realities Begins One more important connection to Fringe: parallel universes as relevant to the continued life of [Read More...]

J. J. Abrams and Anton Bruckner Lost on the Fringe

It has been said that Anton Bruckner didn’t compose nine symphonies, he composed one symphony nine times. I wonder if we could say something similar about J. J. Abrams. His shows Fringe and LOST seem to have converged on key themes. Parallel universes, a small number of people who have crossed between them, deja vu as somehow connected [Read More...]

LOST Humor, Untangled and Slapped Down

Here are the latest humorous offerings in the series LOST: Untangled and LOST Slapdown: The LOST Slapdown #9 video will reveal a possible alternative ending to LOST which gave Damon and Carlton…paws. [Read more...]

Proud of the Butler Bulldogs

Like so many others, it is hard to feel anything other than pride for the Butler Bulldogs and what was an impressive end to an incredible season. One of the two teams in the championship was going to lose – we all knew that before the season even began. Butler went all the way to the [Read More...]

New Book by Keith Ward on the Bible

I have found several of Keith Ward’s books helpful over the years, and so I was excited to notice today that he has a new one out, The Word of God: The Bible After Modern Scholarship. I hope to get a chance to read it in the not too distant future! [Read more...]